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Species Customization: Elephante

by aleu1986


     In celebration of Elephante Day, I have put together several customizations based around their species clothing sets. These looks are intended to spark inspiration and creativity in Elephante owners, and show them how to utilize their Elephantes closet in different ways. Let`s dive in and look at what kind out outfits this elegant species has to work with.



     Items used:

     Combatant Elephante Spear

     Dark Hooded Elephante Tunic

     Elephante Professor Wig

     Elephante Bard Boots

     Members Only Moustache

     Jack of All Decks Foreground and Background

     The spades symbols on the tunic inspired me to create this look, inspired by the Jack in the deck of cards. Luckily we have the perfect background!

     For a more kingly look, use Kings Crown and Wig and Ancient Shenkuu Staff.

     Facial hair usually doesn`t look good on Elephantes due to their trunk. A moustache might be placed right on the middle of their trunk, looking odd and misplaced. If you want to add a beard to your jack/king for this look, I recommend MiniMME15-S2a: Daring Seafarer Beard and Snowy White Fake Beard as they both look decent.

     Also try: Dented Imperial Exam Guards Helm

     Oh Captain, My Captain


     Items used:

     Delivery Elephante Shirt and Shoes

     Daring Sea Captain Hat

     Scrap Stowaway Collectors Background

     Nautical Trousers

     Nautical Souvenirs Garland

     Captain Tuans Collectors Telescope

     The Delivery/milkman set doesn`t inspire a wide variety of looks, but by simply swapping the hat for a Sea Captain Hat, the look is instantly changed and your attention is drawn to the anchor logo on the hat rather than to the milk bottle on the Elephantes shoulder. You can use the white Delivery trousers if you wish, but I chose the Nautical ones here to break up the white set and make the whole customization a bit more colourful and interesting.

     Also try: Boat Day Background for a more modern look. Daring Sea Captain Ship Background and Ship Ropes Garland also work well for an Elephante captain look.

     If you want to stick to the delivery theme, use Neopia Central Neohome Background with Valentine Delivery Bag (and Valentines Day Mailbox if you wish, for extra detail) but for that customization I recommend using the complete Delivery Elephante set to complete the mailman look.

     Pretty Ballerina


     Items used:

     Elephante Ballerina Tutu, Rose, Tights and Shoes

     Fancy Elephante Wig

     Elephante Flapper Necklace

     Neopies Stage Background

     Fire Faerie Eye Shadow

     Candlelit Opera Stage Foreground

          Also try: Opera Stage Background or Sparkling Red Stage Background together with Conductors Stand Foreground.

     Your Elephante is the first lady of the stage in this pretty ballerina set. I quite like the dark colours chosen for this ensemble, and chose to use the Fancy Elephante Wig as is compliments the outfit and style perfectly. The necklace for added for the sake of detail and it gives you the opportunity to decide if your Elephante is a dancer or a singer. I love the lush red stage curtain and the elegant golden tassels in the background, very classy.



     Items used:

     Dark Hooded Elephante Cloak

     Dark Hooded Elephante Gloves

     Combatant Elephante Shoes

     MiniMME15-S1: Daring Seafarer Tunic

     Thieves Guild Background

     Shiny Bag of Gold Coins

     Scarred Pirate Eye

     Also try: Smugglers Cove Background, Thiefs Den Background, MME19-S2b: Menacing Plague Doctor Tunic, Shenkuu Apprentice Tunic, Thieving Boots.

     The Scarred Pirate Eye is added for dramatic effect and to add character to your Elephantes expression, which can be used to tell a story or underline a character trait. You don`t compromise the overall look if you choose to leave it out.

     The Dark Hooded Elephante Cloak looks a lot like Kanriks Collectors Cloak and Cape, which is why I went with a thief look based around that item.



     Items used:

     Elephante Fortune Teller Wig, Skirt, Shirt, Belt and Cards

     Elephante Flapper Gloves and Shoes

     Haunted Faire Background

     Dark Faerie Eye Shadow

     Gypsy Girl Shawl

     Cheery Bonfire

     Gypsy Wagon

     Dyeworks Black: Light Damask Markings

     Also try: Colourful Campfire Background, Off The Beaten Path, Cannibal Bonfire, Camping at the Altador Cup, Fortune-Telling Crystal Ball.

     The Dark Faerie Eye Shadow adds an interesting expression to the Elephante's face in addition to nicely matching the purple tones of her outfit. In combination with the rolling fog and the animated campfire, you`re intrigued and drawn in by the scene and curious about this gypsy Elephante. Is she a simple fortune teller ready to read cards for you, or is she a cunning witch about to cast an evil spell? Join her by the campfire and you`ll soon find out...

          Thank You For The Music


     Items used:

     Elephante Bard Wig, Trousers, Shirt, Boots, Cape, Mandolin.

     King Skarl Throne Background

     Meridellian Feast

     My favourite piece in this ensemble is the wig! I love the long, flowing brown locks that can just as easily belong to a rockstar as to a middle ages musician. It can be used for female Elephantes as well. The trousers and boots can also be easily repurposed in other outfits for males, and the neat, red cape can be used in a Little Red Riding Hood customization or perhaps as part of a playful, home-made super hero costume.

     In this example, the Elephante Bard has arrived in Meridell to sing at the court of King Skarl as entertainment to the guests at the grand banquet. If he plays and sings well, perhaps the King will reward him with some scraps from the table?



     Items used:

     Elephante Sushi Chef Shirt, Sandals, Headband (set also includes a knife)

     Elephante Marching Band Gloves

     Turmac Sushi Roll

     Mystery Island Training Academy Garden Background

     Island Chef Academy Counter

     You can give your Elephante a chefs hat and put him in a kitchen background to make it look like he works at a restaurant, but I went with a bit more exotic approach here with using the Island Chef Academy Counter, best suited with an outdoor setting.

     On The Slopes


     Items used:

     Stylish Elephante Goggles

     Stylish Elephante Pants

     Pink Elephante Parka

     Combatant Elephante Wig

     Pretty Swirl Skis

     Hit the Slopes Background

     TNT Mantra Coffee Mug

     This is an example of how you might combine items from different clothing sets to create a new ensemble. The wig is originally from a warrior-themed set, but works well on a female Elephante as well. The glasses and trousers/boots are from the same set, also originally made for a male pet. If the pink parka is from a full set, I haven`t been able to locate the other items, so it appears to be a standalone. It`s a cute, feminine item that works well in the wintersport setting we`ve made here.

     I hope you enjoyed looking through the selected customizations of Elephantes sporting their tailor-made species clothing! Check out my other entries in this series, and don`t hesitate to drop me a Neomail if you have any comments, or suggestions of which Neopet I should write about next.

     Thank you for reading, and have a very happy Elephante Day!

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