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This editorial was brought to you by kikocat :)

Why can’t I put a picture for the beauty contest~~black_black5
There are many reasons why you could be having an issue entering. The image could be in the wrong file format (.gif or .jpg file.) Also, make sure that your file is under 75 kbs and the filename is all in lower case letters. If that still doesn't work, try using a different browser. And if you are still stuck, you can head to the Art Board and ask for help there. There are always Beauty Contest regulars around to lend a hand.

Hi TNT, please can you clarify a couple of rules regarding side accounts. 1) If we only have the lab ray on our side account and want to battle the Lab Ray Scientist JUST to change the gender of our pet, are we allowed to? Assuming we make zero attempt to win the battle and withdraw from the battle as soon as the gender is changed (so no prizes). 2) If we only have the lab ray on our side account, are we allowed to use the lab ray cookies? 3) Is 2 player battling allowed on side accounts, assuming all weapons and faerie abilities are funded from our main account? Thanks :)
Hi, 1) No, you cannot use the battledome on side accounts; this is because there are prizes given out for winning. If you want to use the battledome to change the gender of a pet, it would be best to transfer the pet to your main, fight there and once you have gotten the change, move your pet back to your side account. 2) Yes, if you only have the lab ray on your side account, then you would be able to use the lab ray cookies on that account. However, if you ever get the lab ray on your main account, you would then only be able to use the cookies on that account. 3) Since you do not receive any points or items from 2 player battles that would be fine but just keep funding these from your main.

My BC entry was deleted for posting it on an outside site, I, and some friends, are wondering - though - if sending the link via neomail, or posting the link on our User Lookup is fine, or it's against the rules too. Thank you in advance!~~martia_elior
Hi, sorry to hear your entry was removed, however posting a link on your User Lookup or sending to your Neofriends is fine. However, please do not send to people who are not your Neofriends since that could be viewed as spam.

So in the last editorial you said images need to come from OR a public image server site. Does this mean I can upload a picture of my neopet customized a certain way to a website like Imgur and use that image in my article? Just wanted this clarified for future entries I have in mind. Thank you! - _clows_cool_pets
Yes you got it!

I've noticed that my Vandagyre can't wear a lot of the older NC clothes. Is there a reason for this? Practically half of my closet is useless apart from backgrounds :( ~~krisdaniel
As you know, the Vandagyre came out in November 2015 to celebrate our 15th birthday but sadly that means a lot of wearables from before then would not be able to be worn by them.

Hi! Does NC still expire? The NC shopping rules page states that, "Neocash will expire after one year and that upon expiration you will be given a Neocash Item of equal or greater value." However some players have noticed that unused NC no longer seems to expire. It'd be lovely if you could check in on this & let us know if things have changed.
They would be correct, NC no longer expires. Oops, that should probably be updated. We'll find someone who can check into that for us. Sorry about the confusion.

A lot of users in the art community would like to revisit allowing Neopets users to open up commissions for their art and receive Neopoints or items as payment. I think we can agree anything off site or real life currency related shouldn't be allowed and can be reported. And the community would have to understand the consequences of possible scams and take our own precautions. I don't think TNT should have to be stressed with policing commissions and there could be a disclaimer on the Art board explaining this risk. Allowing commissions would be a great way to get the art community bustling and more involved with each other and also non-artists or HTML savvy people. It also encourages people to begin drawing or picking up HTML and to keep improving! Not to mention there would be even more great Neopets art on petpages, userlookups, and descriptions. It also gives a way for those of us who aren't that great at restocking to work for our Neopoints and reach our goals.
This has been discussed in previous editorials, however we would not be able to allow members to do commissions for Neopets Intellectual Property. You are welcome to do Art Trades with one another but you would not be able to charge Neopoints, real life money or items for those images.

Hi Jade! Is the nt_editor account still the best way to contact you regarding missing NT trophies or publications? Or should we file a ticket and have the support team deal with those issues? I noticed my trophy count did not increase with the collab comic for the holiday issue, and one of my old comics is glitched where it doesn’t show up when you search my username. Thanks!
Hello!! To clear this up, collaborators trophies have to be manually added after each NT comes out, so those are usually added early the next week. If you have not received the trophy please send in a ticket and include the URL to your submission. Just a side note, if you are doing a collaboration with someone please make sure to include their name or names in the comments so they can get credit.

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