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Color Trends for Year 22

by kaitlinhoneybee


     A new year means a fresh chance to start over and live your best life. Here in Neopia we have entered the glorious Year 22! New beginnings and fresh starts can take place in all sorts of ways, but the best way to get spiffy for the 365 days ahead is to be on trend. I’ve compiled a list predicting the most fashionable color trends for each month of Year 22!

     Joining me today I have fashionista and color expert, darthparris. Darthparris is a rising star in Neopia and deserves some recognition for their color aptitude.

     darthparris: Thank you very much! This is going to be a great year for all sorts of Neopets no matter what color they are.

     kaitlinhoneybee: Because it’s what’s on the inside that matters, right?

     darthparris: Something like that. Let’s begin!

     1. Month of Sleeping--Woodland

     darthparris: The Month of Sleeping is not traditionally associated with nature. It is a cold and icy time, but the Woodland color represents a return to nature and inner-peace. If you have a Woodland pet, you will feel an aura of tranquility.

     kaitlinhoneybee: So, about how much would this cost? Is this a good choice for new players?

     darthparris: Unfortunately the price for this paint brush is a bit steep as it boasts a price tag of over 1 million Neopoints. However, if you’re feeling lucky, you could try your chances at the Alien Aisha Vending Machine.

          Our Favorite Woodland Neopets: Woodland Cybunny, Woodland Grundo, Woodland Usul

     2. Month of Awakening--Candy

     kaitlinhoneybee: What a wonderful choice for those of us with a sweet tooth. Can you tell us a little bit about this choice?

     darthparris: Of course! While it might be traditional to go with Chocolate for Chocolate Chia Day, I propose that the color of the month is actually Candy! This is thematically appropriate for Valentine’s Day and is relevant all year long. Who doesn’t like candy?

     kaitlinhoneybee: Right you are. Around how much would this cost?

     darthparris: Another steep one, but well worth it. A Candy Paint Brush costs around 3 million Neopoints. Again, Nerkmids can be a real savior here!

     kaitlinhoneybee: As they often are!

     Our Favorite Candy Neopets:

     Candy Acara, Candy Aisha, Candy Kougra

     3. Month of Running- Eventide

     darthparris: This beautiful color is one of my all-time favorites. Its gradient represents the transition from dark, wintery days into warm spring sunsets. The stars are unique on each Neopet. This is a truly remarkable color!

     kaitlinhoneybee: Right you are! A marvelous color, and from what I hear, this one will also set you back a few Neopoints.

     darthparris: Yes, it seems that the color trends right now are erring on the side of more expensive. Stay tuned for the end of the article where I will list some alternatives for those Neopians who are a little down on their luck. Paint brushes can be for everyone!

     4. Month of Eating- Water

     kaitlinhoneybee: I presume this is because of the rainy season?

     darthparris: Absolutely correct! This color is ethereal and mystical. Just make sure you don’t lose your Neopet in Maraqua! This is so much better than the traditional Grey!

     kaitlinhoneybee: Where could I get this paint brush?

     darthparris: Again, the Alien Aisha Vending Machine is an option. You can also get this brush from Fruit Machine or you could always buy it. It sells for around 1.5 million Neopoints.

     Our Favorite Water Neopets: Water Blumaroo, Water Peophin, Water Shoyru

     5. Month of Hunting- Plushie

     kaitlinhoneybee: What an interesting choice for the month of hunting? Could you explain the reasoning behind this one?

     darthparris: Sure! The Month of Hunting seems rather mean, so I predict that Neopians will want to be a bit more peaceful. So, that means that the Month of Hunting should be the Month of Hugging, and what better to hug than a Plushie Neopet?

     kaitlinhoneybee: I couldn’t agree more! How much would the paint brush cost?

     darthparris: This is also an expensive paint brush--it costs around 2.5 million Neopoints.

     Our Favorite Plushie Neopets:

     Plushie Gnorbu, Plushie Jetsam, Plushie Tonu

     6. Month of Relaxing-Maraquan

     darthparris: The hot summer months call for a pet that can be in the water as it pleases! Therefore, I highly recommend that you get yourself a Maraquan pet for the Month of Relaxing.

     kaitlinhoneybee: Nothing says relaxing like a nice dip in the pleasant Maraquan waters! How would I get this type of Neopet?

     darthparris: For about 3.5 million Neopoints, or else considerable luck with random events, you can have a Maraquan Neopet!

     Our Favorite Maraquan Neopets:

     Maraquan Jubjub, Maraquan Kacheek, Maraquan Shoyru

     7. Month of Swimming--Invisible

     kaitlinhoneybee: Now, I think Water or Maraquan would have fit better with the Month of Swimming...Could you explain your reasoning here?

     darthparris: Naturally! Fashion is fickle and predictability is not fashionable. Having a Invisible pet is so much fun for pulling pranks during the Month of Swimming!

     kaitlinhoneybee: How much do you have to spend for a pet you can’t see?

     darthparris: Around 1 million Neopoints should suffice!

          Our Favorite Invisible Pets:

     Invisible Ixi, Invisible Wocky, Invisible Zafara

     8. Month of Hiding-Baby

     darthparris: The Month of Hiding is a wonderful time. Neoschool is just about to begin and every Neopet is getting ready for their own adventure. I suggest that you try to hold onto your youth for a little while longer by painting your Neopet Baby!

     kaitlinhoneybee: An excellent suggestion! And I believe that this is not quite as expensive, since the Baby Paint Brush stocks at the Hidden Tower.

     darthparris: Absolutely correct! This will only set you back around 600,000 Neopoints.

     Our Favorite Baby Pets:

     Baby Buzz, Baby Grundo, Baby Pteri

          9. Month of Gathering-Pastel

     darthparris: Pastel is a lovely color with autumnal vibes. It is great for shy Neopets who might not want to be super vibrant.

     kaitlinhoneybee: A brilliant choice for those who want a change, but not too much of a change! How much would this cost?

     darthparris: Around 4 million Neopoints, but well worth it!

     Our Favorite Pastel Neopets:

     Pastel Koi, Pastel Ruki, Pastel Xweetok

     10. Month of Collecting- Wraith

     darthparris: This is my favorite color, personally. The sharp purple outlines with the misty violet tones are mysterious and ferocious.

     kaitlinhoneybee: An absolutely splendid color! What is it worth?

     darthparris: A Wraith Paint Brush costs around 2.5 million Neopoints!

     Our Favorite Wraith Pets:

     Wraith Lupe, Wraith Shoyru, Wraith Jubjub

     11. Month of Storing--Ice

     kaitlinhoneybee: What a unique color! Tell us more about this choice.

     darthparris: This color is perfect to help Neopets transition to the cold winter days. It is suitable for Neopets who like cold weather.

     kaitlinhoneybee: Wonderful! Where could one get this lovely color?

     darthparris: This is a very exclusive color--there is no paint brush. The only way to obtain this color is via the Lab Ray.

     Our Favorite Ice Neopets:

     Ice Aisha, Ice Bruce, Ice Chomby

     12. Month of Celebrating-Toy

     darthparris: There’s no better way to finish up the year than with the Month of Celebrating! For this magnificent month, I recommend painting your Neopet Toy. This fun color is vibrant and appealing for Neopians of all ages.

     kaitlinhoneybee: I couldn’t agree more! How can one obtain this color?

     darthparris: It sells for around 1.5 million Neopoints.

     Our Favorite Toy Neopets:

     Toy Kiko, Toy Kyrii, Toy Pteri

      kaitlinhoneybee: Well, this was a wonderfully informative interview. The colors of the year sure are exciting. I just have one brief follow-up question for us Neopians who aren’t quite so rich. Are there any alternative colors that are in style for the year?

     darthparris: There sure are. Thanks for asking. Here’s a brief list of some more affordable options with prices listed.

     1.To capture that natural vibe, try substituting with a Strawberry Fields Forever Paint Brush. Cost: 150,000 Neopoints.

     2. A Biscuit Paint Brush embodies sweetness! Cost: 180,000 Neopoints.

     3. Let your Neopet shine with the starry design of the Starry Paint Brush. Cost: 100,000 Neopoints.

          4. Silver represents the rippling of water. A Silver Paint Brush will delight any Neopet! Cost: 200,000 Neopoints.

     5. Cloud is just as soft as plushie! Use a Cloud Paint Brush to reach for the sky. Cost: 110,000 Neopoints.

     6. Electric blue is a striking color for pets who live in Maraqua. An Electric Blue Paint Brush shows spunk. Cost: 480,000 Neopoints.

     7. Can’t afford an invisible Neopet? The Scritchy Sketchy Paint Brush is the solution! Cost: 60,000 Neopoints.

     8. Not in the mood for a Baby Pet? Try a Split Pet instead! Cost: 70,000 Neopoints.

     9. A Striped Paint Brush provides the same tame color palette as the Pastel Paint Brush for a much lower price. Cost: 200,000 Neopoints.

     10. Looking for a Halloween costume? Try a Ghost Paint Brush! Cost: 250,000 Neopoints.

     11. Ice is extremely exclusive. Not everyone can afford the Lab Ray, but a few consecutive spins of Trudy’s Surprise can give you enough Neopoints to afford a Snow Paint Brush! Cost: 45,000 Neopoints.

     12. Toy is a wonderful, colorful color. What else is colorful? A rainbow of course! Buy your Neopet this paint brush. Cost: 500,000 Neopoints.

     kaitlinhoneybee: Thank you, darthparris, for these predictions! I can’t wait to see what Year 22 holds!

     darthparris: Likewise! Keep fit and keep fashionable!


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