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A Christmas Surprise

by extreme_butterfly


     Merily the Meerca and her family moved to a small town in Faerieland due to her dads new job offer that they couldn't afford to refuse. Bad thing is, Merily had to leave behind her school and her friends including her best friend Reignbow the Ixi and to make matters worse, it was almost Christmas.

      Every Christmas, Merily and Reignbows family would get together to eat,open gifts,and spend time together. Although, Merily was excited for Christmas, she was sad because she would be spending it without her best friend.

      They was so close, Neopians that didn't know them, often thought they were siblings. Although, they considered themselves sisters, they weren't actually blood related.

      Life back at her old house was a struggle. Her dad was the only one employed due to Merilys mom having to stay home and take care of her. Bills were getting behind, barely any food on the table, and her dad not getting paid

     nearly enough for his qualifications, it was a struggle. When the call came for her dads job offer, he simply could not refuse because it was more than enough to pay everything and live comfortably.

      Reignbows family was a lot like Merilys. They were struggling but were making it by with very little. She didn't receive the newest neo tech items, or the paint brushes she wanted. As bad as it made her parents feel, the neocoins just wasn't there to spare.

     They never cared they didn't get all the materialist things. Although, they were nice, they valued each other's company and friendship more.

      The day came when it was time for Merily to move. Just a few weeks before Christmas.

      They hugged and cried together while standing in the driveway, until it was time for Merily to get into the car. Nothing was going to be the same.

      After they was all unpacked and settled in, Merily got online to Neomail Reignbow. She explained how much she missed her and how Christmas and school days wasn't going to be the same without her. With a heavy sigh, she finished her Neomail and shut off the computer while reflecting on how she and Reignbow were inseparable until now. All the while, waiting patiently for her to reply back.

      Weeks went by and it was finally Christmas but still no word from Reignbow. Merily began thinking she had forgot about her and had found a new best friend. She was hoping Reignbow was waiting to send her neomail until Christmas to surprise Merily on Christmas, however, that wasn't the case.

      Saddened by the lack of communication by someone who used to Neomail or call every night, Merily put on her best smile. She didn't want her parents to feel bad or to ruin her Christmas.

      She walked downstairs and stared with amazement at the gifts underneath the Christmas tree. Her family was waiting on her at the bottom of the stairs smiling with excitement.

      "Good morning honey. Merry Christmas"

      "Good morning Mom and Dad. Merry Christmas!" Merily replied.

      They all made their way to the tree to open their gifts. Her parents really went all out this year. They even got her a Faerie Paint Brush which is what Merily had been asking for over and over for years. However,something was still missing.

      Her parents felt bad they had to move and had to separate the girls. They noticed a change in their daughter as soon as they arrived at the new house. They knew her smile was only half there and that she was missing her friend.

      "Ok! Time for food!" Merilys mother exclaimed.

      Food was her favorite part of Christmas. It was the one time of year where everyone was gathered around the table at the same time. Her moms stuffing was Reignbows favorite.

      With a sigh Merily got up and was getting ready to join everyone going into the kitchen when the doorbell rang.

      "Honey, could you get the door please?" Her mother asked.

      Merily obeyed and walked over to the door thinking it was just carolers. She put on her best smile ready to sing along.

      As she opened the door, there stood Reignbow and her family!

      They pulled each other into a hug and turned to see her parents smiling in the living room.

      Her dad had sent Reignbows parents the neocoins to travel out to spend Christmas with them. That's why Reignbow hadn't responded back to her Neomail! She hadn't found a new best friend, she was traveling on her way to see her!

      She couldn't figure out how her parents had kept it a secret from her. They were never really that great at keeping

      Excited the girls and everyone made their way inside to exchange gifts and catch up over dinner.

      They got their bellies full and continued chatting. They missed out on so much it had seemed like years, when in reality it had only been a few days.

      A lot had changed at school and around town that it seemed almost impossible for so much to have changed within a few days. Merily had a lot to catch up on and she was excited and happy she was getting the chance to!

      Reignbow was excited she had received a petpet which is something she always wanted. Her parents didn't want to get her one until they was sure she could handle the responsibility. Since her grades were good and she kept up with all her chores, her parents decided to get her a Snowbunny.

      She got to bring it with her! She named it Fluffs because it was so fluffy. It almost made Merily want to ask for one for her birthday that was quickly coming up in a few months! Weird, she never was interested in a petpet before, but after seeing and playing with Fluffs, it made her want one even more! She would have to add one to her list!

      The girls parents smiled at each other while they caught up on everything. They were happy because now their daughters smiles were genuine and true. Reinbows parents didn't know how they could ever repay them for this, but Merilys parents stated that their smiles was all the payment they needed.

      Upon all the chatter, Merilys dad stood and wanted to say something.

      After getting attention, he stated he had one more gift to give.

      Everyone was looking around in confusion. There were no more presents visible, unless he had hidden one.

      He explained that he had pulled some strings and got Reignbows dad a job at the company he was working for and that all the expenses it would take to move here were going to be payed for and that the family can stay with them until they could afford a house of their own!

      Everyone cheered and jumped around with excitement! This would mean the girls wouldn't have to be separated anymore! All holidays,school days and every day they could spend together!

      At the end of the night as Merily lay in her bed reflecting back upon the day she had. She realized how blessed she was and that she had received everything she wanted for Christmas, but her favorite gift of all was a Christmas surprise.

     The End.

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