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Etta and the Old Timesake, Part 7

Goodbye, Etta?

by shadowstrand
Head in the Clouds: Holiday Special

Ready for our trip to Happy Valley?

by yoshisislandbandit
A Previously-Unseen Side Of The Neopian Holidays 3

It's holiday-related, look it up!

by korbat2_5
Dinner with the Scarlets: Holiday Happenings

Taking the time to reach out can mean more than you know.

by june_scarlet
Winter Hide-and-Seek

They'll never find us

by she_chose_love
Royal Oddness: Holiday Edition

This comic was also made by winner19955

by mistyqee

{ Crowded Woods }

one gift on christmas eve!

by candyplague
The Case of the Missing Chocolate Santa Candies


by _brainchild_
Talking on the Neoboards


by kaddisti
The Sleepover

How sneaky!

by trishabeakens
Holiday Spirit

1st vs 24th

Also by grimlane

by dianalovee

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"A Brynnso Christmas Special 4 -- For Christmas Issue" by rielcz
The following is a script commissioned by Queen Fyora herself due to increasing nostalgia for more Christmas-themed plays in her tower around this time of year. After an off-year for Hanso and Brynn – guaranteed under their current contract – The Faeries' Ruin favourites reprise their roles as themselves at the stage in Fyora's Tower. Thus, the "Faerieland Acting Club Representing Years 20-23," sponsored by "The Faerieland Craft Council" with funding from the "Neopets 20th Anniversary Committee Overseeing Special Artistic Contributions," present, "A Brynnso Christmas Special 4!"

Other Stories


A Christmas Surprise
Merily the Meerca and her family moved to a small town in Faerieland due to her dads new job offer that they couldn't afford to refuse. Bad thing is, Merily had to leave behind her school and her friends including her best friend Reignbow the Ixi and to make matters worse, it was almost Christmas.

by extreme_butterfly


A Brynnso Christmas Special 4 -- For Christmas Issue
The following is a script commissioned by Queen Fyora herself due to increasing nostalgia for more Christmas-themed plays in her tower around this time of year.

by rielcz


Gifts You Should Get For Your Battle-Loving Friends!
One of my favorite things about the Month of Celebrating— besides the holiday festivities, winter-themed games, hot borovan and frequent trips to Happy Valley— is the wonderful act of gift-giving!

by milestrong


Winter Holiday Season in Neopia: 12 Fun Things to Do
Wintertime is here! You may be enjoying the holiday season by sitting by the fireplace at the Mountain Lodge or sipping on a fresh hot cup of Borovan. However, don't forget all the fun that you can have during the month of Celebrating! Here are some quick things to help you and your Neopets get into the holiday spirit this season!

Also by remotely

by nayana852


Return to Shenkuu
“Hey, Princess, letter for you.”

by alphachicky


The Dark Detective:Part Four
“So you see, we really are in the same boat here. Well, not boat. Island. Predicament. You know what I mean.” Dark gave Soren a cheerful grin, and the Kyrii gave him a rueful nod in return.

by tanikagillam

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