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Ho ho Happy Holidays everyone! We are drawing near to the end of the year, and this is our very last Neopian Times of the decade :O. How crazy! The Neopian Times continues to be one of the most community based features here in Neopia and it's still just as awesome as ever. Hopefully soon we are going to have a new little elf here at HQ to help me out with it to give it all the love and attention it deserves, I'll keep you all posted on that. Other than that happy holidays to all and I will see you next year :D

Hi! In last week's editorial you activated Jinjah Puzzle. Can you also please activate the other three Christmas items from 2006? The three items are Christmas Tree Yoyo, Snowickle Squirty Toy, and Wind Up Ona. Thank you so much and happy holidays!~~lucky3005pig
Surely :)

LOL I had a good laugh at the twin sister act on day 19 of the Advent Calendar. I think a lot of us did, actually. I miss a lot of that silly, 'tongue in cheek and yes we're paying attention to you' humor. I know you guys are small n' mighty and sometimes you can't make that stuff happen, so thanks for doing it this time. :)~~vampire_bloodraven

Thank you so much for the 6th pet slot. I know I'm greedy but are there any plans to release more pet slots in the future?~~midnadragon
Of course! When though probably not for a bit. Let's enjoy those 6th pets for a while first.

Hey TNT! Can I give a big thanks to the team for the Advent Calendar prizes this year, there's so many lovely items and wearables! The animations are also so silly and adorable. Thank everyone for working so hard! *Gives gingerbread cookies*~~diabolicaltulip
I will give this note to the artist! Thanks for the cookies :D

Hi TNT! I've noticed that several of the Stocking Stufftacular items have abbreviated item names - e.g., "Plushie Christmas BG" instead of "Plushie Christmas Background," "Tiny Christmas Town FG," etc. Can you please update those to the full name so they're easier to search?~~neo492492
You're totally right I noticed this too and had Donny make a few changes!

The Advent Calendar animation on December 4th featured a smartphone. Is Neopia's technology level finally catching back up to where it used to be? It raises so many questions!~~ mysticmajin
That was just another of Katie's marvelous inventions. It lets Neopets watch old Advent stories on the go, apparently!

Happy Holidays <3

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