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Traveler's Guide: Mystery Island

by nice_collector


     Introduction: Everyday, you may be stuck at your tiring job, then you go to your house and do not have enough energy to do nothing besides going to your bed, sleeping and recharging some of your energies to start all over from the beginning on the next day. But on Neopia, there are lots of cool places to visit, some of them you might not even know yet. Places where you can get to know new friends, enjoy yourself and learn more about different cultures. So if you feel like the only thing in the world you need right now is a vacation, here is my Traveler’s Guide to Mystery Island, containing a list of the 10 most cool places to visit if your destination is the Mystery Island.

     The list: " Kick back and relax at the Mystery Island. With cool games, shops, a trading post, a tour, and even a training school, it is a fantastic place for you and your pet to visit. Watch out for the cannibals! ". It is what you hear before arriving at this tropical island distant hundreds and hundreds of miles from everywhere. The Mystery Island is a cool place to relax around the many paradisiac beaches, taste its unique tropical foods and also do some trails around the deep jungles that compose the island’s environment. So, if you feel wishful enough to visit this place, do not forget to bring with you this traveler’s guide with some of the best tourist spots to go for.

     1: Tiki Tours – If you are one of those people who enjoy a nice little jaunt while on a vacation, the perfect suggestion is the Tiki Tours. For only 25 neopoints, you and your pets will explore the Mystery Island on a tropical tour. You will have the opportunity to get to know the friendly and fun loving natives, dance, practice sports such as surfing and also enjoy the beautiful tropical sunset.

     If you are adventurous enough, you can ask the Tiki Tour Guide to walk you into the deepest jungles and to climb the great Techo Mountain, one of the 16 wonders of Neopia. But if you don’t like altitude, be careful. Its dizzy heights are a challenge to all, only a few Neopians manage to complete it all. But it is definitely worth it to take a shot, as it is rumoured to have secret passages built by the ancient Cocos running through it.

     And last but not least, if you have had enough of sightseeing, you can take one of the hundreds of secluded coves to lay back, forget all your worries and relax. This seems like the perfect way to finish a day after passing through the many beautiful scenery around the island!

     2: Go to The Beach – After a severe week of hard work, it’s mandatory to take a break on the weekend. So why not relax while admiring the clear ocean waters and the shiny white sands of The Beach on Mystery Island? You can also play some volleyball with some challenging Myncis for a change.

     3: The Rock Pool – There are a plenty of different Petpets around Neopia. On The Rock Pool, you can purchase up to 40 unique Aquatic Petpets to give your pets some company when you are busy enough with your arrears and cannot give them a little bit of time. You can choose between Smiley, Leeble, Goldy, Hippalop, Walein and also the Baby Blu, as many others!

     Curiosity: This historical shop was the place where Jhuidah was found after she disappeared, inside a Leeble’s fish bowl. If you participated on the Mystery Island Volcano plot, back on October, 2003, you probably already know that, though.

     4: Tombola – If you are the type of person who likes to test your luck, Tombola is the perfect place to do so! If you like to play the lottery, but do not have the enough neopoints to do so on The Neopian Lottery, here is Tombola. It is totally free, and with lots of chances of winning.

     A drum will draw the numbers, and the winning tickets end with the numbers 0, 2 or 5. If you manage to win, you will get up to two prizes and some NPs. You can also win a consolation prize randomly, which consists on a cheap item or some neopoints as well. Besides, if you are a regular customer at the Tombola, you can probably get to know the Tiki Tack Man a little better if he likes you. Maybe you will be the first person to see him without his mask, who knows?

     5: Island Mystic – Are you one of those who love to hear some fortunes? If your answer is “YES!”, you can visit a hut, located on the northwestern side of the Mystery Island. There, you will find The Island Mystic, who will tell anybody who visits him their daily fortunes for free. They can be good, bad, even tragic, but surprisingly enough lots of Neopians take their time to stop by. So why not take some minutes of your day to visit him? But if you are going to do so, I warn you to go early the day, there may be a row of people in front of you to hear the good (or bad) news!

     6: The Mystery Island Training School – This is the place on Mystery Island where you can exercise your body and build up your muscles after tasting all of those tropical foods that are so delicious and tempting. You can be trained by the great Techo Master, who requires only one thing in exchange of sharing his abilities: Codestones. The stronger your pet gets, the more strict he will be, requesting long sessions of trainings, and he will also ask you more codestones so you can start with your workout. So if you want to get stronger, be prepared to look for those “unique rocks” around Neopia!

     7: The Cooking Pot – After a long walk deep into the Mystery Island, you may find a big and scalding pot, and close to it Jhuidah, the Island Faerie. She has been cooking some yummy food for the Great Pango Pango since she was saved during the Mystery Island Volcano Plot. For those who do not know, Pango Pango is one of the gods of the coconut men who inhabit the island, and has an insatiable hunger. After spending some pleasant time around Mystery Island, nothing more fair than helping her with her endless task of feeding such an important figure as Pango Pango. After all, you may also win some cool stuff to show your friends that you accomplished to do so!

     8: Haiku Generator– If you are one of those who love a poem, do not forget to visit the Haiku Generator. After having a fun and relaxing day around the beach, it is perfect to finish the evening by visiting Rorru, the Island Kougra who creates some amazing Haikus everyday. He is waiting for you to show his wisdom and ability to declaim poems.

     9: The Trading Post – The Mystery Island is most know because of its tropical beaches, the kind natives and also the deep and calm jungles, which reveals itself to be the perfect place to take a vacation and relax for a while. Otherwise, it also shelters The Trading Post, a place where rush and hunger for competition are the most common feelings.

     If you have found some nice and cool items deep inside your safety deposit box, or if you have some spare Neopoints to spend, you should visit The Trading Post and spend some time searching for some players’ lots and see if anything interests you. It is an excellent place to meet new Neopians, find some items to complete your collections and also to win some NPs as well!

     10: The Lost City of Geraptiku – Despite from the relaxing beaches and calm jungles that you may have already walked through after a day at the Mystery Island, there is a city in the middle of ruins named The Lost City of Geraptiku. You will probably not find any friendly or flashy shops to buy some cool souvenirs of your visit. Instead of that, you will be surrounded by wild petpets and spirits!

     Also, deep inside Geraptiku, you will find the Deserted Tomb, which is a stone tomb that contains riches beyond your belief. If you are brave enough to enter this old tomb, you can be deeply rewarded, but nothing comes free. There are lots of negative outcomes that will severely punish whoever enters the tomb and doesn’t pay attention along the walk inside the tomb. So if you feel like it’s worth the risk, feel free to take a shot. But I advise you to run away from The Lost City and only come back if you are well accompanied!


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