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How To Master Hasee Bounce

by carrieantonia


     Hello, fellow Neopians! Today I wanted to talk with you about one of my favorite games: Hasee Bounce. There’s just something about those little orange and purple fellows that makes me smile. However, not everyone knows the best way to bounce Hasees for fun and profit. I was shocked to learn that some Neopians haven’t tried this game at all – it’s definitely something I’d recommend everyone to try! If you want to learn, then read on.

     Part 1: The Basics

     Here is the basic principle of Hasee bounce. Your goal is to help two adorable Hasee brothers, Woogy (the orange one) and Jimmi (the purple one), bounce between a see-saw and a tree branch, gathering as many doughnutfruits as they can along the way. You do have some challenges to face, though: for one, you’re on a time limit, and the longer you bounce, the faster the doughnutfruits will fly past. Not to mention, occasionally a pile of dung or two will soar over your Hasee friends, and they definitely don’t want to eat that! If a pile of dung hits a Jimmi or Woogy in the face, the Petpet will be too stunned and disgusted to grab any doughnutfruits for the next few seconds, missing out on valuable opportunities.

     Part 2: The Doughnutfruits

     There are quite a few different varieties of doughnutfruits you’ll encounter in this game, and each type is worth a different amount of points. The higher value doughnutfruits are rarer, but if you play long enough you’re sure to see them all. They are as follows:

     Yellow Doughnutfruit – 1 point

     Blue Doughnutfruit – 3 points

     Green Doughnutfruit – 4 points

     Silver Doughnutfruit – 5 points

     Golden Doughnutfruit – 10 points

     Checkered Doughnutfruit – 12 points

     Sponge Doughnutfruit – 15 points

     Fiery Doughnutfruit – 18 points

     Icy Doughnutfruit – 20 points

     Rainbow Doughnutfruit – 40 points

     Fish Doughnutfruit – 50 points

     Part 3: Time Bonuses

     As I mentioned before, you’re on a time limit when playing Hasee Bounce. But there are ways to extend your time, keep playing longer, and earn more points! Occasionally, you’ll see a purple or orange doughnutfruit in the shape of the letters H, A, S, or E fly through the air. Woogy can grab orange letters and Jimmi can grab purple ones, of course! Each letter you catch gives you 2 points and adds 2 seconds to your timer.

     If you collect enough orange and purple letters to spell HASEE, you’ll get an additional 20 seconds on your timer. Alternately, if the word HASEE is spelled out in all one color, you’ll actually earn an additional 40 seconds on the timer! Therefore, collecting the colorful letter doughnutfruits is an essential part of Hasee Bounce, allowing you to continue bouncing for much longer.

     Part 4: Advanced Strategies

     With the basics we’ve outlined so far, you can certainly catch a fair few doughnutfruits. But if you want to up your game even further, there are tricks you can use!

     Here’s one: when you catch more than one doughnutfruit on the same bounce, the point values will multiply. Each successive doughnutfruit caught on the same bounce is worth more than the next. The first doughnutfruit will be worth its regular value. The second doughnutfruit will be worth 2x its regular value, the third will be worth 3x its regular value, and so on!

     This is a fantastic strategy that can really boost your score when used effectively. Sure, a Fish Doughnutfruit is always a great find at 50 points. But snag a Yellow Doughnutfruit on your way down from the tree branch and grab a Fish Doughnutfruit second? The Yellow Doughnutfruit was still worth 1 point, but the Fish Doughnutfruit just earned you 100 points! If the Fish Doughnutfruit had been the third fruit you’d grabbed on your bounce, it would be worth a showstopping 150 points, and so on. Combos like this are one of the best ways to rack up points more quickly and make the most of your time on the see-saw.

     Part 5: Myths and Rumors

     Hasee Bounce strategies are fairly straightforward. But if you listen to whispers around Mystery Island, you’ll hear of some mysterious myths and rumors surrounding this beloved game. I can neither confirm nor deny the following information, but I’ll pass it along. Take these Hasee Bounce rumors with a grain of salt.

     Some say that there’s a certain member of The Neopets Team who is a big fan of games, and supposedly Hasee Bounce is one of his favorites. His name is Oliver, also commonly known as The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy. Seasoned Hasee Bouncers will swear that they’ve sometimes seen him flying past in the midst of the doughnutfruits, grinning wildly, orange shirt flashing, orangish hair billowing in the wind. Some even claim that the elusive staffer has given them an impressive 42 point bonus! However, The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy is nothing if not mysterious, so these rumors remain unconfirmed. You’ll have to play the game for yourself and form your own opinion on this one.

     Some players have also claimed that their luck in Hasee Bounce has improved by shouting out certain phrases. Some say shouting “doughnutfruit!” during gameplay has seemed to extend their time limit, although I certainly cannot speak to the veracity of that claim. I’ve even seen one particularly outlandish bouncer shouting “please give me one million Neopoints, thank you hasees!!” at the poor Petpets, as if yelling at them would do anything. You can’t get a million Neopoints just from shouting into the sky, of course! But I guess it’s these strange little rituals that make the hardcore fans of Hasee Bounce such an endearing group.

     As you can see, Hasee Bounce is a game with a lot of dimension. It can be enjoyed by beginners, but more experienced players can also strategize and hone their skills. In my opinion, Hasee Bounce is the perfect blend of luck, skill, and of course adorable Petpets. Who could feel stressed while looking at those cute little orange and purple faces? If you haven’t given it a shot yet, head down to Mystery Island and give it a go. Jimmi and Woogy will be waiting for you!

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