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A Pirate's Life - Negg Recognition


by piratesy
The life of a Quester - part 3 (THE END)

how possible?


by dinha_reeves

Avatar Collectors Everywhere

I'm done.

Also by pisces_babe_

by hotredfirefaerie

Scary Tree comics #3

Wraith Resurgence Witness Protection Program

by kaddisti
Wardrobe Woes

Fashion is such a conundrum!

by _clement_
AC Insanities: Patience

Waiting in line is common courtesy, everyone.

by andromedric
Dice-a-WHO? #9

Didn't what now?

Also by forever_be_us

by rayoceanweaver

Gradmooation Day

All those years of NeoSchool wasted D:

by _clement_
Sketchy - Stamp Avatars

More. Stamp. Avatars.

by lennifer_jennifer2
Chia's Problem


also by Sthephanie

by neschulz

Meanwhile in the home page

have you ever wondered what does happen after the pictures for the home page are taken? well thats a sad whats happened

by renanlet
I'm the strongest... oh wait


by lighters_
Silver's Reset Challenge #2

Sometimes old goals require a new perspective.

by kuroneko_kitty
Problems at the Healing Springs

Maybe Marina is tired of healing your pet's diseases...

by itsume_tao
Birthday Mystery Capsule

84 years later..

also by neo_vovo

by lua_menina

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"Fiasco" by yizhegan99
She always have a passion for violin. Music was her source of expression and being a professional violinist was always her dream. The red Pteri would play melodies for hours envisioning herself basking in the limelight on stage. However, in reality, the dream of a professional violinist is too far a fetch. In fact, the red Pteri plays the violin so horribly that the flora surrounding her tilts their bodies away from her. Once, she attempted to play for Neopians in Kiko Lake. The applause to welcome her on stage soon turned to disarray as she played her first note and Neopians screamed in terror, followed by a stampede to escape the concert area. Only one remained. He was JubJub. He consoled and encouraged the depressed Pteri to continue playing and this was the start of their friendship. The next day the duo would meet high up in Terror Mountains, away from the crowd and Neopians, to practice scores of music. That was disastrous at the start for avalanches were triggered from ear piercing frequencies and after many complaints from residents, they moved into a cave.

Other Stories


Cheese and Krawkers
I have no magic of my own to reward you with, so I'm asking for help from another faerie.

Written in collaboration with iggy___koopa and semmy_genius.

by bittersweet52


She always have a passion for violin. Music was her source of expression and being a professional violinist was always her dream.

by yizhegan99


How To Master Hasee Bounce
A guide to one of my favorite games in Neopia, Hasee Bounce.

by carrieantonia


Traveller's Style Guide: Mystery Island
It's summertime, and that makes Mystery Island the holiday destination of the moment. It's the vacation destination of many neopets, with it’s tropical climate, many beaches, and relaxing atmosphere. But visitors to the island need to make sure when they’re packing for their dream holiday they’ve included all the necessities.

by corrina404


The Big Move:Part Three
I hated how mom shoved us all away. I hated the Haunted Woods! I hated that side of the family. They were so creepy and weird.

by hannahcreep


King Altador's Substitute:Part Two
Early the next morning, King Altador departed for the Lost Desert. Accompanying him were two guards, a draik and a skeith.

by trishabeakens

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