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A Booktastic Journey

by brodysseus


Deep in the stars above Neopia you will find a small planet by the name of Kreludor. The planet is home to a variety of Grundos, specifically the Orange and Purple kind, who have had a rough history of civil war. Most of this rough history has been caused by Dr. Sloth, big surprise there. But this planet has overcome a lot and has created a great relationship with our planet, Neopia, and is pretty much just like any other land! While it has less features, it does have a few locations worth visiting and sends a team down every year to participate in the Altador Cup. But what the small moon is most famous for is their incredible advances in writing and science, featuring a tiny bookshop that has exploded in popularity and has become a main fixture for any Neopet looking to boost their intelligence.

The Booktastic Book Shop is run by a small Orange Grundo by the name of Bernard. The books that are sold in this shop mostly have to do with space and what lies just beyond the horizon, but also has a beautiful selection of star-inspired cookbooks and educational science books, plus a few more. There are close to 160 different titles that you can pick up and read to your Neopet that will really expand their knowledge on the universe, both what resides in our boundaries and what exists just beyond them.

Most Neopians are familiar with the Neopian Book Award, a special trophy that appears on your pet's lookup when you read enough regular novels and publications from Neopia. Less familiar though is the Booktastic Book Award. This is similar to the Neopian Book Award, but only counts books from out of this world. The books published and sold on Kreludor qualify you for this special award, and because there aren't thousands of books available, it is generally thought of as an easier accomplishment to make your way onto this list. Don't be fooled though, some of these books are incredibly difficult to obtain and you should not underestimate what it takes.

If you were to read the cheapest 150 Booktastic Books, just enough to get into the territory of the Bronze booktastic award, you would have to spend roughly 50,000,000 NP. Fifty million. That is a whole lot of zeroes! But there are still nine books on top of that, and all nine of those are rarity 100 items. Rarity 100 means that they WILL restock in shops, but they do so rarely it could be weeks, or even months, before they show up. And because there are many people who enjoy reading, it is VERY difficult to catch them in the shop and even more difficult to save up enough neopoints for them.

Advanced Kreludor Physics

This is the significantly more expensive, and much harder to comprehend, version of Kreludan Physics. It has concepts far beyond what most Neopians can understand, and your Neopet probably won't understand this without having already read a large amount of Booktastic Books.

Beam Me Aboard

This is a fictional book detailing one Grundos adventure traveling through space. While this is a fairly easy read, it does tackle a lot of experiences that are unrelatable to those of us who haven't ventured past the moon.

How Purples Got Their Spots

If there is anything you should know about Kreludor, it's the history of the divide between Purple and Orange Grundos. This book dives into one of the theories on why Purple Grundos feature orange spots, and how this has affected the rift between the species for many years prior to reunification.

Interplanetary Communications

To most of us this will just be a bunch of scientific mumbo jumbo, but to Neopets who are well read and versed in the concepts of deep space through their reading of Kreludor's literature, it'll make perfect sense. A major part of this book covers how Kreludor made contact with Neopia and how they established trade deals and partnerships with the planet.

Know Your Robot Petpet

A lot of things on Kreludor are robotic and manufactured, they are masters of technology, and because of this they know a lot about the Robot Petpets wandering around. Want to know more about your Beepallite or Avabot? This is the book to read, if you can find a copy of it.

Kreludan Engineering

The description of this book reads "Learning to open this book is a feat of engineering in itself!" and that couldn't be more true. Even looking at the cover you'll be intimidated, actually being unable to open it without some sort of engineering skill. This is definitely not the first book you'll want to read on your Booktastic journey, you probably wouldn't even get past the first couple pages as it is filled with mostly equations and difficult theories.

Kreludor Versus Neopia

Though the title might suggest this is going to be about some great war between Neopia and the moon, it's actually more like a booklet on the many differences between the two and what life is like on each. If you are considering a move from Neopia to Kreludor, this book will highlight the pros and cons and help you figure out what to do.

Scenic Kreludan Views

A vacation to the moon can be quite expensive, and due to the few amenities (a cafe, a bookshop, and a mining corporation), many Neopians skip out on this destination. This is a beautiful book made for your coffee table that is full of breathtaking photographs of the landscapes of Kreludor, showing you the untouched beauty of this giant rock in the sky.

The Green Grundo Invasion

For some of us, we prefer to analyze social interactions and their effects over science and math, and this book is perfect for that. After the discover of Kreludor by Neopia, there was a large influx of Green Grundos that were popping over the planet. This book explores the socio-economic reasons why and helps to further understand the effects that this new color of Grundo had on the moon.

And those are all the rarity 100 Booktastic Books that you'll need to sell your right arm to be able to afford. The prices are out of this world, and so is the content found in them. If you are just starting your journey towards the Booktastic Book Award, I wouldn't worry too much about this list yet, but if you are even halfway through the amount of books you'll need you might want to start tucking away some extra Meerca Chase money so when the time comes you'll be able to grab a few.

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