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How To Find The Perfect Petpetpet

by golvenzee


If your Neopet is feeling a bit lonely, you can buy a Petpet for it. But what if your petpet also wants a little friend? There are these little creatures called Petpetpets. You might have seen them in a game before, like Mootix Drop, Cooty Wars or Itchy Invasion. Or maybe you used to have your own Habitarium with little Mootixes, Larnikins and Pinchits. But they also can be great friends for your Petpets.

There are 41 different Petpetpets, which might make it hard to decide which one to buy. You can of course just try to find one that matches either your Neopets, or your Petpets colour. But those little bugs all have their own personalities, and some of them might fit your Neopet or Petpet just better than others. Maybe this article can help make the decision a little easier.


This little Spyder-like creature is a very active Petpetpet. It loves climbing and is great for adventurous Neopets or Petpets. If you get an Aboogala, be prepared for large parts of your neohome to be covered in webs. If you dislike those, the Aboogala might not be for you.


A Ditrey makes tiny chirping sounds. It has a great sense of rhythm and is attracted to singing. If you have a pet who likes music, a Ditrey would be perfect! Maybe you can even teach it to play an instrument?


With its two pairs or wings, a Draphly can fly really fast. Its blue colour works like camouflage in the sky. Other than the light humming noise caused by the motion of its wings, it’s hard to notice this Petpetpet when it’s flying. They are often found somewhere close to water, but you can encounter them anywhere. If your petpet flies fast enough to catch one, a Draphly will make a lovely and loyal friend.


Flankins have tiny flames all over their little bodies that can hurt any incautious Petpets. To avoid burns, you should only give them to Petpets that are painted either magma or fire. Since these are also made out of flames, it is impossible to burn them. Another plus is that those fire Petpets usually have the same problem, where they can accidentally hurt their little bug friends that aren’t Flankins. These Petpetpets can’t handle cold temperatures very well, so if you live on Terror Mountain or anywhere equally cold, Flankins aren’t the Petpetpets for you.


This adorable little fellow looks just like a leaf! It has amazing camouflage skills and is extremely hard to find. Fleafs live between the leaves of trees or bushes. If you ever see a leaf with two shiny, red eyes, you can be sure you spotted a Fleaf! They are perfect for Petpets who love spending time outside and for woodland Petpets. Camouflage Neopets will also love them, finally they will have a little friend who is just as good at camouflage as they are! Fleafs are playful little creatures, always in for a game. Just don’t challenge them for hide and seek – you can’t win this!


This little bug is obsessed with anything that looks like a plant. And when I say obsessed I mean it. It will try to nibble on any plant, grass or tree it can find. It is advised to keep this one away from any woodland Neopets or Petpets, and from any Fleafs in the family. You don’t want a Glyme to mistake them for food!


Jermites are very stubborn Petpetpets, who know what they want. Most Petpets do not like them because of their difficult characters. If your pet does get along with one however, it is an amazing, loyal and extremely helpful friend. They love longhaired Petpets, as they feel they can help those out the most. The antlers on its head can be used to comb through the Petpets hair.


This bright blue bug looks just like a water drop. They live in the water, and while they do favour aquatic Petpets, any Petpet that loves to go swimming from time to time can become friends with one. Jiggybugs are extremely loyal, and once it becomes friends with a Petpet it will want to stay with it forever.

Lady Blurg

How can one tiny bug eat so much? As soon as this Petpetpet wakes up in the morning, it starts eating. When your pet goes on its lunchbreak, this bug will still be eating. Around dinner time it will finally be bloated and stop. To then, only a couple hours later, go for a late night snack. I bet it even dreams about food. This petpet will easily adapt to most environments, but you might want to keep it away from any Skeiths or Grarrls. I don’t think they would be happy to share their food..


As the name might give away, this Petpetpet lights up in the dark. It might be ideal for anyone who usually lives in the dark, or could just use some extra light.


Moffits are mostly chosen by Blumaroos. This little creature has incredibly long legs which it uses to jump great distances. It is probably the only Petpetpet that can keep up with the Blumaroo while it bounces around on its tail.


A Rainblug will munch on just about anything it can find. You will need to buy it loads and loads of food, and keep it away from any edible pets or Petpets! This cute little friend also has some gorgeous colours, it would match perfectly with a Rainbow Petpet.


These are great for pets who don’t have a whole lot of neopoints to spare on a little bug friend for their Petpet. Of course friendship is priceless, but it is something to keep in mind. Vernaxes are very friendly and adapt easily to most environments.


This must be the laziest bug ever. It is great for Petpets who are just as lazy, they can take naps together all the time. If you give it to a more active Petpet however, it will make complaining noises all the time and drive you crazy!

I hope this will help you to find the perfect little Petpetpet. Thank you for reading!

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