There are ants in my Lucky Green Boots Circulation: 194,228,482 Issue: 750 | 23rd day of Gathering, Y18
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Hey CQ, I can't find any listing for my wearable item Folk Ixi Neckpiece anywhere! Maybe it's not active yet! I purchased it from the Uni Clothing store! please solve my mystery! ps Here's a bowl of popcorn to pass around! ~ feurbellestarr
If you purchased it, it is indeed active! Otherwise you wouldn't be able to have it! Just keep an eye out for future listings!

Hey, CQ!!! I love Poogles, so naturally I have two of them on my account. They both have the same birthday, September 19th. I visited my male Poogle's lookup to redeem a cupcake for him, but when I visited my female Poogle's lookup I didn't get the option to choose the Starry Pink Birthday Cupcake I wanted for her. Is this a mistake, or do pets that share birthdays on the same account only get one cupcake? ~ butterflyvj
Hi! So unfortunately with how it's set up right now, you can only get one birthday cupcake per day, even if you have two pets on the same birthday.

Is there a reason round 1434 of Mystery Pic was completely cancelled? You guys haven't even addressed it or anything. ~ broadcastquality
So with Mystery Pic, a script judges answers and gives out prizes and then we set up the next contest and it overwrites all the old info. Which means, if the script for some reason fails to run and the next contest is set up, there's no running it again and then nothing we can do about it. Sorry guys!

Hi Country Queen! Some of us are wondering if you are thinking about bringing Defenders Of Neopia back? Some things are more important then this, but was wondering if you guys was ever thinking about bringing it back? Hopefully, if so soon :P? ~ moonroseslight
So we do in fact have a list with changes/fixes/improvements the BD needs, with the intention of eventually tackling said things. But it's not actively being worked on right now (resources and all). I know that's not the soon you were looking for, but at least you know it's something we have thought about and looked into!

Hi CQ! Hope your weekend was super awesome and fun. I was playing the new game AAA's Revenge and I got a pop up window that stated " Error: You do not have this avatar or it does not exist, so we cannot display it. Nice try though. ;)" Is it broken? I was all excited about getting a shinny new avie too :( Please withhold my user name. Thank you much ~ username removed
I'll send this over to those darn meepits to see what they did, and see if I can bribe them to get it working again.

Hi Country queen! On a recent article that mentioned Neopets and its playerbase , a PR person acknowledged that a very small percentage of the playerbase on the site is under 13. In light of that fact do you guys have any plans to revise the rules on boards/messages to reflect that? Similar games to neo have more lenient rules when it comes to what we cant or can do. Last week live streaming came up, almost every game does livestreaming and its been a good way to expose the game to new people or to expose current areas of the site to current users. Remove my username. ~ username removed
Sorry, but no we don't. Despite the ratio of older/younger users, we do allow and knowingly have younger users, which means all chat rules have to be made with them in mind (COPPA compliance and all that jazz). There are plenty of sites for older players to chat about whatever they want, but unfortunately this isn't one of them.

PSA from CQ: Hi y'all! Congratulations to all those accepted into the 750th issue! As a little public service announcement for my inbox/customer support, for those of you who don't know, special anniversary prizes, avatars and collaborator trophies have to be manually awarded by me. In case you didn't notice, there's quite a number of you, so it takes some time. If you have not yet received it, DO NOT PANIC. It's coming on Monday, I promise! Until then, just look at the pretty Weewoo.

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