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by she_chose_love


      Lily was a ten year old Ixi who dreamed of becoming a Lost Desert explorer one day. She loved being in nature and exploring new places. Anytime Lily was outside, she was always pretending to be an explorer on some crazy adventure.

      It was a Saturday morning in the middle of July. The sun was shining, birds were chirping and the sky was a crystal clear blue, there was not a cloud in sight. On this perfect summer morning, Lily was awake at the crack of dawn and ready to have an adventure of her own.

      “Mom, I am going to play in the backyard now,” called Lily as she ran down the hallway towards the front door.

      “Have fun sweetie,“ replied her mother.

      Lily pretended she was exploring a jungle as she went through the trees and bushes in the backyard. She was searching for the ruler of the jungles lost crown when suddenly she heard a voice.

      “Roar! I am a tiger and I eat Ixi explorers for breakfast!” Said the mysterious voice.

      “Tom, I know that’s you," Laughed Lily as her friend Tom emerged from behind a tree. “Want to help me find the ruler of the jungles lost crown?”

      “Oh man, you were supposed to be scared!” Replied Tom.

      “Explorers don’t get scared!” Said Lily, “come on, let’s go deep into the jungle,"

      Tom and Lily, went deep into the jungle trying hard to find the crown.

      “Look it’s a cave!” Said Lily, “maybe someone hid the crown in there," As Lily and Tom got closer to the cave they heard a noise.

      “Mew,” went the noise. “Mew, mew mew,"

      “What was that?” Asked Tom.

      “I don’t know,” replied Lily. “But maybe we should go investigate,"

      The two made their way over to the cave. “Mew, mew,” they heard as they got closer. “Mew, mew, mew," As they approached the cave, Lily spotted a spot of pink behind a rock. “Look Tom, it's over there!” She said walking towards whatever was mewing.

      “It’s a Kadoatie,” said Lily surprised. “Poor little guy must have gotten lost!” Lily inched closer to the little Kadoatie, “here little fella, come here, I won't hurt you!”

      “Mew!” Said the Kadoatie walking towards Lily.

      Lily picked up the Kadoatie and made her way back to Tom. “Look Tom!” She said, “isn’t he the cutest little thing? I think I will call him Kaddy,"

      “Lily, you can't name him!” Replied Tom.

      “Why not?” Asked Lily, “I am going to keep him and love him forever,"

      “What about your mom? “ Said Tom, “will she let you have a petpet?”

      “I won't tell her,” declared Lily. “Come on, let’s take Kaddy up to my room and find him a nice place to live where mom will never know,"

      Lily and Tom made their way towards Lily’s back deck. Right as they were about to climb up the stairs, the door started to open!

      “Oh no!” Cried Lily, “what if that’s mom?”

      “Quick!” Said Tom, “hide Kaddy in your jacket, maybe she won't notice!”

      Lily quickly took off her jacket and wrapped Kaddy in it. It now looked like Lily was just carrying her jacket all bunched up in her arms, you could not see Kaddy at all. Just as Lily let out a sigh of relief for Tom’s quick thinking, her mom stepped outside.

      “Hey guys!” Said Lily’s mom, “What are you two doing and why aren’t you wearing your jacket young lady?”

      “Oh hey mom,” replied Lily casually. “We were just heading upstairs to play with my toys. I got warm and we were heading inside anyway, so I figured I didn’t need my jacket”

      “Keep it on until you are inside next time okay? “ Said Lily’s mom.

      “Okay mom, I will,” replied Lily.

      “Mew!” Said Kaddy from inside Lily’s jacket.

      “Mew mew mew,” said Tom. “Come on Lily lets go finish our adventure,"

      “Tom, did you just mew?” Asked Lily’s mom.

      “Yes ma’am I did," Replied Tom, “I'm Lily’s sidekick Tom the Kadoatie,"

      “Oh, well have fun guys,” said Lily’s mom.

      “We will mom bye,” said Lily rushing past her mother. “Come on Tom, let’s go!” Tom and Lily ran upstairs, once they were safely in Lily’s room they both let out a sign of relief.

      “Woah that was a close one,” said Tom.

      “Nice save!” Replied Lily, “that was way too close though,"

      Lily and Tom found a shoe box in the back of Lily’s closet. They emptied it out and put a blanket in it to make Kaddy a bed. “Mew, mew mew!” Said Kaddy.

      “Shhhh Kaddy,” said Lily, “you need to be quiet!”

      “Maybe he’s hungry," Said Tom, “I will go down to the kitchen and grab him something,"

      “Don’t let mom see you!” Warned Lily.

      “Don’t worry I won’t,” replied Tom.

      Tom went down to the kitchen to find some food for Kaddy. He decided to make a sandwich for him. After all, the Kadoaties at the kadoatery seem to love sandwiches. All this sandwich making made Tom hungry, so he decided to make himself a sandwich too and eat it before going back upstairs.

      Meanwhile Lily and Kaddy were upstairs waiting for Tom to come back. “I wonder what is taking him so long,” Lily thought to herself, “maybe I should go and check on him," Lily put Kaddy in the box and slipped it under her bed. “Stay here Kaddy, I will be right back," She said, “don’t make any noises okay?”

      Lily went downstairs to find Tom sitting in the kitchen eating a sandwich. “What are you doing?” Asked Lily.

      “Sorry, I got hungry making Kaddy a sandwich,” Tom replied. “His sandwich is there on the counter though,"

      “Hurry up and eat Tom," Said Lily, “ I don’t want to leave Kaddy upstairs alone for too long,"

      Tom finished his sandwich and they ran back upstairs. As they neared Lily’s room they heard a muffled voice and some mews.

      “Oh no!” Cried Lily, “I think mom found Kaddy!”

      “We better get in there,” said Tom as he opened the bedroom door. Sure enough, there was Lily’s mom sitting on the bed playing with Kaddy.

      “Uh hi mom,” said Lily casually, “What are you doing in my room?”

      “Why is there a Kadoatie in your room?” Asked her mother.

      “Ummm, well, you see.," stumbled Lily.

      “Relax sweetie,” replied her mom, “you are not in trouble,"

      “Wait, what?” Said Lily, “I'm not in trouble for hiding a petpet in my room?”

      “Well,” said Lily's mother, “ I do wish you would have told me you had him in your room. But no, you are not in trouble, I bought him for you, I was going to surprise you with him tonight at supper since you always said you wanted a petpet,"

      “He's mine to keep?” Asked Lily with excitement. “Really?”

      “Yes, he is all yours,” replied Lily's mom “I had him hidden in my bedroom earlier hoping you would not find him. Somehow he managed to escape and I spent my morning searching for him. That is why I went outside earlier, I was looking for him, but it seems that you had already found him. Next time just tell me okay?”

      “He was in the backyard,” said Tom.

      “This is the best day ever!” Said Lily grabbing Kaddy and hugging him. “Oh Kaddy, you are all mine!”

      “Mew!” Said Kaddy.

      Lily the explorer had her best adventure ever that day and she count be happier with her new petpet.

      The End.

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