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Hello there! *hands out cookies* So it has come to my attention that there is currently a horrible feud going on around our dear Money Tree! Human Neopians are sending out mails to others, saying them to stop donating junk and in return, a group of other Neopians strike back by donating exactly what they dont want! Everybody is being mean and rude towards each other. It is even scaring the ghosts and it makes the Money Tree sad :( Now my question is: Are there any rules about this matter? Are people allowed to just tell people what to donate and what not as an example? Donations are donations right? And another man's junk is another man's treasure. *gives some of those cookies to the tree too* Some clearance would be very appreciated :) Please, delete my username if this will be answered. ~ username removed
Hi! There is no rule against what you can donate to the Money Tree, and no one can tell you to donate items differently. If you're looking for nicer items, the Money Tree probably isn't your best bet anyway :)

Hey there! I've been wondering, is it okay for me to use a side account as a storage room? I mean, I like hoarding stuff, and I have over 5000 different items @-@ i'm not interesting in selling, I like my stuff! but having that quantity of items it's kinda... inconvenient. So, is it ok? On a side note, i really enjoyed the Daily Dare! And I'm absolutely ready for the Altador Cup! Thanks for your hard work, guys. (please remove my username!) ~ username removed
As long as all of the items are purchased/earned on your main account, you are free to send whatever you want over to your side to store there! Also as a side note, I'm glad! This year's Altador Cup should be a good one!

Hey CQ, could you please once and for all confirm whether Altador Cup X Collectible Gold Coin from the Prize Shop was supposed to be an album item or not? Thank you!! ~ dottie27a
It was, and it is! It can now be placed in your stamp album.

In the last editorial you said to let you know if there's still pets with missing images on the NeoBoards. My Ummagine Chia still won't show up on the boards. Can it be fixed in the future? Thanks!~ ummagine3284
Thanks for letting us know! Your Ummagine Chia will now follow you everywhere (whether you want it to or not!). Also, Mutant Poogles should be working now as well, for the user who asked about that!

There was a long 'explanation' in one of the previous editorials about why unconverted pets would be a nightmare to bring into the new system. However I don't believe the given answer was not really what the asker was looking for. The explanation was all about making UC pets layer-able so that they could be customized. And while the answer was very detailed and made sense for the perceived context, the question had nothing to do with customizing UCs. There are incredibly few people that want to be able to dress up their UC pets. That isn't the issue. (Which I agree it would be incredibly hard to do that) UC pets already exist in the current system so saying that they "won't work" isn't actually true. We don't want to dress them up; we just want a way to obtain them. What's the reason we can't have that? ~ username removed
Actually, I answered the question I was asked (I know, because they wrote in telling me so). I was asked why they don't work in our system. As I clarified, it has nothing to do with making them customizable (they'd never be able to be, even if the pets themselves did work in our system, due to the different poses). The clothing references were for pet's actual paint brush colours, from the full Royal ensembles to Aisha collars, we'd have to make those work too.
Now, saying they won't work in our system is definitely true (trust me, I use this system setting up paintbrush colours all of the time). As I said before, we have to manually tell the system to ignore the way it should be done and pull up the static image instead for that particular pet. It's not something we can just put out a paintbrush for and have you be able to do it, it just doesn't work that way.
As for why we won't make it work in the system, if we even could do it, it would take a LOT of time and resources, for something that we no longer support. That decision was made a long time ago, and it hasn't changed - officially, UC pets are retired. The ones that exist, exist and will stay that way until they are converted, but new or already converted pets will stay converted. I know many of you want them back, and I'm sorry, but our stance on them hasn't changed. All I was doing with the previous question was providing more information on a specific aspect of how they work.

*Happy Thoughts*

JS! You are seriously, honestly, my most favoritest people in the entire world! After years of hoping, you FINALLY GAVE US A GIANT OMELETTE PLUSHIE! I am so grateful and happy! Thank you!!!!!!!! ~ hockeydarling14

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