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Just Have a Go!

by chiefgrumpy


I have been playing Neopets for many years, and in that time I have completed many activities. However, for most of them, I had no idea what I was doing.

Sometimes there were plots that just didn't make sense to me. Sometimes there were activities that I had no idea how to do. So I asked around and do you know what? I just HAD A GO!

That's right! Even an experienced player doesn't always know what's happening, but they just have a go anyway.

There are many situations in which you can just have a go! For instance - plots, trophies, avatars, battles and making Neopoints.


For a while now The Neopets Team (TNT) have been putting clues into the news feed and releasing plots. If you complete certain parts of the plot (depending upon what the requirements are) then you receive points towards prizes. Ones that have happened in the past include:

The Haunted Woods/Tale of Woe, where you had to click links and battle the enemies in order to win the prizes.

Journey to the Lost Isle, this is where you had to complete puzzles and battle a series of monsters in the Battledome.

The Return of Sloth where once again, we had to solve puzzles and fight in the Battledome against enemies to earn some prizes.

Petpet Park, I honestly didn't know about it until researching it but this one you didn't have to battle anything. Just complete a series of puzzles. If you are like me, this will pop up: "You didn't complete any missions, and therefore are not eligible for any prizes. Sorry!"

Atlas of the Ancients plot can't be completed but you can still try and get some items from it and MAYBE get a trophy for your user lookup. Just look at mine and that's most likely the one you will achieve.

The Faerie's Ruin was a mixture of puzzles and battles. It was quite enjoyable and it ended with Faerieland no longer floating in the sky, but has now crashed to the ground. (However, we all tried to save it!)

Finally, the Obelisk War which you can still fight in today. Try to get the five faction avatars (I still need to get two)!

We all are due for another plot so just have a go at them. You can earn some nifty prizes and gain some experience in problem solving as well as battle experience for your pets.


Throughout the games room you can earn hundreds of trophies. Each game that you play has three levels: gold, silver and bronze. But, the only way to get the trophies is to achieve a high score in your game. Some games, however, you need the highest score to compete for any of the trophies. For example the game Ugga Drop. You will only be able to get a trophy if you score 40,000 points. And if you do, you can initially knock others out of the competition for the trophy. Even if you are not a professional at the game JUST GIVE IT A GO. You may be surprised with what you can do and how good you are at the game!

Besides trophies from games you can also earn trophies for your user lookup from things such as Gallery, making a Hannah and the Kreludor Caves level and more. You just need to make the selected component of Neopets one of the best things that TNT has seen. If you have a great gallery then you can get an awesome Gallery spotlight trophy for your user lookup.

One other trophy you can get is for your pets. This is called the Beauty Contest. You draw a picture of your pet (you can use Photoshop, paint, other computer programs OR be all arty and use water colours, pencils, crayons and what not - take a picture of it and submit it) winners get a cool trophy which is displayed on their pet's lookup. You can submit as many pictures as you want to, advertise properly and get votes to see if people like your drawing the best. Just have a go with it!


Some avatars are super hard to get. Some you have to be one of the TOP 50 people with the best score to get the avatar (and people are trying to knock you out of the winning area)! Some avatars are easy with just a click of the button, others you will need to be lent items or Neopoints (considering some items are worth over 10million points and if you're anything like me, that's hard to achieve)! Some are random avatars, you can try to get them 8 times a day (Buried Treasure) but you could be waiting for years! I've been playing for 9 years and still haven't received that one yet! Being lent certain pets can get you avatars, or petpets which are attached to a pet. Unfortunately, some avatars are retired so you should try to get them all as quick as you can.


Every time you battle you receive Neopoints and prizes (up to a set limit) in which, depending on who you challenge can reward you with nerkmids, codestones, faeries, petpets or random food items. You can challenge other people in battles to increase your pets scores and see how well your battledome set works against other people. People spend millions upon millions for good battledome equipment, but as for me, my stuff together costs under 500,000np. There are many monsters and pets you can fight in the battledome and they all have different health points. Depending on how good your pet is you can battle ones that are 0 health (Punchbag Bob) or ones that are 37,700 points (Snowager). Seriously though, have a battle, just have a go!


This is the most crucial part in the game: making Neopoints. Without them you will struggle to get good items, paint a pet, do faerie quests, battle high statted enemies, train your pets and more. It's easy to get neopoints but it's quite hard to be millionaires. There are many guides out there just to make neopoints which I encourage you to seek out. But the easiest way it to go to the tab between customize and explore. Yes, you've guessed it, GAMES! Just have a go at playing the games and who knows, you may end up with a trophy or with an avatar.

Other ways you are able to make them is something called restocking. With is going to shops, refreshing, waiting for an expensive item to restock (example would be the Magic Shop - pretty much any coloured morphing potion besides the basics can make a profit) BUT you need to be quick.

Trading and Auctions you can resell or snipe items (offer lower than what they ask - and you MAY be accepted or you may end up blocked by some people if you place ridiculous offers). It's a fine line!

Neopets is an online gaming site where you actually can practice your social abilities by talking to people from all around the world. It's a place where you can earn avatars and trophies to let other people know how good you are at this site. All I suggest with this site is to give it a go. If you fail in something, do not worry, everyone fails but then you try again. Being bad at something is the first step to being kinda good at it! Do something you haven't tried before. Get out of your comfort zone. And most importantly, JUST GIVE IT A GO!

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