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A Tribute To The Ogrin

by aleu1986


Every year on the 28th day of Celebrating, we honour the Ogrin! In terms of popularity, this species hasn`t exactly risen to fame and glory, it currently takes the 40th place on the list of Neopet Popularity, based on pets created by users.

In this article, I want to bring the Ogrin out into the spotlight and hopefully raise some awareness about the species. Every Neopet deserves to be loved, and although the Ogrin does have devoted fans and doting owners, having a few more in Neopia wouldn`t hurt.

If you`re not sure if owning an Ogrin is for you, or if you`re curious to learn more about them, I can tell you that Ogrins are not the kind of Neopet who are constantly on the go. They`re not fast and energetic like Xweetoks, nor as playful as the Ixi. They`re calm and relaxed, Ogrins prefer quiet nature walks and they love to spend time outdoors, either to study the nature and landscapes of Neopia, or go for a stroll in the company of good friends. They prefer to live in warm, cozy NeoHomes rather than go camping in the wild, however. They`re quite intelligent and curious, so they love to learn new things. An Ogrin may appear shy and reserved when you first meet one, but once they get to know you they can be quite chatty! If you like interesting conversation that goes on for hours, the Ogrin is the perfect Neopet for you.

I will be listing my personal favourite Ogrin colours and a selection of outfits made specifically for this species.

Let`s get started by taking a look at some of the lovely colours the Ogrin can currently be painted.


We`re starting things off with a fairly basic colour that is generally overlooked and underrated, kind of like the Ogrins themselves. There are some seriously gorgeous Camouflage pets in Neopia, and the Ogrin is one of them. (There are of course also those Camo pets that don`t make a lot of sense when you take their natural habitat into consideration, such as the green and purple Camo Bori, where is he supposed to hide? In Jhudora`s wardrobe?) The Camouflage Ogrin is sporting some beautiful rich shades of brown, ranging from a light greyish to a dark chocolate colour. I particularly like how his feet are in a lighter shade. Note the beautiful, detailed markings on his face as well, not to mention the Ogrins yellow eyes really pop out (well, not literally that is) against the brown base colour.

In terms of customisation or even cross painting, Camouflage is a great base to work with, plus it`s super affordable!


Some Tyrannian Neopets may appear a little menacing, and then there are those that just look sweet and friendly, like the Ogrin here. The Tyrannian Ogrin has a golden coat with a light brown, spotted mane. How many Neopets do you know that can pull off stripes and spots? This Ogrin has some lovely stripes on his back, tail and hind legs, note also the large claws. His naturally yellow eyes match his fur perfectly, and finally there`s the fangs. One lick of the Tyrannian Paint Brush and your basic Ogrin will sport two strong canines, great for cutting into a Bronto Bite, or to cut himself an extra big slice of the Giant Omelette.

Bring a Tyrannian Paint Brush to the Rainbow Pool to give your Ogrin this prehistoric look. Ugga ugg!


Arr! This intimidating Pirate Ogrin is ready to set sail from Krawk Island and explore Neopias vast oceans. He`s got his eyepatch in place and a sparkly gold ring hanging from his left ear. His blood red pirate coat picks up the fearsome darkness in his eye. There`s a patch here and there on it, a sign it`s been used long and well. Pick up a Pirate Paint Brush today and get yourself a grim looking Ogrin with a smart grey base colour and a fierce expression.


This Ogrin is all ready to go to the luau! She has a light brown creamy fur with the white trademark markings of the Mystery Island colour. Her accsessories include four (one for each foot, naturally!) fashionable jungle socks, a tooth amulet (what species the teeth are from is unkown) and finally a pretty purple flower clip. If you want an Island Ogrin, perhaps swing by the Trading Post on your next visit to Mystery Island?


If you also happen to own Ogrins painted Fire or Magma, you`ll want to make sure they keep their distance from your Water Ogrin! He`s the picture of a stormy sea, with foamy waves and salty seaspray. His eyes are the similar seagreen of the other Water Neopets, and his characteristic stripes are visible here as streams of sunlight breaking the surface of the water. Just take a minute to enjoy and admire the great level of detail on this Neopet, isn`t he impressive?


So sad, yet so adorable at the same time! Forget about UC Grey pets, the Grey Ogrin`s expression gives you all the sadness you can handle. (This is in fact his happy face!) This Ogrin comes in Three Shades Of Grey, ranging from the dark, stormy raincloud colour of his mane and tail, to the ashen shade of his fur and the misty grey of his paws and face. With a touch of the Grey Paint Brush, hundreds of rides on the Roo Island Merry-Go-Round won`t be enough to cheer this gloomy fellow up. And the trademark sadness is just what makes this Grey Ogrin so hard to resist.


A large splash of colour now to liven things up. The Maraquan Ogrin has got to be the most eyecatching, original and exciting Maraquan pet to ever appear in.. well, Maraqua! The features of the Ogrin are still recognizable, yet the Maraquan Paint Brush has transformed him to a large crustacean. Instead of soft paws he`s got large claws and a pair of powerful pinchers, and in place of his regular, fluffy ear tufts, he`s got a pair of antennae. Life is so much better under the sea!


This is one Neopet that would never get `lost` in the Lost Desert! The Desert Ogrin stands out from other pets touched by the same paint brush with his dusty brownish yellow coat, complemented well by his brown, spiky mane. His wrap and hat have delicate gold and light blue details, and the Desert Ogrin is also heavy on the eyeliner, the signature look of the Desert Paint Brush, which I personally adore. Note also the beautiful eyes of this Ogrin.

Now that we`ve taken a look at some of the beautiful Ogrin colours, how about finding some outfits to match? The wearables make the Neopet, you know!

Below I have listed a selection of Ogrin outfits, there are even more available!

Purple Ogrin Dress

This first outfit is definitly best suited for the female Ogrin. Let your Neopet dress up in this luxerious dress and she`ll feel like the belle of the ball. The dress is a regal purple shade, made of the finest silk and sporting a delicate gold decor. A choker with a silhouette image of an Ogrin completes the look.

Gentleman Ogrin

This outfit consists of five pieces and if your male Ogrin is a gentleman this should suit him perfectly. The shoes are sturdy with gold buckles, the trousers a light brown shade with practical pockets on each side, complete with a dark brown belt. The outfit comes with a fine white shirt and a fashionable tie. To top it all off is the blue jacket with a simple yet regal looking design.

Ogrin Pyjamas

This Ogrin is all ready for a good nights sleep! This outfit includes a striped pyjamas with a matching sleeping cap, complete with furry trimming, and two pairs of slippers, perfect for those lazy Sunday mornings when all you want to do is cuddle up in the sofa in your NeoHome with a good book.

Ogrin Rain outfit

So you wanted to go into Neopia Central to do some shopping, but the rain is pouring down? With this outfit you can defy any storm! The rain hat is sure to keep your Ogrins head warm and dry, it comes with holes for his ears, naturally. The rain slicker covers his body and keeps the rain out, at the same time giving your Ogrin a stylish look with its dashing yellow colour and stylish stripes. And of course no rainy day look is complete without galoshes. Now go jump in those puddles!

Wintery Ogrin

If your Ogrin is brave enough to venture up Terror Mountain and defy the bitter cold, she might as well do it looking her best! Large snow boots ensure her feet are kept warm, and the gorgeous, soft white coat with pretty bows on the sleeves is the most striking piece in this outfit. This set also comes with a furry hat and warm gloves, all designed to keep your Ogrin warm and comfy, even when you`re browsing the Igloo Garage Sale.

Lab Assistant Ogrin

Does your Ogrin love science? Perhaps they wish to some day work with Dr. Landelbrot? This outfit will make them feel like a proper scientist. It consists of a pair of sensible shoes, not the most fashionable on the market, but fashion is less important when you`re trying to make amazing discoveries in the field of science. The same goes for the trousers and the simple black shirt, they`re both extra thick... you know, in case your Ogrin accidently spills something toxic. Safety before style, you know! Included in the set is also a pair of round glasses that will make your Ogrin look extra smart. And of course the best part of the set is the lab coat, without this no one will know you`re a brilliant scientist. To the laboratory!

Proper Lady Ogrin

This is a gorgeous outfit to suit any proper Ogrin lady! The set consists of a pair of simple shoes in a mossy green shade, accented by purple stones. The main piece to the set is the lovely layered dress, in a soft creamy colour with purple trimmings around the neck and sleeves. Included is also a pair of pretty gloves which match the shoes. The wool scarf will help keep the chilly spring breeze from giving your Ogrin a cold, and the large hat completes this elegant outfit. Note the feather and the purple flowers on it.

Ogrin Poet

Whether your Ogrin has a way with words or not, this Poet outfit may inspire him! My personal favourite of all the Ogrin outfits, this set consists of a pair of comfortable shoes, and fancy trousers that will make your Ogrin look like he belongs amongst the scholars in Brightvale. The poet shirt is airy and comfortable and finally there`s the hat which rests perfectly atop the Ogrins wise and pondering head. When inspiration strikes you can write down your next brilliant sonet (or limerick) with the attached quill and parchment. Ink sold seperatly.

I hope that by reading this article you`ll have learned something new about the Ogrin and gained some appreciation for this fine Neopet. If you wish to create or paint an Ogrin, be aware that there are several cheap morphing potions available, so you might save hundreds of thousands of NeoPoints than if you were to buy a paint brush. Check the Shop Wizard or Trading Post, with some Mps being so cheap, you can afford to add several different sets of Ogrin PB clothing to your closet before settling on the final colour.

Good luck with your new Ogrin!

Thanks for reading my article, please NeoMail me with any comments or questions.

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