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Ink: As Black as Ink - Part 12

Things aren't really that Black and White.

by june_scarlet
Anniversary - Part 14

You mean I have to wait until September to get the avatar?!?

by caylista
Eclectic Antics: Trading Places

Don't worry, Hanso is currently fine. Slightly charred, but fine.

by amarettoball
The Helpful Healing Faerie

Well that felt like an overreaction.

Also by inrainbows

by corrina404

Normal is Boring

A trip to the Tombola!

by alexatina
Book House

By been a ghost, one should not worry of...

by oscaryg5
My Coconut Jubjub Natsukae

How to deal with a Neopet brat!

by lyra_blazingstar
Sibling Antics

This is why all of my neopets are hungry...

by kackcheeka
Slush: Meepit Addition

Well that was unexpected.

by _torchic__
Fortune Faerie

That's an odd request...

by x0x_gina_x0x
That's One Way to Do It!

I was wondering where those items came from...

by agentcpfan
The Problem with Owning a Magma Neopet

You've got to be very careful- it might as well burn your Neohome down.

by dawgcpa
Dad Knows Best #1

Dad meets wii's new friend

by wiiwario112
Dream Neopet Giveaway Part 2

Maybe a more general present would be better.

Written by queenmelissa93

by sophieauditore

Singing Out of Tune

Don't be ashamed of your really bad singing. Maybe it can make someone's day! Art by _frostmourn

by realidade
A Canine Conundrum

Something's wrong with Dave...

by pirate_11
A Pteri in a Phear Tree

Twelve days of giving!

by toasterwaffle
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"Lana: Surveyor of the Storm" by mbredboy31
It was a sunny and perfect day at the port near the edge of Neopia Central; Lana, a lab coat wearing Island Lutari, was sitting on a bench, staring at the waves and the myriad of ships. It had never before occurred to her just how silly-looking the Neopia Central port was; there were what would be called pirate ships, flying Shenkuu junks, fancy yet dated Lost Desert ships, very primitive-looking rafts set out for Mystery Island, and space-boats with engines that looked like they were way too powerful for sailing. The ship Lana was preparing to board, however, was a somewhat Moltaran-looking, steam-powered ship, as if the Moltarans had any use for water-bound ships. It was mostly gray, with a few bronze-colored accents. While she sat there, she decided to pick up her gray, bulky, suitcase-like machine up off of the bench next to her, and opened it up; it was a weather detector. This was, of course, a modified and compacted version of a weather probe that Dr. Sloth had sent to Neopia some years back to collect weather data; any evil mastermind worth his evilness knows to check the weather before unleashing a genius plan. For Lana, however, in this case the machine simply proved the obvious; there were no clouds in sight and it really was a perfect day.

Other Stories


Lana: Surveyor of the Storm
An inquisitive, scientific Lutari goes out on a voyage; will this go according to plan or end in disaster?

by mbredboy31


The April Fool That Fooled Us All
My older (by only 1 day) and shorter ‘brother’, Harrund, a red Shoyru, and I were getting ready for our training when a female blue Aisha showed up, very unannounced, and seemed quite confused about being with us, too. “Who are you?” Harrund asked immediately.

by midnight_spell360


8 Easy New Year’s Resolutions Ideas
Picking your New Years resolution can be tricky, as we all know that they can be VERY difficult to actually stick to! Here is a list of 8 resolutions that are not only easy to stick to, but they’re also mostly extremely cheap or free (that’s right! You don’t have to invest hundreds of millions of neopoints into completing your stamp album).

by ahh_choo


Getting Started In The Stock Market
What if I told you that you can turn 15,000 Neopoints into 100,000 Neopoints through a simple game right here on Neopets? You don’t need to gamble your life away, or spend hours on flash games to do it. All you need to do is sit and wait for a while. You may think I’m making things up, but I assure you there is an easy way to do it.

by mob


Beneath the Haunted Woods: Part Three
There was no time to think; the pale, bulbous eyes and teeth sharper than razors were coming ever closer, slowly slipping out of the cover of darkness. For a moment, Clara was paralyzed. Then her mind spoke to her, muttering one word that gave her the will to move...

by shadowknight_72


Chronicles of a Caped Crusader: Long Shadows: Part Four
Chloe's return to consciousness was accompanied by a smashing headache that made her regret the fact that she had woken up. She groaned and dug her fists into her eyes, a move which she instantly regretted as the contact with her head only made the pain worse.

by kristykimmy

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