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A Tribute To The Ogrin

In this article, I want to bring the Ogrin out into the spotlight and hopefully raise some awareness about the species. Every Neopet deserves to be loved, and although the Ogrin does have devoted fans and doting owners, having a few more in Neopia wouldn`t hurt.

by aleu1986
Advert Attack - An In Depth Guide

Also by hummerthug

by wokitana

Character Creation and Development

Neopets serves as a great creative outlet for neopians far and wide. Here you can dress up, draw, code and write for your pets. The possibilities are endless. One major aspect of this creative outflow is character creation. We all love our pets to bits, but sometimes we get stumped on fleshing out a super rad character for them.

by vanillafilth
Hannah's Adventures: the Pirate Caves

or this week’s article we will talk about Hannah’s first game, Hannah and the Pirate Caves. This is a very old game, but since you can obtain a pretty avatar and trophies when playing it, the game hasn’t been forgotten by the neopians.

Also by guik44

by saudadesdagripe

Getting Started In The Stock Market

What if I told you that you can turn 15,000 Neopoints into 100,000 Neopoints through a simple game right here on Neopets? You don’t need to gamble your life away, or spend hours on flash games to do it. All you need to do is sit and wait for a while. You may think I’m making things up, but I assure you there is an easy way to do it.

by mob
Pass the Pound Cake!

If you’re like most Neopians, you probably indulged in many feasts, eating far too many Christmas cookies and helpings of turkey dinner. You might be feeling a little bloated and wondering why your pants are feeling a wee bit snug. You’ve probably even started feeling a little bit of food remorse. If you’re not sure, there are some common symptoms you can look out for.

Also by dutchese159

by krispykritter6

8 Easy New Year’s Resolutions Ideas

Picking your New Years resolution can be tricky, as we all know that they can be VERY difficult to actually stick to! Here is a list of 8 resolutions that are not only easy to stick to, but they’re also mostly extremely cheap or free (that’s right! You don’t have to invest hundreds of millions of neopoints into completing your stamp album).

by ahh_choo
Wintery Games - Snow Roller

It's time to roll!

by royal_real
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"Loyalty" by azienskieth
A Weewoo flew through the window of a rather plain Neohome, toting the latest Neopian Times. Rimos took the newspaper, thanked the small Petpet, and went to flip to the comic section for a laugh that early morning. Instead he received a shock. LAST DARIGAN GENERAL CAPTURED, exclaimed the headline on the front page. The Battle for Meridell had ended over two years ago, and only now did they say that all of the worst of the war criminals had been found and imprisoned. LAST DARIGAN GENERAL CAPTURED King Skarl announced yesterday that his army had captured General Kroge. During the Battle for Meridell, Kroge was one of the closest allies of the principal antagonist, Lord Kass. Two years have passed since Lord Kass was defeated and disappeared, and at long last, General Kroge has joined his fellow criminals in the dungeons of Meridell Castle. The most recent capture before yesterday was of General Wrak ten months ago. "I appointed a team of highly skilled soldiers to hunt for the worst Darigan outlaws shortly after the war ended," Skarl says. "They are the best that money can buy, but unfortunately, these Darigan fellows proved to be very crafty and skilled in evading capture. However, with the capture of General Kroge, I can safely say that the entirety of Kass's Upper Command is under lock and key."

Other Stories


Lana: Surveyor of the Storm
An inquisitive, scientific Lutari goes out on a voyage; will this go according to plan or end in disaster?

by mbredboy31


A Weewoo flew through the window of a rather plain Neohome, toting the latest Neopian Times. Rimos took the newspaper, thanked the small Petpet, and went to flip to the comic section for a laugh that early morning. Instead he received a shock.

by azienskieth


Beneath the Haunted Woods: Part Three
There was no time to think; the pale, bulbous eyes and teeth sharper than razors were coming ever closer, slowly slipping out of the cover of darkness. For a moment, Clara was paralyzed. Then her mind spoke to her, muttering one word that gave her the will to move...

by shadowknight_72


Chronicles of a Caped Crusader: Long Shadows: Part Four
Chloe's return to consciousness was accompanied by a smashing headache that made her regret the fact that she had woken up. She groaned and dug her fists into her eyes, a move which she instantly regretted as the contact with her head only made the pain worse.

by kristykimmy


Eclectic Antics: Trading Places
Don't worry, Hanso is currently fine. Slightly charred, but fine.

by amarettoball


The Helpful Healing Faerie
Well that felt like an overreaction.

Also by inrainbows

by corrina404

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