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A Rebuttal - Queen Fyora is Not A Dark Faerie

by black_skull725


Queen Fyora has ruled Faerieland for as long as anyone can remember. Hardly anyone can argue over how an effective ruler she is. She has seen Faerieland through many crises. She has worked tirelessly to keep Neopia safe from the influences of dangerous magic. She has united all the faeries together during a time when faeries of different elements were quarreling with each other. Regardless of the obstacles she faced, she still held her head up high.

Despite all this, there have long been rumours about Queen Fyora’s element. Specifically, some have debated whether Fyora is actually a dark faerie in disguise. These rumours were started by a group of corrupt light faeries that showed strong disdain when Fyora rose to defend Faerieland’s population of dark faeries. Naturally, when a rumour starts among the faeries, it does not take long to propagate and soon, many all over Neopia would hear of it. Because of this, the rumour mill has continued incessantly.

Often, the basis for these rumours is flimsy at best. Perhaps it’s the fact she wears an iconic lavender-coloured dress. Or perhaps, it’s because she seems to be more accepting of dark faeries in general. Maybe it’s the fact that she is the most powerful faerie in Neopia and sells a lot of powerful weapons in the Hidden Tower. However, none of those reasons really classify her as a dark faerie.

Take her wardrobe for example. Sure, it might be a shade of purple. However, remember, dark faeries have an affinity for a much darker shade of purple. In contrast, Fyora prefers lavender which is almost closer to pink. Neopians have often confused the colour of her magic because of this. After all, one of Fyora’s famous quotes was: “It’s not purple, it’s pink! Fyora’s magic is pink whereas dark faerie magic would be purple. A dark faerie could not produce such a bright shade of pink.

Moving on, Fyora has long maintained that all dark faeries are not evil. One does not have to be a dark faerie to be supportive of equal treatment for faeries of all elements. The darker days of Faerieland were constantly plagued with war between faeries of different elements, believing the other elements to be inferior or fighting against an elements of faeries seen as oppressors or invaders. Queen Fyora wants to make sure such a war no longer devastates ever again because a full-scale faerie war could also be dangerous for the rest of Neopia. It would certainly be the last thing Fyora needs when her kingdom just finished reconstruction after it fell from the sky.

If all dark faeries were evil, then we would see much more evil influences out of Faerieland. Instead, the only evil dark faeries Neopia has seen are the Darkest faerie and her followers: Spite, Malice, and Vanity. Jhudora is questionable since she has not done anything evil nor has she demonstrated the potential to do evil. Delina is the complete opposite of evil; all she does is craft interesting things. Then of course, faeries of other elements can also do evil as well. Eithne tried to unleash Moltonore among Mystery Islanders. The Drenched sure caused a lot of trouble for Jacques. The faerie from the Three, likely Ambition, aided in causing war between Meridell and Darigan Citadel with her mind tricks.

Another point that often gets raised is how much power the Faerie Queen possesses. Again, power in itself is not inherently evil. One could argue that Siyana and Psellia are pretty powerful faeries too. Yet these faeries are the kindest faeries you’ll likely meet in Neopia. It takes a lot of power to protect Neopia from Wraiths. If Fyora was weak, we would not enjoy life in Neopia like we do today. Instead, our world would look much more like the world Xandra envisioned…a world without faeries and full of wraiths.

While on the subject of power, some may object to the number of weapons Fyora sells in the Hidden Tower. Keep in mind that most of these are used in the Battledome for sport and do not cause harm that the healing springs or other healing items cannot repair. There are also true threats to Neopia that conventional weapons do not work well against. Neopians do a decent job of uniting to defeat these enemies but the Hidden Tower weapons make such a fight easier.

One also cannot really crash into the Hidden Tower if they are flying because there are much taller towers surround it. The airspace above the Faerieland castle is also restricted because the last thing we want to happen is faeries and Neopets colliding in the air. Instead, all flying pets, petpets, and faeries go around the castle because it’s much safer. Safety is always a concern for Fyora and she has not overlooked it. She does not get so much a kick out of watching Neopians crash into the tower.

So if Fyora is not a dark faerie, then what type is she? Contrary to popular belief, faeries do not have to have an element at all. There are many famous faeries that do not have an element. There’s the Soup Faerie, the Tooth Faerie, the Negg Faerie, the Snow Faerie, the Cooking Pot Faerie, the Grey Faerie, and the Library Faerie. Queen Fyora is also a faerie without an element. One of the reasons the faerie wars broke out was because in those days, the queen possessed an element. Consequently, some disgruntled faeries felt that the queen was biased toward a single element which caused divisions among the faeries. Since then, by tradition, the position of queen has always been handed to faeries without elements or faeries that remove their element affinities with magic.

So there you have it. Queen Fyora is most certainly not a dark faerie, but she is a kind faerie. She is a faerie that takes time to listen and takes care of those in need. Without her wisdom, Neopia would most certainly be under chaos. Without her perseverance, Faerieland might have ceased to exist. Without her power, evil would prevail across Neopia.

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