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Week - 278

From Thyora to Fyora
by black_skull725
Description: It was fifty years into Thyora's reign when she disappeared that day. Fyora was off at Neoschool studying Neopian History...

Week - 292

Faerie Friends
by black_skull725
Description: When most Neopians think of faeries, they always think of a winged female creature. However...

Week - 307

Quest Protest
by black_skull725
Description: "I'm ready for my quest, Illusen," I said excitedly...

Week - 320

Thyora's Tribulations
by black_skull725
Description: Thyora didn't worry too much about the bickering; it was normal now and she just decided that it was part of life and they'd eventually outgrow it...

Week - 328

A Day With Fyora
by black_skull725
Description: "Fyora's going to deliver a speech. You know how I feel about her; she's my hero!"

Week - 351

Mirsha and Derlyn: The Yooyuball Gnorbu Twins
by black_skull725
Description: Many Neopians couldn't help noticing that Kreludor's team captain, Derlyn Fonnet, and Shenkuu's captain, Mirsha Grelinek, looked almost alike...

Week - 369

Fyora and Celandra: From Servanthood to Friendship - Part One
by black_skull725
Description: "How do they expect me to rule a country and clean the castle at the same time?" lamented Fyora.

Week - 370

Fyora and Celandra: From Servanthood to Friendship - Part Two
by black_skull725
Description: "Hey, did you hear Fyora's not well? She hasn't even been sitting in the throne room these few days," said one of the faeries.

Week - 371

Fyora and Celandra: From Servanthood to Friendship - Part Three
by black_skull725
Description: "Who are you? Who allowed you into my chambers? What are you doing here?" Fyora demanded.

Week - 372

Fyora and Celandra: From Servanthood to Friendship - Part Four
by black_skull725
Description: Celandra jumped out of bed. She was about to leave the room when Fyora called her back. "Just a minute. You can't just waltz around the castle looking like that."

Week - 373

Fyora and Celandra: From Servanthood to Friendship - Part Five
by black_skull725
Description: An idea suddenly struck Celandra. "What if I took one of these items without paying? Fyora will have to reprimand me for that!" thought Celandra.

Week - 374

Fyora and Celandra: From Servanthood to Friendship - Part Six
by black_skull725
Description: Fyora then looked down and saw four dark faeries dart out of the Faerie Caves. Fyora thought this was strange. Faeries didn't normally play Faerie Caves II. The game would have been too easy...

Week - 384

ILL-usen Day
by black_skull725
Description: "I sure hope nothing bad happens between Illusen and Jhudora. Jhudora Day was bad enough," Fyora thought to herself.

Week - 396

Slippery Soup: Part One
by black_skull725
Description: What could Fyora possibly want that was so urgent? Was I in trouble?

Week - 397

Slippery Soup: Part Two
by black_skull725
Description: I was thoroughly excited and could not fall asleep. I tossed and turned, thinking of the challenges that the new assignment would bring...

Week - 398

Slippery Soup: Part Three
by black_skull725
Description: Adrenaline rushed through me. It was time for me to fulfill my task. I felt excited. Tonight, Neopia would not go hungry...

Week - 399

Slippery Soup: Part Four
by black_skull725
Description: "Hello, how are the soups coming along? I hope my recipes are clear enough..."

Week - 410

The Dangers of Being A Faerieland Reporter: Part One
by black_skull725
Description: This wasn't the normal entrance to the castle, though; it was the back entrance that led to the underground levels of the castle, where the dungeons were located.

Week - 411

The Dangers of Being A Faerieland Reporter: Part Two
by black_skull725
Description: I was about to say no, but then an idea struck me. "I would like to request to speak to Fyora."

Week - 412

The Dangers of Being A Faerieland Reporter: Part Three
by black_skull725
Description: I struggled to remember what day it was and then soon came to an assertion that I had dreaded. It was the date of my trial.

Week - 428

Say "Ahhhhh..."
by black_skull725
Description: The Neopians need me. I am Neopia's finest dentist.

Week - 446

Wings of Freedom
by black_skull725
Description: "Weewoos! Make it to your stations and put on those uniforms. It's time to deliver the Neopian Times!" shouted the postmaster general, a tall blue Lupe.

Week - 473

Disaster in Faerieland
by black_skull725
Description: Reporting live from the remains of the Faerie City.

Week - 474

Phosphofructokinase Diaries: Faeriely Ironic
by parody_ham
Description: What would have happened if the bottled faeries had turned to stone?

Idea by black_skull725

Week - 478

Faerieland: Fallen but Unfettered
by black_skull725
Description: Several weeks ago, dark magic conjured by Xandra caused Faerieland to fall out of the sky, and a massive crater appeared east of the Haunted Woods.

Week - 516

Sharing The Quill
by black_skull725
Description: Quoth the White Weewoo, "One Quill. Two Neopians. Three C's to consider!

Also by parody_ham

Week - 548

How to Care for Your Petpet: Weewoos
by black_skull725
Description: Weewoo care may seem easy, but there quite a few things to consider when raising one.

Week - 582

The Faerie Ball
by black_skull725
Description: "Uhm... see... uh... about this faerie ball thing coming up... Wait... How do you know my name?" Cora began.

Week - 590

Queen Fyora Answers Neomail: Faerie Synthesis, etc
by black_skull725
Description: A few concerned Neopians were asking about the practice of synthesizing Faded Bottled Faeries. Perhaps it would be beneficial to explain things...

Week - 647

Team Faerieland: Flying Frustrations
by black_skull725
Description: For anyone that has followed the Altador Cup closely for any number of years, they might have observed that along with the usual teams and a few dark Unis, a few teams consistently found themselves at the bottom. Faerieland, unfortunately, was one of those teams.

Week - 654

The Flight of Faerieland: Part One
by black_skull725
Description: Queen Fyora sat at a round table, across from Lord Darigan. The leaders did not make eye contact and there was not a bit of conversation.

Week - 655

The Flight of Faerieland: Part Two
by black_skull725
Description: "I have never seen you like this after a meeting. What all happened?" inquired Celandra.

Week - 656

The Flight of Faerieland: Part Three
by black_skull725
Description: Fyora arose from her slumber quite early, despite being exhausted from the previous day. There was a knock at the door of her chambers.

Week - 657

The Flight of Faerieland: Part Four
by black_skull725
Description: "Weewoo! Weewoo! Weewoo!" hooted Queen Fyora's alarm clock.

Week - 668

The Castle Battle
by black_skull725
Description: However, academics are not the only area of fierce competition. Both schools participate in a variety of sports, the most popular being Yooyuball.

Week - 692

A Rebuttal - Queen Fyora is Not A Dark Faerie
by black_skull725
Description: There have long been rumours about Queen Fyora’s element. Specifically, some have debated whether Fyora is actually a dark faerie in disguise. Naturally, when a rumour starts among the faeries, it does not take long to propagate and soon, many all over Neopia would hear of it.

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