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Making Mutant Pets Look Glamorous

by qwandu


Mutant pets sometimes get looked down upon for being "scary" or "intimidating". My mutant pets have occasionally been told they are frightening, and this makes them feel bad. If you ask me, Mutant neopets are none of these things! Instead, they are the true glam neopets. This article will explain how to make your mutant pets glamorous and beautiful, and how to make sure your Mutant pets are seen as the stars they really are! I will be featuring my mutant Draik, GBA, as he prepares to head off to an extravagant party at Queen Fyora's Palace!

Step 1: Add Sparkles and Lights

The easiest way to make any mutant look like a star is through shining lights and glitter. Fancy chandeliers also help complete the look. My favorite Neocash items are Golden Scattered Light Garland, Exquisite Chandelier Garland, Faerie Dust Shower, and Sun Shower. Great Neopoint items to use include Round Paper Lantern String Lights (R101, 1,200 NP), Festive Shenkuu Lantern Garland (R101, 1,000 NP), and Streamers Garland (R101, 50,000 NP). These items will showcase your pet by surrounding them with light. The green and purple mutant features provide a great contrast with the yellow lighting. Since your pet will have a constant source of light shining on them, they can walk around anywhere looking like they're on the red carpet!

GBA: Wow, I already feel excited! This is going to be a great party. I'm so honored to be invited!

Me: Um, it was me who got invited after completing so many faerie quests. You're lucky I'm even bringing you along!

GBA: Queen Fyora only invited you after she saw how much potential I had as a glam star! Kindly commence with the customization.

Step 2: Set the Stage

The most important item for your pet is a glammed out background. I like red tones to go with the yellow lights and sparkles. Red is associated with royalty, the red carpet, and other celebrity images, so use this to your advantage. Some excellent Neocash backgrounds include King of Neopia Background, Damask Throne Room Background, and Roo Island Throne Room Background. Royalty is very glam. Neopoint options are Neopies Carpet Background (R101, 80,000 MP) and Sky Full of Stars (R85, 400,000 NP). Royal figures often have interesting styles that are remembered through the years. King Altador stylishly wears a gold and red cape. Princess Amira loves long white, flowing gowns. With a little effort, your pet can appear like royalty as well without needing to sacrifice their natural Mutant colors for an expensive Royal Paint Brush.

GBA: Ooh, I love these throne backgrounds! I feel like a King! Fetch me some more supplies.

Me: Haven't you heard of the magic word?

GBA: What magic word? Don't you see all the sparkles? I'm already magic enough! I bet I could even fly!

Me: I meant 'please'. And anyway, you've had wings since you were born. Of course you can fly.

Step 3: Fabulous Foreground

Your Mutant pet is likely looking wonderful by now, and is about to look even better! A wide variety of foregrounds make your pet look like a true star. Neocash foregrounds include Royal Box, It Took Me 7 Hours To Animate This Foreground, Silver Candle Tree Foreground and Scattered Glitter Foreground. For Neopoint foregrounds, go with Knee-deep in Neopoints Foreground (R80, 1,100 NP), Flower Petal Foreground (R101, 49,000 NP), or Gift Bag of Neopoints (R88, 120,000 NP). Flowers are pretty and add a touch of sophistication. Neopoints convey the idea that your neopet is rich and famous. If you want your pet to look like they belong in Qasala spinning the Wheel of Extravagance, they have to dress the part!

GBA: No one could call me scary now. I look beautiful.

Me: You sure do! What kind of gift should we bring Queen Fyora?

GBA: Why bring her anything? You need your neopoints to buy me more things.

Me: I think all these star customisations are getting to your head.

Step 4: Accessorize!

Mutant pets do not have as many wearable options as other pets, which means accessories are even more important. No owner wants their pet to feel left out for not having as many clothes available (though the Neocash option Elegant Mutant Cape is a great idea for glam pets), so make sure to shower your Mutants with great accessories. For Neocash items, I like Soft Hanging Lamp, Pretty Flower Light, and Beautiful Shenkuu Vase. If you are using Neopoints, Golden Water Fountain (R84, 5,600 NP), Noble Skarl Statue (R93, 80,000 NP) and Bowl of Shiny Decorations (R60, 90 NP). Lamps and vases are forever classy. Your pet will not only be glamorous, but also the source of envy for every non Mutant pet around. Remember to follow all four steps to ensure a proper movie star look.

GBA: Come on, hurry up! I can't wait for everyone to see me!

Me: I have to find something to wear myself! I had better match your outfit. How about a flashy red suit?

GBA: Sounds good. Like you said before, the red will provide excellent contrast with my green body.

Me: I'm so excited for the party! Let's go!

*** At the Party***

Queen Fyora: Excuse me King Roo, I have to welcome my new guests. Hello you two! My goodness GBA, you look completely different from the last time I saw you.

Me: Oh yes, I really glammed him up! Do you like-

GBA: (interrupting) Actually my Queen, the work was all mine. I even had to convince my owner to put on something a little more respectable. You should have seen what he wanted to wear at first!

Me: Excuse me???

Queen Fyora: I must say you did a wonderful job, GBA! You look like a true star. Have you considered putting on a show at the Tyrannian Concert Hall or working at the Grooming Parlor in Neopia Central?

GBA: Oh yes, many times! I'm sure you'll see me signing autographs in no time at all.

Me: Perhaps this customisation wasn't the best idea....

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