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Tricks are Treats: Show Me the Candy

by neuroticat42


Every Neopet knows the most important thing about Halloween is the candy. Oh sure, costumes are great and all because they help you to obtain candy... but ultimately it's the candy that matters. Halloween parties are the same way, really. They're nice to attend but the best part is the goodie bag. Now that we're on the same page, it's time to talk about the most important part of any Neopet's Halloween costume: the treat bag. Finding the perfect treat bag to go with a costume is very important. No Neopet would want their terrifying Vampire costume thrown off by a goofy Jack-O-Lantern Pail. Another issue to consider when choosing a treat bag is size, though. It would be a nightmare to be out trick-or-treating and have to head home early because of an overly stuffed treat bag! Of course the solution to that problem could be as simple as feasting on candy between houses.

Jack-O-Lantern Pail

The Jack-O-Lantern Pail is a classic Halloween accessory. All it takes to identify a customization as a Halloween costume is this grinning pumpkin-colored pail. It also has the benefit of being partially filled with sugary goodness so Neopets can snack on candy while trick-or-treating for more candy. The Jack-O-Lantern Pail looks great on both bipedal and quadrupedal Neopets. It's a Neopoint item and not unbuyable making it fairly affordable.

Reusable Altador Cup Grocery Bag

The Reusable Altador Cup Grocery Bag is a viable option for Neopets without NeoCash and short on Neopoints. It doesn't necessarily scream Halloween but it is certainly a viable treat bag. Eco-friendly Neopets are aware of the waste produced by holidays and may choose this much more environmentally friendly option. More importantly it has more room for candy than the Jack-O-Lantern Pail though it doesn't necessarily come pre-loaded. This is another item that looks fine on both bipedal and quadrupedal Neopets. Quadrupedal Neopets have it standing open next to them and seem to simply be begging for it to be filled with tasty treats!

Purse of Despair

The Purse of Despair is a very chic Neopoint item. It doesn't have that much room to hold candy, but it's so stylish a Neopet may be able to find someone to hold her candy for her. A bold purple casket showcasing a few spyders would allow this purse to pair easily with most of the cute and some of the creepy costumes out there. Unfortunately the purse is much more attractive on a bipedal Neopet.

Designer Trick-or-Treat Bag

The Designer Trick-or-Treat Bag is one of the most sought-after Halloween items on the NeoCash boards. Looking at the adorable Black Barbat it's no wonder why this item is so well-loved! The item sits well on both bipedal and quadrupedal Neopets but looks a little better on bipeds. Besides being simply adorable the Designer Trick-or-Treat Bag has the added benefit of having an inner glow which will help to keep Neopets using it safe.

Trick or Treat Satchel

The Trick or Treat Satchel is designed for trick-or-treating with the intent of looking great as well as getting as many treats as possible! Originally intended to hold prizes from the Masks of Dread this satchel has more than enough room for all the tasty treats on Halloween night. A faint glow and the eerie skull and crossbones to push this satchel further toward the creepy than cute scale of costumes, however. It looks best on bipedal Neopets.

Coffin Clutch

This clutch, like the Purse of Despair, lacks in size what it makes up for in style. The edgy shape and spooky skull and crossbones make it a perfect accessory for any ghoul who loves to dress up. While it can't handle the quantity of candy other bags can, it has more attitude than anything else on the list (so far.) It tends to look better on bipedal Neopets as well.

Handheld Meowclops Torch

If a bag isn't your thing the Handheld Meowclops Torch is a great accessory to keep Neopets safe. Everyone knows it gets terribly dark on Halloween night and the best way to stay safe is to have lights. The Handheld Meowclops Torch not only allows the Neopet holding it to see what may be coming but make other Neopets aware of the wearer's presence.

Adorably Pink Lolly

Perhaps you prefer candy too much to carry a torch but don't want a pail of candy with you. The Adorably Pink Lolly is a Neopoint prize from the War of the Obelisk. It can easily go from sweet to sweetly sinister and what better way to celebrate Halloween than to snack on the favorite candy of the zombie faction? It looks cute on both bipedal and quadrupedal Neopets.

Appetising Caramel Apple

The Appetising Caramel Apple is another very popular item on the NeoCash boards. It's simply adorable; what says "Happy Halloween" better than a Caramel Apple and Spiders? Like the Adorably Pink Lolly this is a lovely handheld treat for your Neopet to snack on while out on Halloween.

Halloween Candy Shower

There are some Neopets who simply can't get enough candy. These are the Neopets who could be wearing a Jack-O-Lantern Pail and carrying an Adorably Pink Lolly and still crave more sugar. To these Neopets I present the Halloween Candy Shower. The candy falls at a faster rate than most showers and adds a lot of personality to a scene. One can only imagine the delight a Neopet would have at being rained upon by candy.

Spooky Halloween Shower

This last shower is not only candy, but enough candy corn is mixed in that it would tempt any Neopet with a sweet tooth. Besides the candy corn, skulls, ghostkerchiefs and Jack-O-Lanterns fall around the Neopet in a truly festive manner. While it includes less candy than the Halloween Candy Shower, it has the benefit of having been free in the NC Mall in 2010 so even Neopoint only customizers may have this tucked in their closet.

Have a safe night and remember - trick-or-treat! (And always say "Thank you!")

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