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Lord Darigan Deserves Justice!

by oozemutt1982


GALLERY OF EVIL - Why has Lord Darigan been placed in the Gallery of Evil?

King Skarl should be the one in the Gallery of Evil. He was the one who started the first war, by stealing the orb from Lord Darigan’s country. Because of his actions, the people of the citadel went into poverty, and ruin. Why should Lord Darigan’s people have to have been the ones to suffer, when the orb had been rightfully theirs to begin with?

Couldn’t King Skarl ask for aid from the people of Darigan? No, he’s one of those people who are into the get rich quick mentality. He’s also a thief, but it is Lord Darigan, and not King Skarl, whose name has been smeared; whose honor has been tainted.

When King Skarl’s troops came in, and forcefully stole the orb from the peaceful citizens of the citadel, he must have known that the people of the citadel would suffer the same fate his people were suffering. Why did his kingdom deserve to live and strive over any other kingdom?

In less then a year, the people of the citadel were in ruins. Did Meridell even look back? Did Meridell even care what had become of the people? Did King Skarl ever put down the chicken leg to consider helping the Darigan people? I’m inclined to believe not.

Of course Lord Darigan wanted to save his people! Of course he wanted revenge! What kind of ruler would he have been if he didn’t? Why was he expected to sit idly back as his country became a wasteland? His people who were healthy looking and strong, became monsters before his very eyes, and unlike fat King Skarl, who remained plump during his kingdom's down time, Lord Darigan wasted away as well.

Why was he considered in the wrong? Did he not deserve justice? Did his people not deserve justice? Was the orb not his kingdoms to begin with? He had every right to go to war with Meridell! He had every right to reclaim what had rightfully been his to begin with! He had every right to teach King Skarl a lesson.

And when the orb took control, why is Lord Darigan being held responsible for its actions? The orb had protected and nourished his land before, why should he have been suspicious of its intentions now? He was under its mind control. In his right mind, he wanted only what was best for his people. He only wanted to see his people fed, and back to there well nourished selves. He only wanted justice.

It wasn’t his fault the orb took control. And as if that wasn’t the worst of it, he was then beaten within an inch of his life. Betrayed by the very citizens who he had been trying to save! His body was broken, and cast aside. And the orb was still desired, even after what it did to him.

But despite all that, despite all that, he still was able to come back and save the day during the second war. He could have let Lord Kass have his way, then reclaim his throne after everything settled down, and after he was a little stronger. But no, he came to his enemy’s aid.

He fought Lord Kass even though he was in a weakened state, and now has a time of peace with King Skarl. His people still look like monsters, his kingdom is still in ruin, but he has a time of peace with the very people who started everything to begin with.

And after he defeated Lord Kass, did he get the recognition he deserved? No, King Skarl took all the credit. Never mind the fact that for the first half of the war he was to busy drooling over some dancing girl.

Does this sound like a man who deserves to be placed in the Gallery of Evil? To be ranked as an equal to the most vile and evil people of Neopia? No, this sounds like a man who is valiant and a strong. A just man who was abused, and mistreated. A man who has unjustly been condemned.

King Skarl, a greedy, glutton, who can’t think for himself. Who constantly wants everyone to become a jester, for his amusement. Who is known as a grumpy king. A ruler who has trouble making decisions on his own? This is what hero’s are made of? This is the role model for our children? Him over Lord Darigan? What has the world come too?

Even Lord Darigan’s bio, in the Gallery of Evil gives footing to my claims.

"His land was plagued by famine and poverty after Meridell stole the magical orb. Bent on revenge Lord Darigan spent many long years tracking down the one thing that could restore peace to his people…

Sadly the orb worked its foul magic on Lord Darigan and corrupted his once honest heart.

His only downfall was the orb was to powerful for him. Doesn’t a man deserve a second chance? Didn’t he redeem himself by saving the day during the second war? Why have his efforts been ignored? He can forgive Meridell enough to have a time of peace with them; can’t Neopia forgive him, for one mistake that any ruler would have made?

It is King Skarl who deserves a place among the vile and wicked. King Skarl is the evil one. He had no right to claim the orb as his own. No right to disrupt the peaceful lives of the Darigan people. How are so many blind to who he really is?

Even when you visit the Darigan Citadel, the second line you read says, “It is ruled by the (once evil) Lord Darigan.” Once evil, that means no longer evil. How is it that someone who isn’t evil, is in the Gallery of Evil? It doesn’t make sense, and it isn’t fair.

Why is Lord Darigan to forever be looked at as an evil Lord? Weren’t his actions justified? If you truly ask yourself if Lord Darigan deserves such a fate, you would have to honestly agree with me, that no, he doesn’t. You know that Lord Darigan deserves to be in the gallery of Heroes.

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