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Curbing Over-Indulgence during The Chocolate Ball

by thexfadingpaths


September 15th may just be one of Neopia's most anticipated events of the Neo year- The Annual Chocolate Ball!! There is just one problem that makes many of us rather disappointed; the Chocolate Factory's gala is a highly elite invitation-only social event. So this year you have decided to host your own taste-errific celebration instead. This celebration is meant to be a fabulous fun time, making many Neopians feel just like younglings again. Yet you have something eating-away at you that you just cannot seem to distract your mind from. How can I host an event filled with sweet savoury succulent chocolates... *starts to drool* Whoops, sorry, I think I am getting a bit carried away a little too early. *wipes mouth* Now as I was saying- How can I host this amazing event filled with chocolates galore, but at the same time try not to eat myself silly?!?! Well, my dear friend, that question is one that so many of us have thought about during this time of the year. We all know how delicious and tempting chocolate can be with all of their different flavors and shapes. From creamy caramel filled chocolates, to chocolates covered in even more layers of chocolate, and even chewy chocolate chips cookies. We still have a little bit of summer left, though, so we must be cautious for a little while longer. We don't want to go ruining these swimsuit perfect bodies now, do we? So keep reading on, as I have some little tips and tricks to help curb any over-indulgence that may arise during this wonderful event.

Tip #1: Put Out Healthy Options Only

Now this may seem like a little bit of a dumb tip, but I assure you it is not. I bet your first thought was, how on earth can chocolate be even remotely healthy? Well, I have an easy answer to that!! There are many, many different chocolates that secretly include fruits and vegetables as a main ingredient in them. For an example there is Chocolate Baby Cabbage. I bet you could not have even guessed that that giant round green thing hiding under all of that creamy chocolate was a baby cabbage! I am sure that most, if not all, of your guests will never ever expect it either. Just make sure when using this tip to keep the real name of the chocolates you serve a secret. ;)

Tip #2: Try Drinking Your Chocolate

Sure, food is normally the main thing that is served at events, but you can't forget about the drinks as well. Everybody does get thirsty, you know. So why not try serving chocolate beverages instead of actual chocolate snacks? Most of the more famous chocolate drinks actually only contain a very minimal amount of chocolate. Some even contain fruits and vegetables- which also makes them a perfect option for my tip #1. I highly suggest the Chocolate and Asparagus Achyfi. This delectable sparkling beverage contains a high amount of asparagus, a super healthy veggie. But it also contains root extracts which will help to give all those guests of yours a nice boost of energy to keep the party going all night long!!

Tip #3: Celebrate With Non-Edible Chocolates

Who says that you have to have edible chocolates that you eat at your Annual Chocolate Ball celebration? Make your party a huge statement and show off your awesome style by decorating your place with different chocolate furniture items instead. This will make your friends -and even strangers- talk about your event for months to come. Some great pieces to think about buying and displaying in your home include: Chocolate Bed, Chocolate Lamp, Comfy Chocolate Sofa, and Ornate Chocolate Fountain. Each of these furniture pieces are made of 100% chocolate and will look amazing while displayed with each other.

Warning: You may only want to try out this idea if you have air conditioning, otherwise you may end up with a few sticky messes. It is also a good idea to put up signs to remind your guests that these items are for their eyes pleasure only- no eating allowed!!

Tip #4: Use the Old Kids Trick

So far I have just been assuming that you care about your guests' figures as well as your own, pardon me if I was wrong. This tip is one for if you only really worry about your own slim body. I could easily tell you to just not eat any chocolates, but what would the guests think if their host –who has provided all of the treats I may add- did not eat any? That could very well lead to some bad speculations and gossiping. So why don't you just do what I am sure most of us learnt to master as a mischievous little kid. Yes, I am talking about the good old "feed it to your Petpet" trick. Carry around a few chocolaty treats on a plate, and when you are sure that nobody is looking, pass them off to your little Petpet buddy. They will surely gobble those chocolates down in a hurry! If you get any remarks about how many chocolates you have eaten, just simply smile and nod. Nobody will be able to figure it out!!

Whichever trick you decide to try out –be it only one or maybe even all four of them- I hope that I have helped to ease your worries a little bit. With a good and clear mind, you will be able to enjoy your Annual Chocolate Ball celebration that much more! So grab a big plate or glass of whatever chocolate items you decide to serve, and drop all of those concerns about turning into an oompa-loompa overnight. When tomorrow comes, you will still be able to fit into that itsy bitsy swimsuit and will be able to enjoy your last few carefree days of summer!! Because The Annual Chocolate Ball only comes around once a year, and it would be a shame to miss it!

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