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Alternative Training!

by _white_spirit_


Training pets and increasing their stats doesn't require much work and dedication into your account – in fact, it might be the simplest and cheapest process in Neopia! Both Krawk Island's and Mystery Island's training schools are an excellent choice, but, while Mystery Island Training School's lessons are paid with regular codestones – which may alternate from 2,500 NP to 12,000 NP each, Krawk Island's are paid with dubloons (1, 2 or 5).

Krawk Island School is for pets under level 40, Mystery Island's for pets under level 250. There are also rumours of a Secret Ninja Training School for pets above level 250 whose lessons are paid with red codestones – very rare rocks sometimes expelled by Mystery Island's Volcano (all rumours...)!

But what's the point of this article's title?

Well, imagine a 12 hour lesson in the secret ninja training school, paid with 6 red codestones, each one at the price of 50,000 NP... Doesn't sound appealing, does it? You'll be impressed with what I'm about to show you! Just watch!

9. Essence of Drackonack

The Essence of Drackonack is a very special magic item made by Kayla – legal owner of 'Kayla's Potion Shop' located in Meridell Castle –, that will either do nothing or increase your pet's strength by one point (+1 str) or two (+2 str) when drunk. This item should be used to train pets above level 60 only, as it wouldn't be profitable on pets weaker than that. Just keep in mind your pet has the right to dislike the flavor, and may spit the potion... This r85 item is available on shop wizard at the price of 15,000 NP – a really bargain!

8. Strength Serum

The strength serum is also a strength reinforcement made by Kayla, with 100% guarantee to work, that will increase your pet's strength by 1, 2, 3 or 4 (+1, +2, +3 or +4 str). Its price and rarity are undoubtedly higher – 99,000 NP –, but this time you don't have to be afraid it won't work... It is available at the Trading Post, and to be profitable, only pets above level 150 should use it.

7. Twisted Potion of Strength

This is one of the coolest potions out there, but it's also a bit risky for people economically under pressure! When drunk, this magic item will either decrease your pet's strength by five (-5 str), or increase it by 5 (+5 str). There is no need to be lucky, right? Its rarity is r97 and you can easily find it for 99,000 NP at the trading post. It's recommended for pets above level 300 only, and it also has a 33% chance to do nothing (did I forget to tell you?)... Next!

6. Sparkle Potion

Are you one of those who think intelligence beats brute force? Then this is the potion for you! It's cheap (4,000 NP), easy to find at the shop wizard (r84) and it will increase your pet's intelligence by 1 (+1 intel), 2 (+2 intel) or 3 (+3 intel)! It has the price of a book, so start using it if you intend a certain amount of intelligence points and the books you have yet to read are more expensive than this.

5. Snegg

Sneggs are known to increase the health and agility of pets, making them hard to beat opponents at the battledome! What's the point of being strong, when you can't control and make a good tactic? When eaten, this will do one of the following things: increase by two points your pet's maximum health and movement (+2 hp & +2 mov); increase by three points your pet's maximum health and by two points its movement (+3 hp & + 2 mov); increase by two points your pet's maximum health and by three points your pet's agility (+2 hp & +3 mov); or increase by three points your pet's maximum health and agility (+3 hp & +3 mov). You can find this item at 'The Neopian Neggery', located in Terror Mountain, more precisely at the Ice Caves or at the trading post. Avoid it you don't own a level 400 pet.

4. Altador Strength Potion

The Altador Strength Potion was a prize for users who participated in 'The Faeries' Ruin' plot in 2010, and has been inflating over time – nowadays, its price rounds the 400,000 NP! When drunk, the ASP will grant your pet five more points of strength, without tricks or small letters... You can find this r101 magic item easily at the trading post, but I wouldn't recommend using them on pets whose level is still under 300.

3. Armoured Negg

A negg and an armour together created this weird food that will increase your pet's defense by one point (+1 def) when eaten, at the cost of 45,000 NP (available at the shop wizard). Much like the Snegg, this item is also available at 'The Neopian Neggery' but instead of neopoints, you'll be able to buy it with 16 tokens. It is fast, doesn't fail, and it's infinitely stocked. Any pet with a level above 100 should use this. After all, the defense is the best offence!

2. Scroll Potion

A Scroll Potion is the perfect weapon (yes, it is a weapon!) for any battledomer who seeks for a more intellectual pet. This r99 item stocks at 'Royal Potionery', located in Brightvale, and has the ability to make your opponent goofier (-5 intel) and your pet smarter (+5 intel, stolen from your opponent) unlimited times. It is a one per battle weapon that will work in 2-player battles only, and it's actually used very often in the Battledome Chat (either to donate intelligence or ask to be donated). It's extremely hard to find it and its price rounds 3,500,000 NP.

1. Bubbling Fungus

This is my favorite magic item because it's risky, funny, powerful and profitable! It stocks at Kayla's very often as a r81 item, but if you can't find it there, you can always use the shop wizard and buy one (its price rounds the 90,000 NP). It was originally a healer, but now it's much more than that! When used, this item has a 62.5% chance to increase your pet's strength and a 37.5% to decrease it. It will either increase the strength by one to five points (+1 str, +2 str, +3 str, +4 str or +5 str) or decrease it by one to three (-3 str, -2 str or -1 str). Pets above level 100 should use it without any problem.

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