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Want a Magma Blaster trophy? Jump in!

by terravermelha


GET READY, AIM, SHOOT! – Oh MYYY There are rocks falling from the sky! Quick! Run! Have you ever seen how those neopets run crying next to the volcano? Yes, I know, it is really sad! So why not helping them and also getting a new and shiny trophy for Magma Blaster? The average difficult for this game is around 4.9 out of 10. But then I was wondering... "Do Neopians really think this game is that hard? I got to make a great guide for it so everyone is going to master this game!"

It's really easier than it looks like! The basic idea is: You have 6 numbers on your keyboard and 6 rocks on the game. Each number corresponds to a rock. The objective of the game is to destroy all the rocks that are expelled by the volcano, protecting the poor neopets who are having their village attacked by fireballs! To achieve the high score table, you need to match three important things: Accuracy, quickness and luck. Yes, luck.


This is the most important thing on the game. Without it, you would lose all the bonuses! Each phase requires a minimum score to gain access to the bonus. That's where the accuracy comes into play. If you pay attention when you blow up a rock, you will notice that if your shot get grazed you earn 2 points. But if you hit exactly in the middle of the rock you will earn 4 points. As you have a maximum of rocks that you can destroy each phase, it is extremely important that you get the 4 points on each shot to get a better score.


If you thought this game was another farming one, you were wrong! Speed counts! Sometimes the volcano will drop rocks slowly. But other times he will throw 3 or 4 and you must be fast enough to destroy them all and accurately! There isn't much secret about this. To master the speed when destroying the rocks it's all about practicing.


So you want to reach the high score table... Then you MUST consider this! There are some bonuses that gives you around 40 points when on the other hand there are some that can give you up to 80 points and sometimes even more! That's a big difference, right? Each bonus has 15 seconds but the amount of rocks that show up is completely random, that's why luck also matters when trying for a good score!


First level:

You need to do 40 points to advance to bonus and you can only explode 10 rocks.

Here there are 2 kinds of rocks.

Use nº 1 and nº 2 on the number row to choose your rock.

Second level:

You need to do 60 points to advance to bonus and you can only explode 15 rocks.

Here there are 3 kinds of rocks.

Use nº 1, nº 2 and nº 3 on the number row to choose your rock.

Third level:

You need to do 80 points to advance to bonus and you can only explode 20 rocks.

Here there are 4 kinds of rocks.

Use nº 1, nº 2, nº 3 and nº 4 on the number row to choose your rock.

Fourth level:

You need to do 100 points to advance to bonus and you can only explode 25 rocks.

Here there are 5 kinds of rocks.

Use nº 1, nº 2, nº 3, nº 4 and nº 5 on the number row to choose your rock.

Fifth level:

You need to do 120 points to advance to bonus and you can only explode 30 rocks.

Here there are 6 kinds of rocks.

Use nº 1, nº 2, nº 3, nº 4, nº 5 and nº 6 on the number row to choose your rock.

Main secret of the game

So you wonder how people can get those high scores! Here is the deal on how to score some extra points not counting the bonus ones. Let's get the first level as an example. If you get exactly 40 points, the level will end, and then you will go to that level's bonus. But, there is a way to score more than 40 points on that level! Yes, what you got to do is quite simple. Once you reach 36 points, wait for at least 2 rocks to be expelled from the volcano, so go and hit both of them before they fall and hit the neopets. That way, you will be awarded not only 40 but 44 points for level one. Sometimes you can get a higher score like 48, 52 or even more! It's all about being lucky and having many rocks to destroy once you are 4 points away from finishing one level. I would say destroying 1 or 2 extra rocks per level is the most common. Of course you could burst more but you would have to be extremely lucky to have the rock to finish the game plus 3 rocks on the air for extra points.

Scoring for a trophy on the first day of the month (reset scores day)

The maximum score that doesn't go to review is 668. That's what you should aim for on the first day of the month. That was the way I got my gold trophy, but then with more practice I got a score of 776 points which also put me on the golden position! There are two possible ways to achieve 668 points; first, you can play level 5 and reach the score without going to the bonus. Second, you will need level's 5 bonuses to reach the score. So here what you should do: Once you finish level 4, you will have around 500 to 560 points.

Let's say you got 550 points by the end of level's 4 bonuses. Finishing level 5 will give you 120 points. So right after you finished level's 4 bonus, do the math!

550 + 120 = 670. As you only need 668, you would have to destroy all the rocks of the level except one that you won't hit it perfectly. You will have to hit the rock around it, not right in the middle getting this way 2 points from it. That way you would lose 2 points of the total 670, giving you the final score of 668. Remember, if you already have the score of 668, don't do the last bonus, just quit the game and send your score!

Now let's say you got 500 points by the end of level's 4 bonuses. Add 120 points from completing level 5 and let's see what we get.

500 + 120 = 620. You don't have 668 yet, so we will need bonus to reach that amount of points! So here we go: Finish level 5 and check what score you get. Let's suppose you killed one extra rock on the end of level 5 that will make you gain 124 points from that level (remember this because what you will need from bonus will be a little less then). Let's check:

500 + 124 (+4 points because of one extra rock) = 624 / Aiming for 668, so:

668 – 624 = 44 (This number means I need to get 44 points from bonus to get the perfect score that doesn't go to review).

44 points I need divided by 4 points of each rock = 11 rocks that need to be destroyed on bonus.

Why is important to check what score I got by the end of level's 4 bonus and do the math before I finish level 5?

Simple! When you finish level 5, you go immediately to the bonus, which means you won't be able to see what score you have!

Final words

This game isn't a hard one and if you are a trophy collector and still don't have Magma Blaster's trophy this guide can help you achieve it! It's really all about practicing, accuracy and luck. Always remember of the extra rocks on every level. I hope this was helpful to many Neopians! So get your weapon ready and good luck blasting!

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