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Mynci Beach Volleyball Guide: Tips for Scoring an Av

by xfillover1


Mynci Beach Volleyball is not the most popular game in Neopia. At 1pm on a Tuesday, the game's total plays for the day is 1,746, when other games such as Kass Basher are already past 100,000! Most Neopets users might just scroll on by this game, but it is worth a second look! After all, you COULD get the coveted Spike It avatar from this challenging game!

I think many users have given up on this game because they find it to be so difficult. While it's true that it does take some practice to master this game, I've found it also takes some keen observation to really get a handle on it. And while I practiced hours and days and weeks to get this avatar, I studied every aspect of the game and have come up with these 3 tips that could really help you reach your dream high score and that lovely avatar!

Tip #1 – Know which power-ups are in your best interest!

Even though a power-up seems like it would always be a great thing, that isn't always the case when it comes to Mynci Beach Volleyball. Some may help you out, but others might give a better advantage to your opponent! Here is a brief breakdown on which ones to go for, and the positives and negatives of each power-up:

Big net – (negative) A higher net makes it harder to volley the ball over!

Small net – (negative) Although a shorter net does seem like it would be an advantage because it is easier for you to volley the ball over it, you must remember that the same goes for your opponent! That's why this one is a negative one for me. It seems like every time I get the ball over the small net, my opponent just pops it back over instantly!

Giant ball – (positive) A bigger ball is easier for you to hit!

Superspeed – (negative & positive) This one is tricky. I find that if you can get used to the quicker response to your controls, this power-up can really come in handy. But if it is to quick for you to handle, then I would stay away from it! I've also found that some opponents falter when they have superspeed. They get too jittery moving back and forth so quickly and can sometimes miss the ball!

Supersize – (positive) The bigger you are, the easier it is to hit the ball! I have also found that if your opponent has this power-up, you can sometimes score easily if you shoot the ball just behind their enormous head, scoring a point (helps if you have superspeed)!

Super jump – (positive and negative) Super jump seems enticing, but watch out for it! If you get this, your Mynci will jump so high in the air that it can be extremely hard to control and you can be easily scored on! But if your opponent gets this, do everything in your power to make sure they can't change to a different power-up. The opponent often misses the ball or tries to jump as the ball is about to hit the ground. This is a GREAT advantage for you!

Watch the Turdle – (positive) If you can get this power-up, the turdle will come on screen near your opponent and could get them stuck in place for a few seconds! Use this moment to score while your opponent can't move! But watch out if your opponent uses this on you! I have found that the best thing to do in that scenario is to avoid jumping because it is easy to accidentally land on the turdle that way. Instead, just remain calm and try to keep your movements in a smaller area.

Tip #2 – Study your opponents.

As you have likely noticed, your opponents will get smarter and more talented as the levels progress. They will become faster, and make more challenging volleys. But the most important opponent to study is the first one. Even though he is the easiest opponent, there is still strategy to use when playing that first level. One observation I have made is that if you aim the ball so that it falls just after the net on your opponents side, he won't be able to volley back 9 time out of 10. His reaction time is so slow that by the time he gets to the net, it is too late, and the ball has reached the ground. Try using this move every ball of this first level and you can easily achieve a perfect score for Level 1! I would actually advise that if you don't get a perfect score during the first level, then you should start over and try again. I know it is painful, but it is really ideal since the higher levels become increasingly difficult.

Tip #3 – Understand your angles.

You might have thought you would never need geometry to play Neopets, but the truth is that it could really help you out on Mynci Beach Volleyball! This is important for when your opponent has volleyed the ball toward you. If the ball goes over your Mynci and hits the 'wall' (aka: the left edge of the game screen) behind you, you are going to need to know where it will land so you can appropriately place your Mynci and volley the ball back! What you need to know is that at whatever angle the ball hits the wall, is the same angle it will leave the wall. So for instance, if it comes at the wall at a 45-degree angle, it will come off of the wall at a 45-degree angle in the other direction. Once you begin to understand this pattern, you will be better prepared for moving your Mynci into position!

Keep these tips in mind as you play toward an avatar-earning high score. They might help you more than you think! And try not to get frustrated. This game does still take plenty of practice, even with these 3 great tips!

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