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Gallery of Evil: Didn't Get In

by mainframericky


GALLERY OF EVIL- The Gallery of Evil is home of the most evil villains known to Neopia. Tax Beast, Dr. Sloth, Rock Beast…villains galore. However, there are many villains who applied for the entry who never made it. Here today, we honor those who were evil, but not evil enough.

Eliv Thade

Eliv Thade is a Kacheek known for running the Castle of Eliv Thade, located in the Haunted Woods. He challenged people to give him riddles; problems, anything, and he would solve it. Then he got a riddle that made no sense. He went mad. He wrote a book called the Grimoire of Thade. People usually go insane before getting to page 2. He recently trapped Gilly the Usul into his castle, forcing her to solve anagrams. He is the only Ghost Plushie Kacheek known to us. He resides in a castle in the Haunted Woods.


A recently discovered sea serpent-like monster in Meridell. It is like the Pant Devil, known for thievery. That’s all I know. He may reside in Meridell.

Adam and Donna

What? They are EVIL!!! They froze my account!!! All 52 of them!! They said something like, I had too much accounts or something. They reside in Glendale, California.


The Snowager has lived in Terror Mountain for a while, guardian his treasure of Neggs, Paint brushes Petpets and rare items galore. He sleeps sometimes, in which many people attempt to enter his lair and steal some of his rare items. Some get caught in an icy blast. Recently discovered that the Snowager is a mutate oversized Snowickle. He resides in Terror Mountain (Ice Caves).

NeoPet v2.0

Neopet v2.0 is a computer virus that just wants to have fun. He trapped four poor NeoPets in an elevator, causing them to solve hard problems. All he wanted was a friend, though…Poor, poor NeoPet v2.0…He resides in Virtupets Space Station, but is currently shut down.

Snow Beast

The Snow Beast is the Abominable Snowman of Terror Mountain. A white creature with horns and teeth sharp as needles, He gives a new name to the term PH33R M3!!! He resides in Terror Mountain.

Darkest Faerie

The Darkest Faerie Jemmunara is the mother of Jhudora and Illusen. After creating a war with Fyora, and losing, the Faerie Queen banished her into stone solitude of doom. She lays in Maraqua as a statue, but will soon escape, to reek her revenge.

Down For Maintenance Pteri

The Down for Maintenance Pteri is a character every one hates. When The NeoPets Team is working on the site, they hire this evil creature to tell everyone that they could not play on the website. Every one fears this Pteri.

Black Pteri

Cousin to the Down for Maintenance Pteri, the Black Pteri is like the Raven in Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem The Raven. This Pteris past, however, is unknown.


Kanrik tricked Hannah into opening the Trap Door, causing her to get the Mark of Ta-Kutep. She is now cursed, what it is unknown. He is apart of the Thieves’ Guild owned by Galem Darkhand. This Gelert has a scar as well, because of what, I know not. But is he a betrayer.

Heermeedget and Merouladen

These thieves are the Neopets of the Skeith Malkus Vile. They have been known for terrorizing the beach, but they are famed for stealing Coltzan’s Crown, controlling the sacred Coltzan’s Shrine. These pesky Meercas do everything together, so they count as one entry.

Valin the Quick

Another member of the infamous Thieves’ Guild, Valin had just recently froze Taelia the Snow Faerie and stole her possessions. The Wand of Ice, the item that froze her, is now in the Thieves possession. Imagine the power they have now. *shudders in fear* The Blue Mynci may be in Terror Mountain.

Cave Chia

After kidnapping 2 poor NeoPets, the Cave Chia enters his way as a villain. This Chia resides in a cave in Tyrannia.


The Esophagor is always hungry. He mutated a Kacheek named Albert, dooming him to feed him for all eternity. If that is not evil, I don’t know what is. He resides in the Haunted Woods.

Dr. Death

The Techo who watches the Pound, he really love NeoPets, he is just always grumpy since so many people leave them poor and hungry for other NeoPets. Of course, some have to do it. They are to poor to take care of their Neopets. They have no choice.


After being mutated by the Esophagor, Albert walks around drearily looking for a meal for his master. But every time, the Esophagor says he was to late. The Mutant Kacheek resides a slave to the Esophagor in the Haunted Woods.

Tekkitu the Witch Doctor

Tekkitu had once put one of the Defenders of Neopia under control via a special stick. This Techo lives in Mystery Island.

Captain Dread

This Skeletal Kiko captained the Dread, a submarine pirate ship who stole from Maraqua. After they didn’t pay, he caused it’s destruction. Some say he let out the Chiazilla. Some say he caused the whirlpool. Some say a Battle Faerie helped. Some say he allied with Jemmunara the Darkest Faerie. Whatever happened, we do not know.


Chiazilla is the “Godzilla” of Neopets. A Chia monster, he was trapped in Maraqua until the destruction. Now no one knows where he is, but skeptics say he is in Mystery Island, where in fact, those who were lucky to escape escaped to, being it was so nearby.

So there you have it. Villains who are not lucky enough to enter the Gallery of evil. That’s just one of my famed articles. I plan to make many, many, many, many more (sorry, Word Count J)

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