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A Pet for Every Board

by fireairshadow


Have you ever wondered, if each Neoboard were asked to pick a pet to represent itself, which pets they would pick?

Every neoboard chat has its own personality – whether friendly, competitive or just a little bit crazy. To help Neopian chatters across the great board divide, here are some ideas on what pet each board might pick as its mascot...


The Avatars/NeoSignatures board, or the AC (avatar chat) as it’s affectionately called, is a board of people obsessed with collecting those cute lil’ pixels known as avatars. There are many pets that would give you an avatar if you were lucky enough to own them – Draiks, Krawks, orange Grundos, Halloween (mummy) Rukis, island Quiggles... - the defining pet mascot for the AC would have to be the pea Chia. This is because this humble cute little veggie would give you one of the most coveted avatars on the AC!


The Battledome chat is where those who enjoy battling and trading the weapons associated with the sport gather to share tips and trade weapons. As any Neopet can be trained to amazing Battledome stats with enough care, attention and of course NP, the pet that best describes this board would be the red Grarrl. This is because although BDers have no special preference for a colour or species – just any pet who are lucky enough to be picked by them to be trained into a battlemaster – Grarrls nevertheless exude the ruggedness and tenacity of a good warrior. It should also be noted that unlike the Pound Chat, BDers have no qualms about training a badly-named* pet, so perhaps more fittingly, the BD chat’s mascot would be your average-named red Grarrl.

*badly-named is a generic term for a pet whose name does not necessary have a capitalised first letter, and is likely to have numbers or underscores.

Beauty Contest

The Beauty Contest chat is where entrants to the weekly Beauty Contest gather to share art, seek votes and just chat. The Beauty Contest, as its name suggests, is where each owner draws their pets in their most elegant and handsome poses. The pet that best exudes beauty, elegance and charismatic charm, and thus best placed to represent this board, is of course the (unconverted) royal girl Kyrii. Her sparkling eyes, delicate hair and regal yet charming pose is what each Beauty Contestant aspire to be, that beautiful figure of resplendent perfection.


Gamesmasters all over Neopia gather upon the Games Chat to share tips, show-off scores, and of course challenge each other in the never-ending world challenges. The undisputed master of Neopian games, and the most fitting mascot for this board, is of course AAA (Aristotle A. Avinroo) the yellow Blumaroo. Of course, no yellow gamesmaster Blumaroo what be complete without sporting his idol’s T-shirt, tracksuit and of course that ego.


The friendly folks at the help chat are every Neopian’s first port-of-call if they have a pressing question. As one HCer commented to this author*, however, the help chat is not always candy, lollipops and rainbows, although HCers would not hesitate to help a newbie or give a comforting word to the unfortunate, they are also relentless in certain arguments and can certainly hold their own against spammers and trolls. As such, the best pet to describe this board would be the plushie Poogle. Although he is cute and innocent on the outside, friendly and always eager to help, he can easily turn into an MSP poogle when disturbed – so beware that cute smiling face!

Thank you, chimie119!

NC Mall

Customisers and sassy style seekers gather upon this board to trade looks, ideas and of course NC items. On such a fast-paced catwalk such as this board, there is always need for the perfect model – and as such, the mascot for the NC Mall chat is almost certainly the white Kacheek. With a neutral base-colour that suits almost every piece of clothing, and the body proportions and of course cuteness to match, the white Kacheek is often the first pet to try on and model the latest trends straight out of the mall. The lucky thing!

Neopian Pound

This busy board never sleeps – and is always alive with people eager to grant others their “dream pets”, trade for these pets and of course show them off. The most valued pets on the PC are easily well-named 'DUCKs' - Draiks, UCs (unconverted pets) and Krawks. Such DUCKs are difficult to obtain (a Draik egg at the time of writing costs upwards of 16 million NP!), beautiful and elegant, and therefore much admired. As such, the mascot for this board would have to be a well-named* unconverted plushie Draik. Such a pet would easily be the envy of most Neopians, and is thus well-placed to represent the pet-loving pound chat.

*well-named on the PC is a very subject term; however, it is most often used to describe a name with a capitalised first letter, and a short number of letters which form a pronounceable name.


Roleplaying is the art whereby the roleplayer (RPer) assumes the identity of the character they are role-playing. While all RPers are talented writers and creative, imaginative folk, there is one very common and loved genre of roleplaying – that of the wolf-pack. As such, the mascot for the RP board would have to be the Tyrannian Lupe, the rugged alpha-male of his pack, whose skin glows in the moonlight, whose ruggedness sways the most refined princesses, and whose howl sends shivers down the spines of the strongest of his enemies.

Shop Ads/Trading & Auctions

Buyers and sellers converge on these market boards to buy, sell and trade their wares. The boards are always alive with the buzz of commerce and there is always a bargain to be had and a quick fortune to be made. The mascot for this board would have to be the royalboy Skeith – fat cat, anyone? Wealthy, bossy and often preferring smaller creatures to do things for them, they are nevertheless extremely intelligent and resourceful, and can spot a bargain a mile away! After all, wealth and privilege must be earned!


So there you go! Whether or not you, dear reader, may agree with my characterisations, I hope I’ve provided an entertaining insight into the character of these popular Neopian boards, and hopefully this knowledge will assist you the next time you decide to cross the great board divide, and venture into unknown chatting territory!

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