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Toddlers' Toys: A Guide to Entertaining Your Baby Neopet

by mrs_cherish


As most baby-owners will know, keeping a baby Neopet amused is considerably more difficult than entertaining a fully grown Neopet.

You can't just leave them in the Games Room and go about your day, oh no! They have short attention-spans, they require constant supervision, and should they get bored, they have a tendency to resort to the most terrible acts of mischief!

The solution, of course, is toys. But which toys to buy? With literally hundreds of toys out there in Neopia, which ones to choose for your little one? I know I'm not the only one to have spent thousands of Neopoints on a fancy new toy, which has promptly been flung across the room in a fit of juvenile disgust.

So, for the preservation of your sanity and mine, I have emptied my bank account and filled my Rubber Duck Toy Box with a selection of toys from all over Neopia.

My baby Usul is the happily willing guinea pig, trying and testing the toys to help find the best ones to recommend for you and your darling tot.

Toy Sailboat

Category: Island Merchandise

Estimated Price: 1 NP

Evaluation: We originally tried this at the beach, but it's also great fun at bath time, too. My little one especially loved filling it with cargo, whether it was sand or bath bubbles, and watching it sail away. A very simple, inexpensive toy that's sure to provide hours of amusement. We very highly recommend it!

Score: 9/10

Super Toy Sailboat is also available.

Baby Drum

Category: Instrument

Estimated Price: 3250 NP

Evaluation: What baby doesn't love making noise? And with this lovely little instrument, you can nurture your baby's creativity and help them develop their musical talents. Made with babies in mind, this drum is light-weight but very sturdy. My baby likes to hit this drum as hard as he can, and still hasn't yet broken it. He loves it!

On the down-side, the constant arrhythmic beating of this little drum gave me a terrible case of Achy Head!

Score: 7/10

Baby Whistle

Category: Instrument

Estimated Price: 800 NP

Evaluation: The perfect accompaniment to the Baby Drum. If your baby enjoyed the drum, he's sure to love this. Or if you're blessed with two baby pets, this could be the beginning of their very first band!

The simple mouth-piece is easy to blow and specially designed for little mouths. The holes are also widely spaced for ease of playing by clumsy little fingers.

However, as with the drum, not the quietest of activities, so prepare for some noisy days.

Score: 7/10

Vinyl Darigan Blumaroo Toy

Category: Darigan Toy

Estimated Price: 900 NP

Evaluation: I'll be honest, just walking into the Darigan Toy Shop gave me the creeps. Most of the toys there were much too scary for babies, and believe it or not, this Vinyl Darigan Blumaroo Toy was one of the least sinister options.

My baby enjoyed the soft vinyl texture, and he liked to play with it as long as I was around, but he didn't like to be left alone with it. Every time I left the room, the toy would be hidden in cupboards or banished under the sofa. I must admit, there is something rather unsettling about it.

Score: 2/10

Brucicle Making Kit

Category: Gift

Estimated Price: N/A

Evaluation: This is a fun activity for you and your pint-sized pal to enjoy together. Your baby will love filling the moulds with his favourite juice or flavoured milk (expect lots of messy spillages, though!) and is sure to be thrilled when they freeze into delicious cold treats to lick on a hot day.

Requires lots of supervision, but it's a great way to spend time together.

Score: 8/10

Acorn Toy

Category: Island Merchandise

Estimated Price: 2000 NP

Evaluation: I thought this simple little toy was quite cute, with its funny little googly eyes. Unfortunately, my baby Usul seemed thoroughly unimpressed. He chewed on it a little, then dropped it on the floor and crawled off without a second glance. Oh, well!

Score: 4/10

Baby Usul Plushie

Category: Plushies

Estimated Price: 7500 NP

Evaluation: Ah, plushies! Soft, squishy, and oh so easy to love! The go-to toy for any baby. But did you know, there are over 1700 different types of plushie available in Neopia? Which one to buy for your Neopet?

All babies are little egomaniacs, so a plushie that looks just like them is a guaranteed hit. My baby spent a considerable amount of time sat in front of the mirror with his Baby Usul Plushie in his arms and a vaguely mystified grin on his face. Since then it's been a firm favourite.

Baby Plushies are currently available in 33 different species. If your baby's species is not yet available, or your baby just didn't like the idea of a miniature version of himself for fear it would steal his limelight, don't worry! There are plenty of other plushies to choose from.

Score: 9/10

Baby Brush Plushie

Category: Plushies

Estimated Price: 53000 NP

Evaluation: Perfect for commemorating that joyous day when your little bundle of joy emerged from the Rainbow Pool! And they're sure to want to show it off to their friends. I have often seen my little one crawling into puddles with his; I wonder if he is re-enacting the day I painted him?

Score: 6/10

Roxton A Colchester III Plushie

Category: Plushies

Estimated Price: 80000

Evaluation: If your tot has a taste for adventure, this plushie might be right up his street! Taking Roxton on new adventures to explore the darkest depths of the living room is sure to delight your little hero in training.

Score: 7/10

Mutant Kougra Plushie

Category: Plushies

Estimated Price: 9000 NP

Evaluation: EW! It dripped disgusting goo all over my Neohome! A plushie that oozes? What's wrong with this thing?

If your baby has a fascination with all things revolting and gross, he might enjoy this plushie. But if you're anything like me, it'll be thrown away before he gets a chance to get attached to it.

Any ideas as to how to get foul-smelling goop out of the carpet?

Score: 0/10

Beautiful Bubble Maker

Category: Toy

Estimated Price: N/A

Evaluation: Whether they're watching them float through the air with mesmerised wonder, or excitedly lunging around trying to pop them, there's no doubt that babies love bubbles.

My baby and I have played our way through many a rainy afternoon with this toy, filling our Neohome with bubbles and giggles.

Score: 8/10

Yellow Fuzzle

Category: Plushies

Estimated Price: 700 NP

Evaluation: My baby loved this cute little plush toy. It has adorable big googly eyes, and the furry covering is great for even the smallest babies who are just discovering new textures.

My wee one likes to rub it against his cheek when he's tired. How cute!

Score: 9/10

Orange Evil Fuzzle

Category: Plushies

Estimated Price: 800 NP

Evaluation: After the success of the last Fuzzle, I thought my Neopet would appreciate another one to add to his collection. But he took one look at it and started screaming! I had to take it away and assure him that it wouldn't be coming back.

Very odd indeed.

Score: 1/10

Indoor Merry-Go-Round

Category: Roo Island Merchandise

Estimated Price: 27000 NP

Evaluation: A small scale replica of the ever-popular Roo Island Merry Go Round. Most babies love the real thing, and this toy is a great substitute on those days when you just don't want to trek all the way to Roo Island.

Unfortunately, it is very impractical for smaller Neohomes as it takes up a lot of space. Also, be wary of allowing your baby to play on it for too long, if you don't want your Neohome to look like a losing game of Barf Boat!

Score: 5/10

Harris In A Box

Category: Toy

Estimated Price: 3500 NP

Evaluation: Wind up the handle, and... wait for it... BOO! Out pops a little Harris on a spring. Simple concept, but it's notoriously popular with little tykes.

You can see the excitement building on my Usul's face as he turns the handle, and he never fails to jump every time the Harris pops out, even though he's expecting it. Adorable!

Score: 9/10

Babaa Pull Along

Category: Toy

Estimated Price: 200 NP

Evaluation: This is the sweetest thing! If you've decided your baby isn't ready for his own Petpet yet, this is the perfect substitute. They can pull the string, and everywhere the baby went, the Babaa is sure to follow.

Suitable for both crawlers and toddlers.

Score: 8/10

Pteri Spring Ride

Category: Gardening

Estimated Price: 3500 NP

Evaluation: This seemed like a great idea at first. A brightly-coloured toy for my baby to sit and bounce around on. And he did enjoy it... until he fell off. The Pteri wings and head are great for holding on to, but there is no kind of seatbelt or harness to secure your baby safely in.

Great for older Neopets, but not so safe for babies.

Score: 1/10

Cloud Jubjub Puzzle

Category: Toy

Estimated Price: 100 NP

Evaluation: Jigsaw puzzles are perfect for nurturing your baby's mental development and problem solving skills. Plus, they're fun!

This puzzle has very few pieces, and the pieces are all large, chunky and easy for little fingers to grab.

Score: 8/10

Faellie Balloon

Category: Gift

Estimated Price: 94000 NP

Evaluation: Balloons are an old classic, and this one in the familiar shape of a cheerful Faellie is sure to thrill your baby.

My baby absolutely loved watching it bob in the breeze. However, beware of over-excited babies accidentally popping it. Sudden loud noises and the loss of their new toy is a recipe for tears.

Score: 7/10

Springy Chomby Toy

Category: Toy

Estimated Price: 125 NP

Evaluation: With a sweet smiley face on a bouncy spring, my baby was mesmerised by this toy. He loved batting its head, and giggled at it nodding and swaying at him.

However, he pulled it too hard and the head popped right off the spring! Not only was he awfully upset, but the spring that was left exposed had a very sharp end.

I think this toy would be better suited to older pets.

Score: 3/10

Negg Crayons

Category: School

Estimated Price: 8000 NP

Evaluation: Letting your little pet express himself creatively is great... scrubbing brightly coloured drawings off the walls isn't. That's why these Negg Crayons are so good, as any unexpected scribbles can be easily wiped off virtually any surface with a damp cloth.

Useful and practical!

Score: 8/10

Old Box Fort

Category: Toy

Estimated Price: 500 NP

Evaluation: After spending thousands of Neopoints on all kinds of fantastical new toys for my spoilt little baby, this, of all things, is the thing he loves the most.

Yes, an old cardboard box. It was originally the packaging from one of his other new toys, but he's played with this more than any of the other expensive toys I shelled out for. Nothing else has brought him as many hours of fun and amusement as this simple old box.

Score: 10/10

Oh, well! At least he's happy, right?

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