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Key Quest's Delicious Sweets and Guides!

by sportsandmusic69


Hello there, everybody! Today I will be giving an in-depth guide based on Key Quest Token Alignments while playing on not only Sweet 1, but its twin board, Sweet 2. This article is mainly just based on your Key Quest token's alignment. First off, I shall explain the boards to you if you aren't a fan of this board. This is honestly one of my favorite boards; for me it's my 2nd-3rd favorite board. (Sweets and Ti-Key are tied.)

Sweet 1: This is a chocoholics dream. Chocolate here, chocolate there, chocolate everywhere!

Sweet 2: This is the more creamy type. A dab of yummy cream here, and some creamy yumminess over there, with some chocolate flakes spread around.

Now then, since the appearance is the only difference in the game board, I will now talk about the token alignment guide.

Are you using an Air based token? Well, in my general knowledge, the best spot for an air token is the Lost Desert House; the next best is Faerieland starter house. Then if you cannot choose that, go with the Neopia Central board. Now, the worst spot for the air token is the last and frightening Haunted Woods house. Now, after choosing your starter house, this is the best and quickest route. Ok, so your starter house is Lost Desert; go for the keys in this order. Blue, then Red; next is Green. Take a quick stop and get the Yellow Key, then loop around and pick up the White Key. This is the best route to take without thinking of the opponents' powerups in mind or playing any minigames. If you do play a minigame before you've reached the Yellow Key or made it to the portal near the Yellow Key, then get the Yellow Key so you can save time and dash for the White Key.

Are you using an Earth based token? The best idea for these lovely tokens would be to pick the Lost Desert house. Next would be Faerieland, then Neopia Central, and last again is Haunted Woods. As for your route, pick up the Blue Key, then the Red Key, then the Green Key, then Yellow Key, and last the White Key. It's basically the same with the Air based token. And the entire possible minigame and not worrying about the opponents powerups deal.

Are you using a Light based token? The best house for this token is the same as with the last two tokens: Lost Desert, then Faerieland, then Neopia Central, and last is Haunted Woods. Sorry, Haunted Woods. But there is a surprise with this token. It's a really good match-up between the board and the tokens. Go and pick up the Blue Key, then hopefully you'll land on the Light alignment, but anyways, find yourself picking up the Red Key and then the Green Key. Crawl over and grab the Yellow Key and walk across and get the White Key. Honestly, when I'm against a Light based token, I realize I need to be a little careful since it matches well with this board.

Are you a Dark based token? The best spot for this token would be Neopia Central; surprisingly, next is the Haunted Woods board, YAY! Next would be the Lost Desert board and last is the fluffy Faerieland board. Assuming you picked the Neopia Central house, go and pick up the Yellow Key. If you're lucky, even on the first roll, you may be able to land on your alignment circle and pick up a powerup. Then huddle across to the Green Key and the Red Key. Swoop over and grab the Blue Key and then head north for the White Key. Now, like the Light based tokens, I am highly anxious when playing a Dark based token on this board as it highly matches up with this board's set up.

Are you a Fire based token? Honestly these tokens have the poorest match-up with the Sweet boards as their tokens and quick routes are thrown off big time. So only under last resorts, let's ignore trying for the powerups from it. As for houses, I would pick the Lost Desert house, next would be Neopia Central, then Haunted Woods, and last is Faerieland. Now, if you picked the Neopia Central board, grab in order the Yellow Key, then Green, next is the Red Key, then the Blue Key, and lastly would be the White Key. Basically the same moves you would do with the Dark tokens but be more wary.

And last but not least, are you a Water based token? These tokens have the second worst match up with the Sweets board, next to Fire based tokens. But with houses I would choose Lost Desert, then Faerieland, then Neopia Central, and lastly Haunted Woods house. I would honestly use the same tactic as the Earth tokens use. Pick up the Blue Key, pace your way to the Red Key and Green Key. Dash for the Yellow Key and lastly pick up the White Key.

Well, that's all on the tokens alignments guide for the Sweet 1 and Sweet 2 boards. Now it's time for an overview: The best tokens to use on the Sweets board are Dark and Light like the Electric Shoyru or Starry Poogle. Earth and Air tokens like the Green Shoyru or Gold Shoyru do just fine on the Sweets board. And finally the Water and Fire tokens such as the Isca or the Gold Blumaroo have the poorest match-up on the Sweets board, yet that does not mean it's impossible for them to win; it just means based on the route, they have the worst set up. Now, one last reminder for this board is if you land on a minigame and happen to be able to choose a key, if you started in the Lost Desert or Faerieland house, then pick the Yellow Key, and vice-versa, if you started with the Haunted Woods or Neopia Central house, pick the Blue Key. Well, that's about it for this edition of my Key Quest guide! Stay tuned for my next article as I will explain a guide for the next board. And remember, have fun playing Key Quest and to never cheat or quit in Key Quest! Happy Key Questing, everyone!

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