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Battlefield Legends: Advanced Strategy

by stoicjohn


As I sit waiting for my max score to reach the trophy places in Battlefield Legends, I figure it’s time to write a guide. Normally I would start by explaining the basics of the game, but you should just start playing; it's fun to play and the next best thing to a good old Neopets war. I’ve been waiting for years for another shot at Lord Kass; while I would prefer to fight him in the Battledome, pummeling him with catapults is great fun. I guess from that last comment you can tell that I tend to play as Meridell, but this guide will be helpful to you Darigan Faithful as well.

The Towers

Wooden Tower
Cheap but not too powerful; personally, I enjoy using the Rapid-fire Towers, but these weaker and slower models are still useful. You can use them to quickly block off paths when you don’t want the enemy wandering too far from your firing range, and they’re great for fending off those roaming attackers that show up on occasion (we’ll discuss that later). Plus, face it; they’re cheap to build and cheap to upgrade. I’ve finished a perfect score on a difficult map with just these basic towers. Don’t overlook them.

Rapid-Fire Tower
I love these towers; they make such a great sound when the enemy rolls into a heavily-tower section of the map. While you can win the game without these, they are extremely helpful against fast moving opponents and have a good range, not to mention they are pretty cost-effective to build and upgrade. You’ll never go wrong picking these over the Wooden Towers.

Catapult Tower
I tend to play mostly with the Rapid-Fire towers, but these are great for defending your entrance and work through the middle of your map to defend against flyers. They do some quick massive damage right as the enemy enters the map and they make short work of the roaming attackers that always stay close to the entrance as long as you have towers there for them to attack.

Snowball Tower
There are a couple of reasons I don’t like these, but I’m sure you might learn to love their ability to slow down your attackers. Personally, I like the enemy to be spread out in a long line where I can evenly distribute my pummeling. Slowing some of them down tends to make the enemy line bunched together, which really gets on my nerves for some reason.

Ranged Tower
I only use these towers on occasion if I need some extra fire power in an area but don’t have space to put in a tower close to the action. If you’re using the channeling method described later in this guide, then you never really have to worry about the enemy getting too far out of range. That being said, the ranged towers are a big life saver when flying enemies are getting to close to the exit; just make sure you place your tower where you get the most numbers of squares into its firing range. Putting it close to a wall is just wasting time when it could be firing.

Pro tips

Those stupid attackers
It’s always important to pack some firepower near the front entrance, but upgrading those towers right away is not the answer. Put a couple of cheap Wooden Towers near the front that the free-roaming attack can go to town on. Once he almost destroys them (you can watch the health meter or see the little fires at the base), then upgrade them. It’s just 35 gold and it will give the tower a fresh set of hit points.

Flying enemy corridor
However you distribute your towers, you will need to place some emphasis on the middle of the field. The Draik Soldiers from Meridell and the Scorchios for Darigan don’t care about your well thought out tower configuration; they are just going to fly straight from the entrance to the exit, so you will need to pack some major fire power into that area. Towers with a greater range are a good idea because they do not need to be directly under their flight line and you can stack them off to the sides where they can still attack. If you see some fliers getting dangerously close to the exit, pause the game and add a quick tower or two to the end of the path; it may make all the difference.

You always want to be in control of where you allow your enemies to walk; placing an errant tower can send them on a path far away from your towers where you can never reach them. In the higher level games (and especially if you want to get a perfect score) you’ll need to build a channel for the enemy to travel down. As you get more gold to spend, you can take them on a wandering path from start to finish without giving them any choices. This does a few things to benefit you. You can concentrate your towers where the enemy will be walking. Having them make sharp turns gives you better range for your towers. This makes it easier to use the Catapult Tower and Snowball towers because you can guarantee the enemy will be within range, and having a good path makes it easier to loop your opponents back to the start.

Looping? The hardest part to tackle near the end of a hard map game is going to be a long line of Darigan War Machines or Giant Turtums. They’re slow moving but they can take a lot of damage and it’s painful to make it through 48 waves only to ruin your perfect score at the very last minute. If you’ve built a well contained zig-zaggy path through the map, then have no fear, with just a couple of quick demolitions and a few new towers you can send the entire enemy force back to the beginning to run your catapult gauntlet over again. The pause button is a great help here, as you demolish a couple of towers to open up a secondary path to the finish line. Once you’ve done that, you can drop a tower right in front of the enemies and make them doing a 360 degree turn and go back the opposite direction. If you’ve been a good channel, then you can force them back to the entrance to start back down the path they almost completed. Once they’re nice and safe in the right direction, you can block their path so they can’t turn around and then demolish the towers you just built so the original channel is open. You could do this as often as need as long as you have the gold on hand so make sure you save a little bit back for emergency tower construction.

Trophy Details

It’s an odd high score table; first you need to purchase or otherwise obtain a Courtyard Ambush map from the NC Mall if you want to get on the high score table. Without the NC Mall map, you might attempt during the first few days of the month; after that, the table will fill up top to bottom with everyone having the same score. Like the exceptional eight, if you send a max score once the table is full, it will put you in 99th place on the table and bump the player in 1st place off the table (hopefully they’ve had time to get a trophy first). Unlike those exceptional eight games, Battlefield Legends only gives trophies if you are in the trophy positions (1st through 17th), so unless you get in early, you will need to get in at the bottom and wait for your score to get bumped up to the top. If you do get bumped off the top before you land a gold trophy, you should have the skills to make quick work of another game and get yourself back into 99th place for another shot at the trophy. At the very least, submitting another perfect score is helping someone else get pushed into trophy position, so get out there and make a war!

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