Reporting live from Neopia Circulation: 182,181,004 Issue: 461 | 17th day of Gathering, Y12
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Chocolatey Obsession

by iced_cookie1

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A Fated Encounter
A chocolate Chia finds her way into the annual Chocolate Con, and hilarity ensues.

by kiwibutter


How to Act Like a Good Pirate - Kinda
Everythin' ye need t' know t' act ('n sound) like e'eryone's favorite bunch o' people.

by los_guerreros


Sylfio's Ice Cream Sodas
"Sylfio," they'll say, "do you think your dairy origins give you a certain affinity for ice cream? And for that matter—how did you become chocolate?"

by emrozi


The Prophecy Faeries 2: Imagen's Revenge - Part Seven
"If one of us could get into the castle," said Victoria, "we could learn more about Imagen's plans, and see if we could even get close enough to him to do something."

by alex313

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