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The Haunt Of Howl Hall, Part 14


by buizelmaniac
The Perils of Being a Labrat: Lab Stats


Idea by id_24

by lucylu317

Faerie Fables: Part 2 of 4

Negg Faerie

by purplebee2000
Speak No More

That new flatulence soundtrack is a real killer...

by laehlani
Wardrobe Woes

I hate glitches.

by _vinegirl_
Neopups Comics

Clockwork Yooyu can give out good souvenirs sometimes.

by coshi_dragonite
Chew Before You Swallow

I suppose a simple sorry wouldn't cut it.

by dusty
Caution: May Bite

Welcome to Tanni's, may I take your order?

by beastybas
Tin Box: Pound It

Pound It... yeah.

by thegoddesofxweetok1
Work in Progress 4 - Jelly Woes

Some jelly should be relabeled Gross Food.

by gammock
Floppy Tongue

It's hard to tell others you have it.

by kittytoes
One Fish, Two Fish

The Replacement, part 1

by fish_puddle
Famous -- New Clothes Part 1

Where did Cereais get those new clothes? Read and find out.

by arctic_wolf___

How do you get to Faerieland with no wings? =/

by irishpoet
Neopets Physics Wonders

The Flight of a Skeith

by hidden_0_o
Bread and Butter


by _epiphany_
Behind The Scenes: Second-Hand

Does he even have a nose?

by elyk442
In the Name of Science

I mean, really, what's next? Stained wood tables?

by lombre
Snazzy-ish: Independence

She IS two years old, you know. :O

by neon_leaf
Adolescents - Zombie


by kineclap
A Sweet Quest

The Snow Faerie has a secret...!

by mythical_book
Spooky #100!!

Komo and Tombstones work out their differences... maybe.

by ghostkomorichu
A Fated Encounter

A chocolate Chia finds her way into the annual Chocolate Con, and hilarity ensues.

by kiwibutter
Don't Take It Literally...


by x__sayitaintso__x
The Choco Factor

It was for the best, if you think about it.

by jillstreeter
Spots, Dots and Carrots

Dreaming about faeries can be dreaming about fear-ies...

by lovisa966
The Dangers of Being Chocolate

Beware of owners.

Art by ravemuch

by blinkie_x2

The Wheel of Mediocrity

...It can happen. :)

by adventure21
Team Mayhem

What Flavor is a Negg?

by dark_moon_blossom
Chocolatey Obsession

What really goes on inside a chocolate factory?

by iced_cookie1
Neopian Neophyte - Never Ending

You will never have enough money to satisfy your curiosity.

by leedom111
Silly Tales!

The Annual Chocolate Ball

by spudcake133
A Chocolatey Situation

Very chocolatey.

by kazumasiera
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"Individuality" by maltese51191
Julia lay on her bed and stared at the sky, which had turned a deep blue. The room was dimly lit and her bed was mussed up from an earlier nap. She heard her siblings making dinner, and then footsteps on the staircase. Someone knocked on her door, and she buried her head in the pillow. "Don't..."

Other Stories


Bethie and Taropa
The Cybunny glared. "What do you want, earth faerie?"

by misshoginpitt


Illusen's Notebook
The previous owner of the book clearly did like to keep a diary, because the next page is full. And the next page. In fact, every single page right to the end of the book is full from top to bottom in the emerald green ink.

by nerdytiger


Guide to Healthy Eating for Your Neopets: Part 1
This first guide will give you an idea on what to feed your Neopets so that they can be healthy, all the while saving money.

by ksll567


An Ode To Chocolate: Only the Finest
When it comes to choosing which chocolate to buy, one should always pick the finest.

by valestant


Seeded: Part Two
Welcome to the Faerieland Library. The words floated into her head with a magical lilt, friendly and soft. What is it you are seeking?

by vanessa1357924680


Breaking News: Part Four
It was Friday, at 6 p.m., sharp. Alfonso Might was still in his office. A small Neovision set had been brought in and left on his desk.

by herdygerdy

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