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You CAN Customize With Neopoints!

by crazy_holly_ii


The Neocash mall: you either love it or hate it.

The majority of users seem to love it, but for every twenty users that regularly purchase Neocash items and use them daily, there’s a user who hates the mall or... -gasp!- can’t afford to use it.

The person who can’t afford (or isn’t allowed to, if they have parents who supply them with money for things) to purchase things from the mall is often disappointed and jealous, claiming they don’t have a fair advantage in the game of customization.

This is preposterous. Not only does TNT use both Neopoint and Neocash items in competitions, but there are also several amazing Neopoint wearables in this little world known as Neopia!

“But,” you say, “none are as nice as the Neocash items!”


And so this article is here to convince you... that there are some *coughalotcough* Neopoint wearables just as awesome – or even more so than! – as Neocash ones.


Designer Trick-or-Treat Bag & Jack-O-Lantern Pail

Neocash: Designer Trick-or-Treat Bag

Neopoint: Jack-O-Lantern Pail

Does your pet go trick-or-treating? If so, then she’ll need one of these! Whether she’s dressed up as Kauvara or Fyora, each of these will hold lots of candy for her to get cavities from later – and the pail is bigger! More cavities, yay! :D

Beautiful Desert Oasis Background & Lost Desert Oasis Background

Neocash: Lost Desert Oasis Background

Neopoint: Beautiful Desert Oasis Background

We all dream of a luxury vacation in the middle of the lovely Lost Desert. Thought only the elite high-and-mighty of Neopia could actually do it, though? You’d be wrong! Both backgrounds feature an exotic, isolated location, perfect for your Neopet to relax in.

Ice Garland & Shiny Icicle String Lights

Neocash: Shiny Icicle String Lights

Neopoint: Ice Garland

Now, snowflakes and icicles are not the same thing. I will cheerfully concede to that. However, both garlands are perfect for your winter outfits! As an added bonus, the Ice Garland doesn’t have any danger of dropping deadly points onto your pet.

Neovian Twilight Background & Nighttime in Brightvale Background

Neocash: Neovian Twilight Background

Neopoint: Nighttime in Brightvale Background

Is your pet hungry for a midnight snack? Well, he doesn’t have to visit the Crumpetmonger! He can, instead, go to Brightvale and purchase some lovely fruits and breads. Mm, grapes.

Inconspicuous Foliage & Shrubbery

Neocash: Inconspicuous Foliage

Neopoint: Shrubbery

Some pets like greenery. Is your little darling a landscaper? If so, don’t despair over the unavailability of Inconspicuous Foliage. Just visit your friendly Shop Wizard and ask for a Shrubbery! Everyone loves shrubberies.

Elegant Gear Top Hat & Pipe and Gear Crown

Neocash: Pipe and Gear Crown

Neopoint: Elegant Gear Top Hat

Sometimes we need nice hats. Does your pet need a nice hat? Perhaps he’s going to a function in Moltara. If he is, he’ll need a nice hat. He can make a grand entrance using the Pipe and Gear Crown, but that might make him seem pompous. Instead, buy him the Elegant Gear Top Hat. He’ll still make a grand entrance, but the hat is understated enough that your pet will not seem like faux royalty. Also it looks nice with a suit!

Princess Lunara Collectors Parasol & Shenkuu-Inspired Paper Parasol

Neocash: Princess Lunara Collectors Parasol

Neopoint: Shenkuu-Inspired Paper Parasol

A parasol is a necessity at all outdoor parties. Wouldn’t want your pet’s fur to get burned, now would we? Both of these parasols will protect your pet from the harsh sun and still allow her to look fabulous and stylish!

Krawk Island Pirate Ship Background / View of Krawk Island from Ship Background & The Black Pawkeet Background

Neocash: The Black Pawkeet Background

Neopoint: Krawk Island Pirate Ship Background / View of Krawk Island from Ship Background

Avast, ye mateys! A pirate pet is not complete without a piratey background. These are all fine, suitable choices – and one is even free! Just make sure someone is behind the ship’s wheel while your pirate is being admired by everyone.

Adorable Yellow Mallard Float Ring & Green Hissi Float Ring

Neocash: Adorable Yellow Mallard Float Ring

Neopoint: Green Hissi Float Ring

Does your pet need help swimming? If so, round up one of these float rings! Both are experts at keeping pets afloat, and are charming to boot.

Father Times Watch & Wind Up Pocket Watch

Neocash: Father Times Watch

Neopoint: Wind Up Pocket Watch

Is your pet always running late? He needs a watch, then. Both of these watches keep time accurately, and have the added bonus of being able to be clipped onto a jacket or tucked inside a pocket! Yay, no more bulky wristwatches!

Cloud Garland & Feet in the Clouds Foreground

Neocash: Feet in the Clouds Foreground

Neopoint: Cloud Garland

You may have a pet whose head is always in the clouds. For your perpetual daydreamers, it’s only fitting to surround them with clouds. Instead of just putting clouds at her feet, put her head in them too! She’ll be happy as can be while dreaming about everything under the sun.

Dashing Gothic Jacket & Fancy Frock Coat

Neocash: Dashing Gothic Jacket

Neopoint: Fancy Frock Coat

Sometimes a pet needs a long coat. It gets cold sometimes, you know! Both of these jackets are trendy and smart-looking, perfect for both genders.


And there are lots more. :) However, there are also some kick-butt NP wearables that don’t even have NC compatriots! HOW ABOUT THAT.

This section is thus dedicated to such items!

Elegant Punk Guitar

Is your pet a musician? A rock star, to be precise? Well, then what are you waiting for? Get him this guitar! Elegant and exciting, this guitar is certain to make him the most famous pet around.

Backup guitarists not required.

Altador Cup Collectors Jacket

This jacket is the definition of perfection for Altador Cup fans and jocks. It’s not team-specific, so your pet can wear it and support whichever team he’s rooting for, year after year.

Inside TNTs Breakroom Refrigerator Background

Another option for a midnight snack? The nearest refrigerator. Stocked with all sorts of delicious things, your pet is certain to be full when she goes back to bed at 3 AM.

Tour of Mystery Magnifying Glass

A staple for every detective, this magnifying glass is in abundance and very handy! If your pet is tracking something down, make sure to give him this to make his job easier.

Novelty Blue Blumaroo Slippers

There is nothing worse than your feet touching cold ground when you wake up. Keep these slippers near your pet’s bed to keep her feet warm and toasty as she shuffles about her morning routine! With cute little Blumaroos at the toes, they’re sure to be her favourite slippers.


Hopefully this article convinced you that there are, indeed, several fantastic Neopoint wearables out there, and that you needn’t rely upon Neocash to make your Neopets look great. Several Neopoint wearables are very reasonably priced, too, which may help your bank account breathe. :P

Happy customizing!

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