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A Neopian's Guide to Freezers

by rider_galbatorix


If you've been Battledoming for a while, freezing and freezers are probably topics that you've been across a couple of times. If not, then you should probably know about them before you start.

What's freezing? Basically, it's a condition in the Battledome. If you're frozen, then a small snowflake comes below your screen, and you're not able to do anything for one turn; you can just click the Go! button.

Following this reasoning, freezers are weapons that freeze. Also, they have a limit, or you can only have one of them in your set. You used to be able to have as many as you wanted, but TNT thankfully changed that.

Now, the next question would be, what is freeze bombing? Now, here we have to go into the abilities berserk and fierce attack. You should already have fierce attack, but you'll need to reach level 50 to get the berserk attack ability. These abilities increase your damage a lot; berserk attack increases by 50%, but the amount they increase is also dealt to you. In simpler terms, using berserk attack also increases the damage done to you.

However, if your opponent is frozen, they're doing absolutely no damage to you. So, the negative side is not that clearly visible. Now, freeze-bombing is when someone uses their most powerful weapons (usually a bomb like ghostkerbomb or honey potion) while using berserk/fierce attack. This does massive amounts of damage, so if you're battling against an opponent with nearly the same health as you, it will most probably defeat them.

Finally, we will address the topic of late-freezing. You see, most people freeze on the first turn in the Battledome, but if your health is high enough, it is possible to survive one freeze bombing. Then, you can freeze later and do massive amounts of damage, which would not be possible if you had frozen at the same time.

Now, before we head on, a note on whether freezers are important. In one-player, it's just a minor inconvenience not to have a freezer; the faerie ability Fiery Gaze and a Snowglobe staff are usually enough.

Now, if you're doing two-player, if you don't have a freezer, your opponent will freeze-bomb you on the first turn and then you will lose the battle. However, it's possible to go on the Neoboards and ask for a battle without freezers; many people are willing enough.

So, we now conclude with that portion. Next, I'm going to show you the different types of freezers and what they do:

1. The first category is the non-100% freezers. They only have a small percentage of freezing, like 10%, and break after freezing, but they are cheap and if you're playing one-player you should have one of these:

a. Green Frost Cannon: The cheapest of this category. It only has a freezing chance of about 10%, but it costs about 7 thousand neopoints. I've used this for a while; it's not too bad.

b. Snowglobe Staff: This has a much higher freezing chance; some say it's even about 20%. However, it's really random, and can also give snowballs, attack or just breaks for the battle. At around 45 thousand, it's pretty good.

c. Rainbow/Black Frost Cannon: I really don't like these. Sure, they have chances of freezing about 10% more of the time, around 27%, but they cost so much it's not justified. Really, you're much better off with a Snowglobe Staff and save those neopoints for something else.

d. Fiery Gaze/Diamond Dust: Okay, these aren't weapons. But they're abilities and they pretty much work in the same way as the other freezers. Diamond Dust is an Air Faerie ability at level 28, while fiery gaze is a Fire Faerie one at level 6, so it is preferable.

2. Now we move on to the 100% freezers, fragile freezers. These are guaranteed to freeze, but usually break. They are useful for some of those one-player opponents though.

a. Ancient Lupe Wand: If you have a Lupe, then you're in luck. This wand freezes all the time, with a price tag one-fifth of the Scroll of Freezing. If you don't, well, there are other things.

b. Scroll of Freezing/Terror Stone: Yes, these are for everyone. They can break, but the cost of the Scroll is much less than that of the Stone.

3. Now, to the non-fragile 100% non-icons freezers! That was complicated; all it means are the freezers which will freeze all of the time, don't break permanently, and don't do any icons, they just freeze.

a. Entangling Lenny Lasso/ Lenny Ray Gun of Freezing: Amazing is the only word you can give. Split Lenny Morphing Potions are now buyable, and these are only for our Lennies. They are the cheapest ones out there, only 3 million or less.

b. Icy Chia Goggles: Only for Chias, again around 3-4 million neopoints. You can ask to be chia-floured and turn into a Chia, though it might take some time for people to trust you.

c. H4000 Helmet: Ah yes, the classic. If you want your pet to keep its species, this weapon freezes for any species. However, I don't like this one either. For 7 million, you're much better off saving just another few hundred thousand and getting a Magical Marbles of Mystery, a much better choice. If you want a cheap freezer, the species ones are the best.

4. Now, we turn to the freezers, just like the ones above except these do icons of damage once. Now, some may think a few icons don't matter, but you really don't want to fight behind from the start, do you?

a. Golden Peophin Harp: This blocks three dark icons. The downside is you need to be a Peophin, and there's no easy way to morph to one. Also, it's rarity 99 and it'll be hard to find, and probably expensive.

b. Heavy Blue Tunic: This freezer is a bit strange; you'll need over 1000 intelligence to use this. Not only that, it also costs around 7 million neopoints. It blocks three wind, three fire and three water icons. Not bad.

c. Freezing Potion: This barely costs more than the H4000 Helmet, and also does 2 water icons. More preferable than the helmet.

d. Magical Marbles of Mystery: The best, only a few more hundred thousand than the H4000 helmet, and probably the one you should save up for. It does three physical icons, and being on the Hidden Tower makes the price steady.

5. Now, there are some freezers which cost a lot, but also do a lot of icons. Most of you (like me) will never be able to afford these:

a. Sleep Ray: At around thirty million neopoints, this does two dark icons and two air icons. It's generally blocked by the Heavy Blue Tunic, so not that much of a preferable buy.

b. Sloth Approved Hair Gel: A Smuggler's Cove item, it costs around 20 million neopoints. Given its high price, and the fact that it does only two dark icons which can be blocked by Heavy Blue Tunic, it's just not worth it.

c. Moehog Skull: This is the king of freezers. No, you don't need a Moehog to use it, and not only does it freeze, it does 10 air and 5 dark for 15 icons in attack, but also defends 5 earth and 5 darkness icons. The downside? It costs about 800 million, and you'll probably never afford one.

6. Now, on to our final category. These are the multi-freezers. These have a low chance of freezing, but don't disappear after freezing. Yes, you could freeze your opponent 5 turns in a row. Only this is, the chance are only around 17%, and losing the first turn freeze usually leads to your defeat. These are only useful if your health is around over 1500.

a. Slumberberry Potion: The classic, it does 10 water icons and has a freeze chance of around 17%.

b. Ice Dice: Unlike the potion, this is not on the Hidden Tower and therefore costs a whole lot more. However, its chance to freeze is 25%, or one in four. It's retired, so its price has sky-rocketed.

So, there you have it. Most of the freezers in Neopia that are actually worth using. Look at your budget and pick one up.

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