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I have tried for several days to search the Shop Wiz for Bubbling Healing Goo, so that I can restore hit points to my Neopet. When I click on the username of someone with it in their shop, however, I see the following: "This lookup contained profanity and has been blocked." All 20 in the returned search said the same thing, and I know most Neopians are better than that! This has to be a glitch or coding error. Can you please look into this? Thanks! ~wifenomore
This was a coding error, and thankfully not a case of countless Neopians developing a pottymouth... phew! It's fixed now. Sorry about that!

Are we allowed to post links / advertise our blogs (such as a [blogsite], etc.) on our User Lookup or Petpage? I'd like to be sure that it's "legal" before doing so. Thank you! :) ~bitefrost
Please don't link offsite. You're more than welcome to put Neopets-appropriate content on your Petpages, as long as it abides by our Terms and Conditions. We want to discourage people from linking offsite, as even though you may be linking to something perfectly harmless, other people seeing your link and thinking offsite links are okay may not.

Is the fire Werhond from the new daily supposed to be unpaintable? ~scifi_crazy
Yes. It's a specific prize, and will not be capable of being painted another colour.

Dear TNT,
Has the Happiness Faerie been turned to stone as well?


Oddly, no. She's trying her best to remain perfectly still for some reason, though...

Hey, TNT. I have a question about the Pet Spotlight. I wanted to enter my lab rat, so I drew up a picture and wrote an entry. I usually characterize him as a Halloween Chia, but right now he's a Bori. If I say in the story that he USED to be a Chia, am I allowed to have him as a Chia in the picture, or does he need to be a Bori? ~almightywebmistress
If you're entering him as a Bori, his picture needs to be of him as a Bori. You can definitely talk about his intriguing past, however!

You recently released some new Eyrie wearables. Weeeell... I haven't been able to find their names anywhere. I'm especially interested in that floppy top hat with the long white hair. In fact, whoever designed it deserves a cookie. Please tell me what it's called... ~astroluna2
Excellent choice of clothing, especially with Halloween coming up. That hat is part of the Eerie Eyrie clothing set. The hat is specifically called an Eerie Eyrie Hat. We'll also pass on your compliments to the artist. :)

Sometimes a mysterious entity known as the "Scamander-in-chief" will donate Scamanders to The Money Tree. Is catching a Scamander at all possible (since every attempt seems to end in the Scamander wriggling out of reach and running away), or is this Scamander-in-chief fellow running a clever scam? Please remove my username. ~username removed
It's quite possible -- just very, very difficult. Scamanders are squirmy little things, and catching one is no small feat!

Staay. Staaaaay...

I was late getting to the Battledome and am wondering: does not qualifying for one of the bonus prize tiers affect my plot score? Did I just sabotage my chances of getting the best prizes at the end? Also, if these questions are driving you insane, would you consider adding "quests" to your list of Editorial subjects? ~lauracat6
Not at all. Any wins past cap will not affect your plot score. Those extra items are there so players that enjoy the Battledome and continue to fight past cap can still earn rewards for their efforts. :)

*chucks some expensive noms around from failed Kadoatie feeds* Hi, guys! I know there are rules set by TNT about board behaviour, but when a board posts rules of behaviour as the Kad board does and people then do not follow these requests, is it considered spamming? Would someone get a warning for falsely reporting this behaviour, even though the rules being broken are not official rules from TNT? Please remove my username. I just want to know, not cause an outcry! ~username removed
We will only warn players for breaking site rules, not rules stated by players creating threads. Players are free to post where they'd like, as long as they are respecting the Terms and Conditions of the site. Only if they are spamming under our definition of spamming will they merit a warning. Reporting someone simply for not following your own stated board rules will more likely merit you a warning for false reporting.

Hi, guys! I have occasionally noticed that the music in some of your Flash games isn't really all that "original." For example, I have heard the music from Dueling Decks in other independent Flash games on the web, long before your game was released. I'm not accusing you of stealing music, but I'd like to know if any of your games have music that you guys composed yourselves before you send Meepits after me. Thank you so much! ~emmym1693
Some themes have been composed by us, such as Sutek's Tomb and Meepit Juice Break. If you would like a more complete list of songs that are original to our site games, you might want to check out the music link in Pet Central. For the most part, of late we've been purchasing the right to use certain pieces of music. This is why you might hear the same pieces in other corners of the interwebs.

I can't add games like Plushie Tycoon, Potato Counter, and Cheat! onto my favorites for the Games Room. Is there a way to do that? Thankies. :) ~jenn120
Only Flash games can be added to your favourites section, unfortunately. D: The games you've listed are PHP games.

Dear TNT and mr.coconut,
*hands cookies* I noticed that the evil coconuts are classified under "Kiko Lake Coin." Surely this is a mistake... please explain! ~akikins

For the purposes of the Stamp Album, evil coconuts are considered coins, because stamps are flat and sticky. Coins are round and heavy. Therefore, coconuts are more like coins than stamps. /sage nod Of course, that begs the question as to why the coins are classified as Kiko Lake Coins, when they aren't even sold there. To clear matters up, we'll tell you that the Coin Shop was originally supposed to open as a shop on Kiko Lake, but due to a rental disagreement, the Skeith that runs the Coin Shop decided to select a cheaper location in the Deep Catacombs beneath Neopia Central.

You guys have released thousands of items over the years. Where do you find the inspiration to keep coming up with new ideas? GOOD NIGHT! ~infernodragon02
We're not particularly sane, as items like Undead Broccoli may suggest. Insanity lends itself to countless new item combinations!


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