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Neopian Sickness

by ansley61


So your neopet has gotten sick! This may seem like such a terrible thing, but actually, curing a sick neopet can be quite easy... or they can be extremely hard to cure. Find out by reading this article if there is hope for your neopet! Read on to find out all about getting sick, and curing the disease! But first things first; before you read on, you need to be sure you know your pet's disease and what the symptoms are (you can find that out in the Hospital located in the Plaza in Neopia Central). If you have already done that, you can read on. Shall we begin?

First of all, here you will see the disease and things that will cure it. We will be working with three shops now. The Pharmacy, the Emergency Supplies Shop (in the Lost Desert, Sakhmet) and Remarkable Restoratives in Shenkuu. You might hear me just call it "the Shenkuu Med Shop" but you'll know what I mean. Let's start now. From the beginning!

Neogitus - You can easily find a medicinal toothbrush at the pharmacy, but you can also go someplace new. At the Shenkuu Med shop, there is some slimy tree bark waiting there for you! Or you can go to the Sakhmet Med shop, and pick up some Cherry Lozenge.

Bloaty Belly - These days it's pretty easy to find flat-u-less tablets, but I will tell you that a lime lozenge is usually cheaper. Or if you have some cash just burning a hole in your pocket, go spend 5,000 neopoints on white squid root in Shenkuu.

Achy Head - Magic goop is very hard to find cheap, so why not get some aching lotion from Sakhmet, or neopets love the taste of black cherry tea, so you can get them that.

Shock-a-lots - Ultra rubber gloves are the only thing I have come across that cure Shock-a-lots, but if you hear of anything else, please tell me!

Watery Eyes - I can surely tell you that onion balm can burn the eyes at first, then stop the watering. Healing gauze patches work quite fine and are very soothing indeed, along with tasty, fruity, dried orange peels.

Neoblues - This can happen when something sad happens in your neopet's life such as a petpet dying. Steaming green tea and tasty pie will work. Who doesn't like pie?

Floppy Tongue - Tongue shrinker injection and there is a slight chance that soothing bandages will work, along with seaweed paste.

Cricky Neck - A neck brace, cut and dried stalks, and scamander slime will do the job.

Neomites - Warm neomites wraps might work. So will a neomites injection and soothing stones.

Blurred Vision - Dried black mushrooms, finely ground bean powder and extra thick goggles. Maybe minor healing ointment.

Neggitus - Neggitus injection, lemon lozenge.

Sneezles - Magic cookie, Sneezle powder.

D'achoo - Cobrall root, Neopkins, blueberry lozenge.

Shaky Flakys - Shaky flaky cream, clay and leaf paste.

Grumbles - Grumble-be-gone tablets.

Chickaroo - Herbal Scrambled Eggs.

Bloaty Feet - Magic smelly socks and brilliant draik flower.

Kikoughela - Kikoughela syrup, kikoughela drops.

Lumps - Medicinal mud bath, talon root, sandy creme.

Neophobia - Step out shoes, dried mushrooms, heated blanket.

Hoochie Coochies - Hoochie Coochie tablets.

Neomonia - Medicinal soap, warm green blanket.

Neezles - Neezles jab.

Itchy Scratchies - Itchy scratchie cream, dried prampet leaves.

Neopox - Neopox pizza.

Neowarts - Neowart fungus.

Bubbles - Bubbles herbal drink, lotus leaves, scamander syrup.

Neoflu - Neoflu jelly pills.

Fuzzy Fungus - Honey blossom extract.

Ugga-Ugga - Sporkle syrup, gwotek syrup, shrimp powder, peppermint stomach medicine.

Reptillioritus - Cactopus cream.

Doldrums - Mushroom ointment.

Jitters - Potion of Containment, fuzzy pink blanket, crumble fungus.

Spyder Bite - Spyder Juice Elixir.

Pollenitus - Crater fruit elixir, powdered green tea.


Next let me tell you about all the foods you should never eat, and if you eat them, what disease they will give you.

Rotten omelette - Ugga-Ugga

Poisonous Jelly - Neomonia

Poisonous Lollypop - Floppy Tongue

Ferocious negg - Random Disease

Vortex Negg - Neggitus

Poisonous Mushroom - Neopox

Now we will learn about allergies. Yes, allergies. You probably had no idea that neopets had allergies. So read ahead to see different kinds of allergies.

Skeith - If you give a Skeith anything that has the word cheese in it, it will result in neezles. This happens because normal Neopian cheese has a certain ingredient that forms spots on the Skeith's skin, that happens because it affects the pigment in the Skeith's skin, so it just kind of happens, I guess.

Tonu - A melted chocolate negg fed to a Tonu is like a cylinder full of pure poison being jabbed vigorously into its stomach. Now that is gonna hurt and leave a mark! It sure does sound painful, and indeed it is. So please be nice and do not give your Tonu any neggs, and have them be sick in bed with neezles.

Quiggles - Please do not give your Quiggle cream, or else they will be sick in bed with, you guessed it, neezles. Neezles, neezles, and more neezles! They are already so happy, bouncy, smiley and wild, as it is that too much cream can make them have a sugar rush, and then imagine how stressful just trying to make them sit down must be! So you do not want to give your Quiggle cream. I can barely even think about what would happen if they ate way too much cream, and they had a sugar rush, and then they had jitters, plus their regular old happy, bouncy, smiley, and wild selves! YIKES!

Kyrii - Hey look, an apple. Maybe you should give it to your Kyrii. WRONG! Never give a Kyrii an apple. In fact, never give a Kyrii any kind of food that has the word apple in it. You go ahead and still give it to your Kyrii. Bad mistake. Now he is using a pitchfork to scratch himself! Because guess what? He has terribly bad itchy scratchies. You better go and get some cream for that. Or he will be scratching all day! Lesson learned. Never give a Kyrii an apple.

Here are a few things more things you need to know about.

If you spin the Wheel of Excitement, and you land on the skull, your active neopet will receive chickaroo. Or if you spin the Wheel of Misfortune, and land on pox... you guessed it, neopox.

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