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Time is Neopoints

by hermione32606


ALL AROUND NEOPIA - The title makes this seem like this is a guide to make Neopoints - but in truth, it is very different. So many people appear to be caught up in the Neopoint hype, when there are many more important things besides these shiny objects used to buy items. Neopia has so many magnificent things to offer - such as guilds, neoboards, The Neopian Times, and so much more. But far too many people forget the most important feature - the Neopets.

After all this is a virtual pet planet (The Space Station and Kreludor included) and its name is Yet countless things have turned Neopoint based. For example, just 2 out of 9 users feed their pet(s) something besides free or cheap foods. Instead pets are stuck eating free omelettes, desert foods, and non-existent jelly from a non-existent “giant jelly”. Hardly anyone buys anything “for” their pet. Some examples are baby food for baby pets, chocolate for junk food junkies, or spooky food for spooky pets. What would you do if someone only gave you really cheap food because they cared more about Neopoints than you? Your pet probably gets tired of those foods and inedible food (at best) from Cockroach Towers.

Putting pets in a Neolodge all of the time is also a sign of Neopia becoming far too Neopoint owned. I even ventured to the Haunted Woods to talk to the owner of Cockroach Towers…

When walking up to this place of doom… I began to smell the stench miles away! An hour later I reached the door, nearly passing out from the stench, I opened the falling part excuse of a door and tapped that cool little bell thing at the desk to get some service (too bad it didn’t work). Several minutes later when someone finally answered I managed to croak out “May-I-speak-to-the-manager?” I would have rather bathed in a used petpet litter than stay in there! When the Manager finally came down I managed the choke out the question, “Do you get a lot of business at this place?” while brushing dead Spyders off of me. Right near my face he replied, “Of course, with all of the Neopoint pinchers out there who care more about price rather than- well that’s all I got, since I think I passed out during the middle of the interview, partially because of his breath- I mean because he really tried to blend in with the place he owned… But from experience Cockroach Towers is the worse place in all of Neopia (well aside from some of the inappropriate neoboards that thankfully get deleted fairly quickly) I would never ever put any of my Neopets in there!

What about toys? Most Neopians (2 out of 3) have their pets play with the same toy over and over again. While the toy may be interesting and inexpensive, your pet will probably get tired of the monotony of it, and the toy will haunt its dreams! Your poor little Neopet will eventually rip the toy (now you know why there are ripped toys in Neopia… or even worse, your poor little pet tries to use a never-existing Strawberry Jelly as a trampoline! Toys are what make your Neopets happy (along with love, care, and decent meals) Playing with the same toy time and time again is like reading this sentence over and over again, like reading this sentence over and over again, like reading this sentence over and over again. Simply put, buying another simple toy or two for your pets will make their playtime infinitely better… and looking at all the awesome toys will most likely be more entertaining for you than staring at a huge pile of Neopoints as well

There is even more evidence that Neopia is all about the Neopoints. Take the Money Tree for instance, usually there is only about one or two items there. Most of those items are from Tombola. I rarely see an item that will truly help the new (yet every little item is always snatched up right away!) The ghosts seem to steal all of the donations more than they used to. If people don’t donate, a lot bad things will happen.

“The Soup Kitchen is kept running by donations from the Money Tree, so make sure one day when you are rich that you donate!!!” The Soup Faerie says that every time someone gets in line at the soup kitchen. With so many hungry and poor pets I’m surprised her tongue hasn’t fallen off yet! Remember when you were a newbie? Your pet probably relied on the soup kitchen a lot. The soup there is probably a lot nicer than what many pets eat now! Ahem, not that I had any recently of course. Okay, so my Cybunny took a spoonful home when she was helping out there, sheesh don’t call the authorities on me!

When you are rich and want to help the poor out (or at least the poor who can move quickly), you should donate to the Money Tree, or find someone who is really new and confused (like pretty much everyone else was at one point) and randomly give them items like a “care” package for their pets. See, isn’t that more rewarding than making a few Neopoints. You would only spend about 500 NP or less but really brighten up a lucky pet’s (and their owner’s) day.

Another thing showing that Neopia is ruled by Neopoints is the items. When a new item comes out more owners think “I must buy this to sell it and earn Neopoints!” rather than “I must buy this, my pet will love it!” restocking is huge, and that greatly contributes to the Neopoint based world. Another part about items are things like paint brushes. They are halfway made to make your pet look “cute” or “cool”; they are also a status symbol or wealth. Another feature is galleries all over the place…. It’s a place to have fun collecting items… and a place to show off as well. I’ll admit I had a gallery, but I sold it in order to paint one of my pets.

That brings us to another point on Neopets… different activities people engage in. It’s really fantastic that you can do almost an infinite amount of things on the site… Unfortunately, that’s less of a chance to do activities with your neopet(s). Fifteen out of eighteen Neopians put that games were one of their main activities in Neopia. So many games are really fun! But your pet(s) would probably like a chance to play games with you. I would suggest playing a game of Jubjub Blackjack or Kacheek Seek every now and then. Guilds and Neoboards are also big activities…. There are always Neopet themed guilds to join…. And there are also several pet role-play boards. If you can’t find one that you like, make your own!

There you have it, as you can tell, Neopia is far too Neopoint based. Remember the Neopoints are just as fake or real as the Neopets. So if you are brainwashed and think that the Neopets are fake and don’t care, well that must also mean that Neopoints are fake too. Spending just five minutes with your pet each day can make all the difference!

Author’s Notes: I would like to thank lunascout10, volleyball_megan, fishjillfish, grace2003916, eviljhudora450, chickadee19464, ricab, crio3mo, britbit717, skullkidofmajora128, marythebandnerd, and everyone else I interviewed for helping create the statistics for my article!

Also for my last article: BIG apologies to Ikagen in my last article where it says Kagen ((Still bangs head))

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