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Amy's Troup

"A Very Convincing Aisha"

by ambika456
Rock Pool Rascals

Pirate's Parley

Story by fallingflowers

by leptonychotes

The Curse...

Do Neopets really like being made out of snow? I don't think so.

by springsteen0991
A Taste of His Own Medicine

Hehe... take that!

by kushbi
Only for the Hardcore: Slorg Avatar

Ready...Set... GO!

Idea by Gkskis

Inked and Colored by Aizar

by keldor31415926535

Hungry Zaffy

The best food in the entire world of Neopia... ASPARAGUS!

by akemiakiko
Anagrams vs. Crosswords

Bandaged hands aren't good for anybody...

by petitewyvern
Mint Chocolate Moehog

What is a pupil?

by kaboble2462
Negg Juice

Cool! What does it do?

by blackacid
Trophy Troubles

Monsters are attacking!

by precious_katuch14
Random Life

A future artist!

by nolwe

C.S joins the paparazzi...

by chibikatza
Meuka Madness

Mmm... pizza...

by skypupgoddess
I Thought You Were the Normal One!

Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful...

by kuroneka_sama
The Morals of Pickled Olives

Don't get too excited...

Idea by guesswho976

by shadih_temporary

Major Malfunction #16

Woo! Woo!

by moonxtal
Petpet Neoschool

What would Petpet school be like?

by springsteen0991
Battledome: Wall of Shame

Come on, I was scared...

by timon567
Adventures of Hannah and Armin

Hey! That tickles!

by spuddie_hang
Pretty Flowers!


by dark_elfa
Roy and Dramonti

Maybe you should be happy for your friends...

by dralora
The Neochaos


by leana_24
Beyond Strange

Why you should never take lollypops from people who look like Sloth in disguise...

by bugeyedthing
Life with Sparkalar

I'm just gonna LOVE living here... T_T;

by nestly2552chi
The Chronicles of Rohane: When Rohane Met Mipsy

You had me at "Direct Damage"

by ledsrevenge2
Something Has Happened

"Worst Day Ever"

Drawn by ghostkomorichu

by tdyans

Oh Gosh.

Mmm. Hot dog.

by matrices
Opposable Thumbs

It tastes like snot!

by meiastar
Virtu Agents

"Worst Waiting Room Ever"

by agentsaepenon
The Chaos Control

"Newb Logic"

by twilight_sketch
As Much as a Bori Can Take

If you like rare food AND soup, you can't lose!

by kudou
Faerie Woes

Woe #4: Supply and Demand

by roller_coaster26


by jupeboxgal
Something Inconceivable #1

I think this paintbrush is a dud.

by mournfulsoul
Air Heads

Faeries rejected in the Neopets Team staff meeting.

by rachelfiremistress
The Pet Patrol Revolution - Monotony

Boredom gone wrong...

by neo_tomi
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"Coming Clean" by griffiane
"Come on Alyai! It'll be fun; we won't stay too long. We'll just race there and then go straight home. Griff will never know."

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What REALLY Goes On Inside the NT Submission Form
"Hello Miss," said the Zafara, waving at Rachel. "I'm Nigel Randonon. Would you like to buy some of my Juppie Juice Ink? It's not real juice, it just smells like it! All your friends will love receiving letters from you!"

by jesse12_3


Of Wockies and Rukies
"Well, uh," Sapphire replied, "I've never seen a Ruki before!" she blurted out. "What are you doing here in Neopia Central? I thought you were a Lost Desert pet!"

by dan4884


NT Fans, Attack!
I’m quite sure you’ve heard of the NT. If you haven’t, it is really surprising that you’re actually reading this. Well, just for you people who don’t know, NT stands for the Neopian Times...

by shadowcristal


A Guide to Art and Getting Into the Art Gallery
Want to know how to get started on drawing, and learn several techniques for getting into the Art Gallery?

by lobstermagnetcty


The Odd Egg Out: Part Three
While the two pets ate, Heromisan thought about something, something that was nagging at the back of his mind. Suddenly, it came to him...

by legilis


Judgment: Part Two
So much has happened I can hardly remember it all. I have been foolish, and I suppose I received my punishment for it, but that doesn't mean I can't regret it...

by orginalcliche

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