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What Should You Do When the Zombies Attack?

by darkness_kitten


This is a question that all inhabitants of Neopia should be asking themselves. With the emergence of zombie pets, I’m sure all Neopians have one thing on their minds: what to do when the zombies eventually try and take over Neopia. As scary as it sounds, there is no doubt that this will one day happen. True, there are only a few specimens at this point, but as we all know, zombie numbers can swell to overwhelming proportions in a short time. Preparation is the key to surviving the hordes of zombified pets roaming the land.

Today we will discuss the first step in any zombie plan, the Survival Kit. True, you could buy an overpriced premade kit from one of the specialty stores in Neopia, but premade kits lack the versatility that a homemade kit provides.

To reassure you, making your own kit is the best option; consider the following.

1) You can personalize it to you and your pets’ needs. It doesn’t do you much good to buy several kits packed with cookies and chocolates when your pet dislikes sweets. And it can be difficult if not downright impossible to find a premade kit that caters to any special need, if your pet has any allergies, for example.

2) You can take into account your plan on how to survive the zombie invasion. If you prefer to stay in one place and hide, a large amount of food and water are more important than an easily moved shelter.

3) You won’t be surprised by an item in the kit that you weren’t expecting or by the lack of something essential.

4) If you need to make more than one kit, buying in bulk is often less expensive than single items. And it’s simple to quickly put together several kits.

5) Quality. There is nothing as nice as knowing exactly how good (or cheap) the items in your kit are.

Making your own kit is both easy and inexpensive. The following is a list of all items I would consider necessary for the most basic of kits. It’s fine to add more or substitute some items for similar objects depending on personal taste; just remember not to make your kit too heavy. It’s not a good idea to be weighed down while being chased by zombies.

Each kit should cover the following areas: drink, food, shelter, protection, and comfort, listed in order of importance.

1) Bottle of Water selling for an estimated 800 NP. This item is perfect to quench your pets' thirst, keep them hydrated and never spoil. To be safe, you should have at least three bottles for each day you want your kit to last. If you are planning on making multiple kits, buying Two Bottles of Water may be a better deal at only 600 NP each. Try and stay away from any of the canned colas; it’s nothing more than sugar water.

2) A variety of food that can’t spoil, such as Dried Apricots (a low 5 NP), Turkey Jerky (1500 NP), Dried Mango (1500 NP), and Stale Bread (100 NP). As well, you might consider keeping a supply of fruit on hand, not in the kit but stocked in your kitchen, which you can grab and add when the need arises. Make sure you take into account the eating habits of your pets and how many extra calories will be burned off while running.

3) The Tent, selling at a cheap 300 NP, is the easiest shelter to carry with you. With simple instructions, it is a necessity for comfortable sleeping. The Warm Green Blanket, 3000 NP, is not something you would find in a storebought kit. While not strictly necessary to survival, I’ve found the addition of the blanket makes the nights easier to bear.

4) Pressurized Water is a good item to keep you safe. The only downfall is the ease in which it can be confused with your bottled water, which is why I would suggest any of the snowballs for protection. Easy to carry and simple to use, they are the most basic form of zombie protection.

5) Lastly is comfort, small items that will make escaping with your lives just that much easier. Not necessary for survival in the strictest sense, I firmly believe a kit is nothing without a few items that make the horror of running from zombies more endurable. A spare set of clothes is a must. A towel, soap, and other basic bathing items, and candles or a lantern for light should be included as well.

A backpack is the best item to pack everything into. Make sure the bag is clearly marked so your pet doesn’t mistake it for a school bag. How foolish would you feel if it was left at school and inaccessible when it was needed most?

These are just the basics. There are many other items that can be added; spare rope, something to start a camp fire, or pens and paper are some examples. Evaluate each item you put in; how would you use it, how often would you use it, is there anything you already have that does the job already? Consider where you live and the weather you are most likely to have. There is no such thing as being too prepared. Avoid things that make loud noises, such as whistles; these will only attract the zombies.

Make sure your pets understand how to use their kit and know how to maintain it. Creating and caring for your survival kit can be a fun family activity. Have a zombie planning party with your neighbors. They may have ideas you didn’t think of.

This kit is not only limited to zombie survival; it can be changed slightly to meet your needs. Meepit attack kit or Sloth invasion kit are other alternatives if you have no fear of zombie attacks. A survival kit is useful in any emergency.

I hope this guide to making your own zombie attack kit has proved helpful. Being prepared is the first step between living to breathe another day or becoming one of the mass of undead creatures.

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