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Hi, TNT! I see a lot of players on the Role Playing boards who'll make a board and post an offline site name such as name dot name dot com, or something similar. Has it been stated in previous Editorials whether it is against the rules to post such things? I've seen them and am not sure if they are allowed. Thanks! ~val_kore
No, redirecting players off-site for any reason is strictly against our Terms and Conditions. Therefore, it will get you into trouble. We realise that this may seem harsh, but it is for everyone's safety. Please report any of these that you see.

Dear TNT, I played Nimmo's Pond yesterday and I managed to get onto the High-Score Tables. This morning, when I checked my profile, I noticed that I'd won the bronze trophy, but the trophy's image was broken. I did some research and it seems that the image is broken for everyone who's won a trophy for this game! Can you please get your awesome graphics team together and make a trophy for Nimmo's Pond? Thank you very much and enjoy all the cookies everyone keeps throwing to you in the Editorials! :) ~p45soa
First, congrats on reaching a trophy level! *throws confetti* We did some searching of our own and found that the Nimmo's Pond trophy is, in fact, missing. Oh dear! We suspect the Meepits had something to do with this. We'll get it fixed as soon as we can. *noms on cookies*

I have a guild and I know that giving out Neopoints or items is absolutely not allowed. We made fun little graphics to give out instead, as a way of saying thank you. Are we allowed to give out these graphics? We use them to determine if someone can go up a rank or not, but not for anything having to do with Neopoints or items in any way. Is using graphics an okay way to say thank you to our members for being awesome? Please remove my username. :D ~username removed
Giving out graphics (that you or another guild member made and are not copyrighted images) to your "awesome" guild members is fine. We only ask that you don't reward your members with Neopoints or items, as some people will use these as a way to scam other players. Scammers and cheaters ruin all the fun, don't they? :/

Dear TNT, you ask us to delete old messages, even putting "If you could help us by deleting old messages, we would really appreciate it!" Would it be possible to have a "Delete All" function for the Inbox? It would really help clear up my clustered box AND solve the problem that you want us to fix. ~1omaxo1
That does sound like a useful tool. We'll check with our programmers to see if it's possible, but we will look into it. Thanks for the suggestion!

Why is the grumpy king so grumpy? Would he like it if I baked him cookies? :P ~cute_fluffball
We've asked King Skarl this question on many occasions and always end up being tossed out of his castle. Maybe it's all the bad jokes he has to listen to every day? *shrugs*

Let's hope he doesn't proclaim a royal decree making this mandatory reading!

Several weeks ago, I submitted a picture of the Zafara Princess to the Art Gallery and was pleased to see it published. Recently I submitted some more images of Zafaras (although not that one again), in hopes of getting in on Zafara Day. To my surprise, when the day rolled around, the picture that had been published before was there again - even though I hadn't resubmitted it! I can't get in trouble for this, can I? ~togepi_forever
D'oh! Our Art Gallery Expert must have poured a cup of decaf that day by mistake. You can stop checking over your shoulder for an evil Meepit army coming to attack. The fault was completely on our end. Congrats on having a picture that we liked so much we published it twice!

Hello, TNT! *would give you soup, but I can't give people soup anymore* :( There's a minor glitch with one of the Neotitles. I'd love to go around on the boards with my Neotitle being "Adventure Writer" (I'm an up and coming writer, you see), but when I select it and save changes in My Preferences, it ends up being "0" instead of Adventure Writer. While 0's the coolest number and all, it's not as cool as Adventure Writer. Could you please fix this? ~sceptil99
Hmm, it does appear that all our Adventure Writers are showing as 0's. We'll see about getting this fixed so you can proudly show your fellow Neopians your cool Adventure Writer title.

Do you, the Editorial answer-bot, consult with the artists / programmers / miscellaneous team members before you add another job for them, or do they have to shake their fists when they find out about an "upcoming" avatar / item / miscellaneous task you've outlined in the Editorial answers? ~not_so_shorty_12
We've equipped our small corner of the office with trapdoors, anti-Meepit shields, and doughnut-launching catapults, if that answers your question.

We're out of doughnuts... RUN!!!

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Hi TNT, I love to play Key Quest, but unfortunately I run into a lot of players who quit when you're about to win. I generally ignore it, but several people have mentioned Neomailing the person or sending them a Pile of Dung. Is this allowed? ~aquamarine8402
Although quitters can be frustrating, sending them a Pile of Dung, posting their name on a board, or sending them a mean Neomail is considered harassment (and therefore a warnable offence). If you would like to report a user, please fill out the form located here and we will be happy to look into it for you without the use of a Dung Catapult. ;)

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