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Top Ten Mushrooms

by emmabat_3


Mushrooms... everybody loves them, right? Well, maybe not everyone, but we do! So we come to present you Neopia's most awesome mushrooms. They come in all varieties for all your needs... mushrooms so valuable they're only for selling and putting in galleries, mushrooms to heal your illnesses, mushrooms that are furniture, and, our personal favorite, mushrooms for eating! You may think 'yuck' when mushrooms come up, but if you give them a chance, you'll find them delicious, too.

10. Jelly Mushroom

The reason this is only at ten is because jelly doesn't exist. “Well, actually--” “Be quiet, Snow!” *watches as she gets dragged away* Anyway, this mushroom is yummy to eat, and just a bit squishier than your average mushroom. We like it because there's mystery behind its background—where did it come from? How does a jelly wonder exist? *nibbles mushroom* The downside is the cost—do you know how many shops we got banned from by eating their jelly mushrooms?

9. Organic Mushroom

This one actually isn't the best one, but we like it because it's so inexpensive that instead of getting banned from shops they billed our bank account for the money. Plus, it's super-healthy, but with that lovely, salty, mushroom-y taste. It's fairly normal-looking, just light brown, but it's also kind of shiny. We like shiny things. *maniacal laughter* That was fun.

8. Onion and Sliced Mushroom Soup

Mmm... thinking back to the description, not only does it SMELL really good, but there's really no way it could TASTE any better. Hints of onion and garlic for flavor, two mushrooms for a garnish, and lots and lots of diced mushrooms all mixed together in a creamy broth. This is perfect for a cold winter's day. And, if you eat it all, you'll notice a small picture of a mushroom carved into the wooden bowl. Really, what's better than some nice soup? Ooh, I know! Free samples of some nice soup! *glares at shopkeepers*

7. Glowing Pre-Sliced Mushrooms

These are multipurpose mushrooms... you can either eat them, or use them as a nightlight! Plus, they look great with glowing Neopets. If you feed them to an invisible pet, you can watch them glow as they go down! Glowing Pre-Sliced Mushrooms only taste okay, but I rank them 100% for entertainment value! Say good-bye to being afraid of the dark with these cave mushrooms at your side. Three cheers for bioluminescence!

6. Mushroom Soup Lamp

This is another two-in-one... not only is it a lamp, but you can slurp the soup from the bowl! However, beware of the electrical wires, they create painful experiences as I made clear in a certain article about cheese. The description is true; the soup slowly simmering in the lamp makes the room smell lovely. The soup makes a great sauce for foods like hot dogs and steak, and adds a very interesting flavor. The lamp itself is decorated in calming browns and a simple off-white lampshade. So not only is it a delicacy, but it's pretty, too. Though expensive, this lamp is worth it as you will never go hungry with it by your side!

5. Rosemary Mushroom Tea

This rather strange-looking pale-pink tea is actually quite delicious! The mushrooms happen to be inedible raw, as they are when you buy it, but all you have to do is heat it in the microwave and they will become part of the most delightful mushroom tea you'll ever drink. In fact, Rosemary Mushroom Tea is probably the only mushroom tea you'll ever drink, PERIOD, as most tea is sadly lacking mushrooms.

4. Mushroom Ointment

So this mushroom isn't meant to be eaten, and when you do it tastes like old Ketchup Ice Cream (I boiled my tongue afterward), but it's mushroom medicine! How amazing is that? Just rubbing a little bit of this mushroom extract on your pet's skin will cure it of that nasty doldrums. It also comes in a neat little glass jar with a mushroom-top-shaped lid and little leaves and roots all over. If you painted the jar to not be so dreary, it would make a perfect decoration! Think, you could put it next to your little wooden bowl with the mushroom carving and keep your organic mushrooms in it!

3. Mushroom Pastry Puff

This lovely concoction is a bunch of mushrooms... for dessert! Fluffy pastry puffs with a tasty filling of crushed sweet mushrooms mixed with cream. Give this to your Neopet and they'll love you forever. These are in high demand—just one costs around 10,000 Neopoints! These are definitely a treat strictly for special occasions, but your life is lacking without having tried this mushroom delight.

2. Water Faerie Mushroom

I introduce the lovely Water Faerie Mushroom! This is one of those mushrooms you wouldn't think of feeding your pet, one of those mushrooms just created to be stared at. If you bought it, it would be for your gallery. It has such beauty, much prettier than its cousin the Dark Faerie Mushroom, or the simple Soup Faerie Mushroom. Sparkling water tumbles in a mushroom shape from its stem, a magical mushroom fountain that never stops flowing. What more could your gallery ask for? This is surely a mushroom to be celebrated.

And now... drum-roll, please! Number one in the countdown, the highly acclaimed...

1. Mushrooms on a Stick!

Affordable and yummy, these mushrooms are the best choice on the list. Though plain, with no fancy spices, broths, or sauces, this campfire-roasted snack makes a delectable, anytime treat. Three cute little mushrooms complete with cartoon-ish, cream-colored spots and a maroon cap grilled over the fire on a stick, quote the description, 'There isn't much that is better than mushrooms on a stick roasted over a fire.' How absolutely true.

So there you have it! The best mushrooms to ever grace the face of Neopia. One last thing. *Disclaimer: Do NOT try to take free mushroom samples from shops. It may even result in being banned from the Book Shop. Seriously, that Chia who tells you about your password not being secure enough might come to get you. Not fun.

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