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True Friendship

by rider_galbatorix


Lora stood in her garden, and suddenly she felt very dizzy. She sat down, but it did little to relieve her. She was a Faerie Koi, fed to bloated, and her mood showed ‘delighted!’ However, on the inside, she felt as if someone was drilling a hole through her head. There was a battle waging in her mind.

     She looked down at the book in front of her. It was a normal-sized book, a bit thicker than usual. It was pretty, with a lot of flowers decorated on it. The only flaw in its beauty was a broken lock, which looked like someone had hit it with the point of a sword. All of Lola’s worries were in part because of the book. Her friend, Sarah had given it to her. However, Lola knew that it wasn’t Sarah’s fault this was happening to her. Her mind reeled back two days ago, when this happened.

     Like usual, Lora woke up and got ready for Neoschool. On the way, like usual she walked along with Sarah, a Royal Usul. They had been best friends ever since Sarah had moved from Shenkuu. They always walked to school together. However, this time, Sarah looked a little nervous. That was unusual. She knew that Sarah was usually really optimistic, skipping and bouncing all the way to school. Even after she was painted Royal, she still skipped and ran a laughed like a normal Usul. It was something Lora was thankful for; she had worried that Sarah would stop being her friend after being painted.

     "What's up, Sarah?" she asked her.

     Sarah looked around, and Lora thought she was making sure that no one was watching them. She glanced at her watch and said, "I can't tell you right now. After school, can we go to your house? I need a favor," she said quickly.

     Lora just replied, "Sure, Sarah. We're friends, and if you need something I'll always be there to help you." Sarah brightened and resumed skipping like usual along the way.

     There was a test that day, and three classes in a row of Neopian History, possibly the most boring class that ever existed. The monotony of the class was just tripled by the fact that they were talking about the history of of how the Neopian Economy changed over the years, rather than something interesting like wars. In short, by the end of the day Lora had completely forgotten about Sarah's request, until while they were walking home she said,

     "Okay, I'll come to your house at about 4. Is that okay, or are you doing something?"

     "No, there's nothing special today. " Luckily, Sarah's and Lora's houses were on opposite sides of the street, so it was really easy for them to visit each other. Lora's owner, Brian greeted her and laid down a healthy snack of organic grapes, a green apple, and a glass of orange juice. Then, she went to her room on the second floor.

     Most of Brian's Neopoints had been used in painting her faerie, so their house wasn't too special. Still, since then they had managed to upgrade a few things and decorate the rooms a little. Lora's room had big windows and a nice rug. She kept most of her Usukis and Dolls on a shelf Brian had bought when she was created. Underneath her dolls were some books that she liked reading. The wallpaper was a nice faerie pink, and so was most of her bed. It was still a while to 4, so she sat down at her desk and did her homework until then. She finished quickly, and for a while she just looked out the window, until Brian called her from downstairs.

     "Hey Lora, your friend Sarah's here for a visit."

     She snapped out of her dream of having a large palace as she heard someone run up the stairs. Someone opened up the door, and she saw Sarah, with a small brown bag. She had regained that same cautious look she had in the morning, and rather than greeting her the first thing that she did was close the curtains.

     "Hey-" Lola started, but Sarah quickly put a finger to her lips and said, "Shhhhh." Sarah closed the door and turned on the lamp, since the curtains were so thick that light didn't reach the room. Her Usul ears were twitching, and she put her ears to the floor and the door. Looking at Lora, she said, "Sorry, I just don't want him to find me."

     "He who?" Lora asked. This was really starting to freak her out.

     "Joe." Joe was Lora's elder brother, a Skeith, who had been painted invisible. Lora's owner wanted to paint him some other color, but Joe really liked being invisible. That explained a little why Lora was using her ears.

     "But why?" Lora asked.

     "Because of this," Sarah replied, pulling out the book with floral designs on it. It looked like a normal book, except that there was a strange, broken lock on it.

     "What's that?"

     "You see, when I was first created, my owner encouraged me to write a diary. I didn't tell it to Joe, because I knew that he would try to read it. The only thing is, that last week he somehow managed to break the lock with a special sword that my owner just brought, and I think he might have read a few pages and knows what it is.

     "This diary is really special. I got that book specially made from Brightvale scrollery, and it's enchanted so that it can't be burnt or destroyed in any way. The floral paper I got from Faerieland to decorate it with. The lock was specially made in Faerieland, so that only I can open it. I've been writing in it for three years, and a lot of my super special secrets are in there."

     "So, why don't you just tell your owner?" Lora inquired.

     "I did, but since Joe is invisible he can just take it, read it, and tell everyone about it. Not only that, then he'll tell everyone in school. A lot of things in that book are so embarrassing, I won't be able to show my face at school anymore, and my reputation will be ruined."

     "He'd still be punished by your owner," I reassured her.

     "Yeah, I thought that too, but I've written a lot of things about everyone that I know, and sometimes when I was angry I wrote a few mean things about everyone. So, my owner might just get mad at me as well. Also, while my dignity is gone, Joe will just be grounded, and since he's invisible I know he'll be able to sneak out easily. So, I need you to go and repair the lock. It's at this store in Faerieland, 774 B Wing Street. If I go, he'll follow me and take it."

     "Okay, I'll do it," Lora replied. If her friend needed her, she would always be willing to help.

     "Just one thing, Lora. Could you please not look at what's inside?" Sarah said. She looked so desperate that Lora agreed.

     And now, Lora was sitting here in the garden. She knew she should get the book fixed as soon as possible, but a bit of her wanted to look at what was inside. The battle waged.

      Read it; she'll never know, one voice said.

     That still doesn't make it right, another voice said.

     She's probably written mean things about you.

     Maybe, but like she said, she might have been angry at that time. When you're angry you're not in your senses, you can do or say anything.

     But you know you still want to read it, go on, do it.

      You should respect your friend's secrets, just like you would want your secrets to be respected if the situation was reversed.

     Well, that was that. Lora went and got the lock fixed. This time it was a special one that couldn't be broken. Sarah thanked her deeply, and in her face she could see that Sarah had never doubted her. She hadn't taken a peek at what was in the diary, because that's not what true friends do. True friends help each other, without expecting any reward or for any reason besides the fact that they are your friends and they always will be.

The End

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