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Mika and Carassa: The Igloo Garage Sale Proprietors

by culumbus_kat2


TERROR MOUNTAIN - Mika and Carassa, the cute little igloo Chias. Perhaps the most famous Chias in the whole of Neopia. They even have a game modeled after their business. But are they deserving of this honor? These Chias, how long have they been selling their collection? What, years now? How much more do they have? Their Neopedia article asks the same question. Then again, that is the only information on them, isn’t it? Just a short, oblique summary of arguably the most famous Chias there are! I mean, really! They sell hoards of items continuously, daily, for years. What’s their secret? There must be one.

First off, the storage space. All they have is their little, small igloo. Or do they have some sort of storage basement, or some sort of secret item cabin that’s hidden in the deeper reaches of Terror Mountain? Or is it something else? Something less innocent then just pawning off a collection accumulated through the years. Well, I have a few theories concerning the situation. Consider this. Party X(unknown) moves stolen items to party Y(Mika and Carassa) every few days. Then, they sell the items out of their igloo in exchange for a cut of the profits. It would explain everything! Never moving because they never have plans to move in the first place; they live on top of Terror Mountain, for discrete transactions; and the endless items at their disposal. Yes, I submit to you that Mika and Carassa are not kind-hearted, moving- away Chias, but traffickers of stolen goods!!

Then again, there are those who would defend the honor and integrity of these Chia entrepreneurs. Those who frequent the igloo garage sale. I myself frequent the shop. I am simply submitting a theory. That is why we shall consider a number of plausible possibilities.

But if this stolen good trafficker theory is correct, who is their supplier? Lets consider the suspects.

1. Dr. Frank Sloth- After a failed attempt to turn all Neopets into mutants, do you think he would just go away? No, he has to finance his corporation somehow, and moving stolen goods through the igloo is perfect. Plus, he owns that mining corp. on Kreludor. He must need to get Neopoints somehow. Could there be a terrible new plot unfolding?

2. Malkus Vile- The perpetrator of the Coltzan Crown Crime. Could he be looking to finance another evil plot? Steal another majestic prize, or is he simply accumulating Neopoints for his own ends? Perhaps time will tell.

3. Pant Devil- Yes, yes of course. He wanders Neopia, stealing and thieving from innocent Neopians. What does he do with all of his stolen items? For years, he has been stealing. You would think reports of some sort of a gigantic hoard would have been reported by now.

4. Jhudora- The most hideous and powerful of all the dark faeries. She collects items daily from a myriad of Neopians. What is she doing with all these items? This question has been long asked. Perhaps she asks for miscellaneous items simply to throw off Illusen and Fyora. Then, brings them to the igloo to sell so she can buy the real items herself. Could this then mean these Chias are merely victims of Jhudora and not really criminals at all? Who knows?

5. Balthazar- That maniacal Lupe, selling young faeries for profit. Could he have expanded his business into different items for profit? To further his bounty business to seek revenge on the abusive faeries he encountered as a child?

But then again, even on Terror Mountain, you would think someone would have spotted a suspicious transaction with an evildoer or one of his or her minions. Especially under the ever-watchful eye of the Snow Faerie Taelia. Which raises the question, could it be someone else? Could it even be, dare I say it, a regular Neopian? Well, certainly not regular. Think of the names we all know, hrobi, feathrealley, garet_jaxx, and the neopian elite. Going to the igloo as normal customers, discretely collecting their profit, slipping a few rare items to them to sell again.

But perhaps they aren’t stolen good traffickers. Perhaps it is all their own collection. But how could two Chias amass such a large collection. Let us consider these possibilities as well.

1. Both Mika and Carassa were born into extremely wealthy families, collected as children, got hitched, and collected for years as a wealthy couple.

2. They were both born into poverty, and through great determination, set out to amass the most extensive collection of general items there ever was.

3. They are both slick, cosmopolitan thieves who have spent their lives thieving items from the Neopian upper crust.

4. They inherited a fortune of unwanted items from a third cousin’s aunt’s great uncle’s mother’s great-grandchild’s eighth cousin twice removed.

5. They found a way to trick the Snowager and stole nearly his entire hoard.

Well whatever theory you believe, one thing is clear, and that’s that Mika and Carassa have a lot more to sell. They always do. As I said, I myself frequent the igloo, hunting for a bargain. I would not like to think of these kind Chias as criminals, but the different theories I offer do carry some validity. Next time you’re up at the igloo, why not question Mika Or Carassa about where they got their stash. Perhaps you would be able to tell something about them by what they say, or don’t say. I know I will. But until something concrete is proven, I think we should all give Mika and Carassa the benefit of the doubt. Besides, I can’t say I would turn them in if they were criminals - their bargains are just too good to turn in!!

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