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The Story Behind Sloth

by joze1995


“Dr. Sloth wasn’t always trying to take over the world of Neopia. At one point he loved Neopia and just wanted to share his happiness and love with every little boy and girl. But of course that all changed one day. When Dr. Sloth was just a young little Neopian, he dreamed of being a Faerie. Yes, you heard me correctly. He desired to be a Faerie. He didn’t want to be dark, fire, air, light, or anything like that. He wanted to be the one and only happiness faerie. So he gathered some cardboard, glue, a flower, and smiley face button. He pinned the Smiley button to his cloak and constructed wings out of the cardboard. He picked up the flower and every day he would skip through the halls of the Space Station.

     One day Frank (which is what we will call him from now on) took a trip into the cloudy little city of Faerieland. He desperately wanted to be accepted as a Faerie and the only way to do that was to meet every Faerie or so he thought. So he wandered around Faerieland aimlessly, saying hello to every Faerie in sight. After a very tiring day, he traveled back to his small, cozy home (stopping in Meridell along the way to meet Illusen). He was just about to open the heavy red door to his small Virtupets home, when he spotted her.

     Stopping dead in his tracks, he stared at her. He’d never seen her before. She had short blue hair and a blue outfit. Her wings shone in the bright hallway lights. To his surprise, she suddenly disappeared. The only thing that remained was a blue cloud of smoke but that too was slowly starting to disappear. He stood outside his door for the next hour waiting for her to return, but she never did. So he walked into his home with a quick glance over his shoulder just in case she had returned.

     That night, Frank tossed and turned in his Mutant Bed. He had to know who that mysterious creature was and if she was simply part of his imagination. Had he been living that close to her for that long? He was determined to find her. The next morning while eating some Enchanting Strawberry Cereal and Kau Kau Farm Milk, he hatched up a plan. He would round up every single Neopian and then he could easily find her that way. But he could not do that alone. So he turned to the funny looking creatures with the big eyes. Unlike most stories say, Frank did not kidnap them; he instead begged that they help him. They refused to help, so he begged some more. It’s a very sad sight to see a boy in a Faerie costume down on his knees begging a bunch of Grundos to do him a favor. So of course they agreed with a sigh. Little did they know that the story would be twisted up into a dreadful tale making this young boy one of the most hated Neopians to ever live.

     Frank and his helpers set out to gather the Neopians. Along the way Frank discovered a mutating ray. He decided to use it on the Grundos because if they looked ferocious maybe Neopia would be more willing to obey them. After about a month, he had successfully gathered half the Neopian population. He started with the deserts of Tyrannia and traveled to the thick jungles of Mystery Island, forcing them all to the Space Station where they all stood in a large crowd awaiting his speech. Climbing up onto the podium (it was actually just a crate of Space Fungus; yes, it does come in crates), he cleared his throat and began:

     “I’m sorry about the inconvenience, my fellow Neopians, but I am looking for a certain Faerie. I’m not sure of her official name, though. She has blue hair and blue win---”

     Frank had just started his speech when a certain Faerie burst through the clouds and knocked him to the ground. She wrestled the ray out of his hands and tossed it at the ground, shattering into a million tiny pieces.

     He was shocked that he had actually admired her at one point. He began to explain his reasoning to the Space Faerie, but she wouldn’t listen nor would the rest of Neopia. Everyone assumed he was up to no good and soon the word spread and everyone had heard his terrible, yet incredibly inaccurate, tale.

     He then went back to school to get his degree, since his hunt for the Space Faerie was over. He decided that if they thought he was a villain, that’s what he would become. He dumped the smiley face and the flower. But just between you and me, I saw the cardboard wings under his bed. So there is still some kindness left in him. As for the happiness, well, that was completely washed away. He accepted the fact that Neopia would never accept him, which was good because he no longer wanted to be accepted by them.

     So Frank locked himself away in the Virtupets Space Station only to return when he had hatched another “evil” plan. As for the Space Faerie, not much is known about her. She hasn’t been seen since the Sloth incident and probably won’t ever be seen again. Every once in a while Sloth wishes that he could have talked to the Space Faerie before she disappeared out of existence. He is still longing to meet the one and only remaining Faerie.

     The End,” the Orange Grundo said, closing the story book and setting it gently back onto the wooden shelf in the corner of the room. She smiled at the Baby Grundo who was just about to fall asleep but he perked up quickly. He had so much stuff to say about that wonderful story.

     “Is all that true about Dr. Sloth? I hope it is, because he doesn’t seem like that bad of a guy. I bet he’s really nice once you actually talk to him, ” the baby chattered, wide eyed and curious.

     “That’s what makes it so interesting. We don’t know what really happened. Everyone is afraid of Sloth and the Space Faerie disappeared, so we may not ever know,” the Orange Grundo said to the sleepy Baby.

     “I want to be the one to interview Dr. Sloth. I want to be the one to find out the truth! I want everyone in Neopia to love Dr. Sloth like I do!” the baby Grundo exclaimed excitedly. He couldn’t wait until he was old enough to travel to the Space Station.

     “I don’t think everyone will love Dr. Sloth, even if you do find out the truth, because each story has a villain and some people love the Space Faerie like you love Dr. Sloth,” the Orange Grundo said. The Baby looked at her and a tear rolled down his cheek. He just wanted Dr. Sloth to get the recognition he deserved. He knew that the Orange Grundo was not a fan of Dr. Sloth and it disappointed him.

     “I’m going to find out the truth one day,” he promised himself and Neopia just before he fell into the deepest sleep of his life.

The End

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