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Continued Series

The Petpet Detectives: Case of the Yanked Yooyus - Part Twelve

"Yes, it's true. I helped him plan everything."

by playmobil_is_my_life
Messenger: Just Another Pirate Tale - Part Seven

For those of you who have never seen Maraqua, I pity you greatly. It is a city of beauty...

by hedgehog_queen
Intrigue at the Altador Cup: Part Five

He'd barely made it a few metres before the Yooyu exploded in his arms. It was a bigger blast than the normal explosion...

by herdygerdy
The Water Faerie Necklace: Part Five

"I'm sure you will think of something," said Fyora.

by jbergz8495
A Trip to Remember: Part Three

"It had to rain on my first trip to Mystery Island," Dellayn said miserably.

by majikel
Life With the Newbies: Part Two

Oh. That's right. I don't live with Mommy anymore. She abandoned me. Oh yes, I remember now.

by xxxmagiabellexxx
Finding Kayla: Part Two

"Why Kayla?" I asked again, more pleading this time. "Why not me?"

by fallingrain05
Confessions of a Morphed Xweetok: Part Two

"I never knew that she'd changed her name, though..."

by beautiful_sim
Invaders of Meridell: Part Two

The other lets out a nervous laugh. "Yeah, I do look different. That happens when you change sides."

by ginny_invisible
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"Daydreams" by seegensays
Nah, Jayson thought, disappointed in himself. That wasn't exciting enough. All the Kougra could think of was that the book must have slipped out of his backpack and through a swirling vortex into another dimension – containing Jelly World – where it was now being guarded by a fierce jelly Skeith. With laser eyes. He smiled. Much better...

Other Stories


Miles Apart
Maraqua seems like a million miles away from here.

by chat_adik


Outshined Isabel
I didn't want a new sister. And I REALLY didn't want a sister who had the possibility of outshining me in anything.

by birdddd


The Latest Craze in Neopia: Top Chop Belts!
The best part about Top Chop is not only winning Neopoints, but more importantly also winning fashionable karate gear!

by hufflepuff


Neggery Neggs
Here are some useful neggs that, if affordable, will give your negg point balance a boost.

by emmabat_3


Moral: Don't play electric guitar in the rain.

by torib1016


Simply Megawonderful
Overly generous faeries are a dangerous breed...

by no1_tails_fan

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