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Break the Crystal Goblet


Also by matheusiungue10

by laiomaia

Life of a Vegetable Chia: Episode Two

You know what...

Art by ameya23

by confutation


If your friend is a Zombie Shoyru...

Story by puzzelofdreams

by twilight_end

Extreme Potato Counter Woes

Well, that's one way of counting potatos...

Written by marwanshah_13

by hebdenhippy



by lachtaube
Freedom to the Funny Pages - Say Something to Sunny

You haven't talked to me in five months, and this is what i get?

by nickulla
Slime Surprise!

With friends like these, who needs enemies? ;)

by red4u
Feepit Frenzy #16

I can't believe it's so cheap here!

by fariy287
Props and Sets

Man, that parasol is INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH!

by secret_coder
Delicious, Salty Background

Some backgrounds are green, some are blue and others are multipurpose... and delicious!

by jokerqueen
One Fish, Two Fish

The more you know?

by fish_puddle
Simply Megawonderful

Overly generous faeries are a dangerous breed...

by no1_tails_fan
Draik: 12,608 (out of 7,000)

Did you know?

by ss_yolanda
Shiny Horns

The camouflage properties of Shiny Horns.

by pink_nautilus
Rawr: A Happening in the Deserted Tomb

Nia, Ralkairin and Lakeni get stuck in a very unfortunate event.

by arshiya_candy
A Terrible Effect

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

by ssjelitegirl
Karrox's Everyday Life

The Monocerous roars!

by grunolana
The Happiest Quiggle

I can't picture it either, but thinking about it makes me happy!

by nut862
Fungus Balls

Which is why we should all switch to dubloons...

by xx_wolf_xx_cub_xx
Clover Cookies

That isn't tofu...

by starninjagirl
A Holey Problem?

Here we have...

Idea by dark_slammer

by fairye

The 4 Tails Episode 3: Snowager Troubles

Some prizes are good; some are bad... Just don't make him mad...

by ledgers_angel_3

Who knew beetroots could be so evil?

by picklecheesepie
Completely Pointless

The name says it all...

by nightingale_stars
Yup, It's Me!

Wonder if Uni2 cleaned her room...

by j_ja_l_2003
No Sugar

Start flossing?

by pawz11
Caution: May Bite

It just keeps going, forever and ever and ever...

by beastybas
Freak-out - The Scare

Alas, here we find young Nebular2...

by ichigostars
The Blaze Brigade: Haggling

Haggling is fun. =3

by drag0n202
Foiled Again

I don't think Dr. Sloth thought that one through...

by xxkatiexx_07
Usultastic 4


by zellala

Roqon, Kifana and Jared get into a sticky mess.

by totally_justice
Tyrannian Concert Mishap

Something has happened!

by chicken_dancer4444

Moral: Don't play electric guitar in the rain.

by torib1016

Have you seen my scythe?

by ghostkomorichu
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Top Chop Belts!

You have played many flash games before and have never received anything other than Neopoints, and now you're getting items too? This is wonderful! After you calm your mind and recover from the shock, the skies open and an enlightening realization dawns on you: The best part about Top Chop is not only winning Neopoints, but more importantly also winning fashionable karate gear! And to top it all off...

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Stuck in Transfer - No More
Through the pound and home...

by fluttergork


A Remorseful Soul
"What I am about to say might make you hate me."

by winterhome


Original Origami
The ancient art of folding paper into intricate shapes has been entertaining Neopets for ages, and it's time for origami to make a comeback in pets' lives.

by semicutie3


The Snowager
The Snowager lives deep within the Ice Caves, where it patiently awaits the arrival of unfortunate little Neopets...

by modestmousketeer


The Water Faerie Necklace: Part Five
"I'm sure you will think of something," said Fyora.

by jbergz8495


The Curse: Part One
A young Kacheek farmer in Meridell was walking through the forest and encountered a most peculiar thing: to be precise, a most elegant gentleman's necktie placed conveniently in his way.

by jokerhahaazzz

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