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What Sea Shell Are You?

by pink_pony13


Have you ever been walking along the shores of Mystery Island or diving beneath the depths of Maraqua and spotted a colorful sea shell? Next time you see one, you can proudly tell your friend Kiko or JubJub, "That's me!" They may wonder and give you a quizzical look. But you can easily explain by pointing them over to the Neopian Times and the "What Sea Shell Are You?" Quiz.

1. Your favorite food is:

A) Omelette

B) Dark Faerie Sundae

C) Eye Candy

D) Dung Jelly

E) Draik Egg

2. On the Neoboards you find your way over to:

A) Battledome

B) Spotlights and Galleries

C) Evil Things and Monster Sightings

D) Avatars/NeoSignatures

E) Newbies

3. Your favorite land in Neopia is:

A) Virtupets

B) Neopia Central

C) Roo Island

D) Faerieland

E) Darigan Citadel

4. Your dream pets are colored:

A) Royal

B) Pirate

C) Pink

D) Grey

E) Maraquan

5. Your favorite avatar is:

A) Space Faerie

B) Random

C) Gloomy


E) Faerie Queen Doll

6. The competition you're most likely to do well at is:

A) Random Contest

B) Lenny Conundrum

C) Beauty Contest

D) During plots/wartime

E) Gourmet Club

7. You usually do ____'s quest:

A) Snow Faerie

B) Kitchen Quest

C) Jhudora

D) Fountain Faerie

E) Illusen

8. Spin spin spin the Wheel of:

A) Mediocrity

B) Excitement!!

C) Misfortune

D) Knowledge

E) Monotony

9. First thing you do each time you log on:

A) Dailies of course

B) Check shops for current restock

C) Check on the news

D) Healing Springs

E) Depends, each day is different

10. You make money by:

A) Random events

B) I don't... I'm poor

C) Reselling

D) Games

E) Restocking

Thanks for doing the What Sea Shell Are You? Quiz. :) Calculate your results!

1. A) 1 B) 5 C) 4 D) 3 E) 2

2. A) 4 B) 2 C) 5 D) 1 E) 3

3. A) 5 B) 1 C) 3 D) 2 E) 4

4. A) 2 B) 4 C) 1 D) 5 E) 3

5. A) 4 B) 3 C) 5 D) 2 E) 1

6. A) 3 B) 5 C) 1 D) 4 E) 2

7. A) 1 B) 3 C) 5 D) 2 E) 4

8. A) 3 B) 1 C) 4 D) 2 E) 5

9. A) 1 B) 2 C) 5 D) 4 E) 3

10. A) 4 B) 5 C) 1 D) 3 E) 2

Did you Score:

1-10: You are a Camouflage Scallop Shell!

Like the Camouflage Scallop Shell, sometimes you are hard to see in a group of people; you blend in. You are usually pretty laid back... and want to go with the flow! For the most part you are content with your surroundings and enjoy being part of the majority. You are a good listener to people's ideas and suggestions, but don't contribute much to the conversation on Neoboards. You like the smooth side of things, not to get mixed up in an heated argument. Your friends value your loyalty and appreciate having you there to let off some steam to somebody!

11-20: You are a Golden Shell!

As a Golden Shell, you are the most valued out of the rest. You stand out of a crowd, like a glowing Grarrl in a herd of white Kaus. Your opposite is the Camouflage Scallop Shell, and you enjoy the finer things in life and don't mind spending neopoints to get them. Why buy a Halloween Paint Brush when you can upgrade to Royal or Maraquan? On the Neoboards, you are probably one of the more dominant speakers (or typers) but people admire your impressive account. You never let an money making opportunity pass you and probably enjoy showing off your wealth through pets, avatars, and your gallery. Your friends value your wisdom on subjects and enjoy being able to say to a person on Neoboards:

"Pssst... See that person over there? I'm their Neofriend. xD"

21-30: You are a Sparkly Green Scallop Shell!

Wow! You are a very unusual and random person! Why go with the flow when you can divert and go your own way? No, you are not a loner like the Deep Sea Shell, but make friends easily because of your bubbly personality. People are shocked with your talents, which (surprise, surprise) are highly unusual and sadly not recognized in a competition on Neopets. These may be from fastest pickle eater to longest balanced "Little Book of Puzzles" on your head. You don't care what people think, and don't give in to peer pressure to steal that Healing Potion II (unlike some Bug Brothers we know). Good for you!! Your friends value your enthusiasm towards whatever you do in life and your amazing abilities to talk to people in awkward situations.

31-40: You are a Spiky Orange Murex Shell!

Yikes, weak Neopets should be careful around you! Most likely a Battledomer, just like with the Spiky Orange Murex Shell, nobody wants to get in your way... or they will regret it. You can't stand suck ups, goody two shoes, and teacher's pets because in your life you can usually get what you want. If not, you can use your Purple Sticky Hand to get it. But you deserve it after spending all of those dubloons at the Training Academy. You are proud of your pet and accomplishments and can't wait for another plot or war to come along so you can show everyone just what you're made of! You don't have tons of friends such as the Sparkly Green Scallop Shell, but a few close friends that rival you in competition. Your friends value your leadership abilities, which I may add are very impressive. Keep up the good work!

41-50: Deep Sea Shell!

At last we come to you, the Deep Sea Shell! Only found in the deepest, darkest waters of Neopia, you don't mind spending time by yourself. You are quite intelligent, and can easily finish the weekly Lenny Conundrums. You can turn the depressing things in life to become quite beautiful such as grey pets, and are constantly thinking of new ideas. Reading and writing come naturally to you, and though Neopians may not know your name or who you are, they can find beautiful poems, each sadder than the last, in the Poetry Contest. You don't have many friends at all, besides one or two very close ones. They value your insights into life, and never want you to change!

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