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Neggery Neggs

by emmabat_3


Everyone would like to have enough negg points to buy that Genius Negg, right? Or maybe you think a Happy Negg is just the thing, or are in desperate need of a Glamour Negg, but never can get enough negg points! Because the only thing you know is that the Negg will get you negg points, but only one at a time. And since you just started yesterday, your negg points are reading a whopping... two. For anyone with troubles with negg points who doesn't want to go around seperating the battle neggs from the edible neggs from the special Easter neggs from the - you get my point, here are some useful neggs that, if affordable, will give your negg point balance a boost.

Lime Swirly Negg: This negg is actually very pretty. It appears to be a pink negg with delicate spring-green swirls. It would taste very good if you didn't care about negg points, but they are just too expensive to throw away the three negg points they are worth. This is the least valuable negg on the chart, though if you really only want two negg points you can buy a purple negg.

Lemon Swirly Negg: This is just as pretty as the Lime Swirly Negg. It is yellow on yellow, swirled carefully. If you were to munch on the negg, it would have a pleasant, lemony taste. In fact, you could use it to flavor water in place of a lemon. It would make the water sweeter, like a candy lemon, or perhaps lemonade. However, eating is not the purpose most people search from this negg, though it is edible. For those looking to give the Negg Faerie their precious neggs, this is worth four negg points.

Super Icy Negg: Brr, this would chill your teeth if you wanted to eat it! That is why it is valued for negg points. Like the Lemon Swirly Negg, this cold negg straight from the Ice Caves is worth four negg points in the hands of the Negg Faerie. That is, if it doesn't freeze to the cloth of your gloves first - you do have the sense to wear gloves when carrying this icy negg, don't you? After all, you are taking a frozen negg to an icy place with no sunlight. Nice, thick gloves are most definitely reccommended.

Pink Negg: This negg is supposed to taste like fairy floss - or cotton candy, whichever you prefer to call it. Either way, if eaten this negg tastes like a light, sugary delight. But as this negg is more commonly taken to the Neggery, most people are more concerned about the fact that it is worth five negg points. The one catch is that as the negg points grow higher, the prices do too. Only continue if you know your wallet can take it... but don't worry, we aren't above the ten-thousands!

Yellow Negg: Supposedly this negg will always taste like your favorite food, no matter what it is. So you could take a bite and have it taste like ice cream, your oldest Neopet could swear it exactly resembles the taste of a Pepperolive Pizza, while your two-day old Neopet could gurgle something like "tasty wike yum-yum baby food!" Its value also comes from the fact that it is worth six negg points.

Candy Cane Negg: This holiday negg does not seem like it would even be accepted by the Negg Faerie, but it seems that she likes peppermint, because this negg is worth six negg points! It isn't a very hard choice; either feed your Neopet some minty flavor that they could get from dozens of other foods, or come six negg points closer to owning a Glamour Negg to proudly display to all of Neopia in your gallery.

Rock Negg: Why the Negg Faerie takes in these neggs is a mystery. Clearly they are not edible; you would break all your teeth out! Maybe she is working on a secret house constructed entirely of Rock Neggs, and as this would make them quite valuable, decided to coax young Neopets to fetch them for her by making them seven negg points each. No matter how she uses them, if you get your hands on one of these, the best choice is to give it to the Neggery. Otherwise, you had better find a good dentist.

Battle Duck Negg: This funny blue negg has Battle Ducks painted all over it! Though it is not as valuable as the Battle Duck itself, the Negg Faerie seems to enjoy these neggs because she offers to raise your negg point balance by eight points if you bring one to her. Of course, the Negg Faerie does need to take baths... and if the Battle Duck Negg floated as well as the Battle Duck... baths do get boring with no toys, and it is no secret the Negg Faerie has a thing for neggs...

Punegg and Yenegg: These are really two different neggs, the Punegg and then a seperate Yenegg, but as they are both worth the same amount of negg points and look almost exactly alike, it made sense to put them in the same place. Anyway, these neggs simply look like they were meant for eating. The Punegg has a purple surface and the Yenegg has a yellow surface, but they are both only half a negg and look as though they have been hardboiled and should be served with a platter of deviled neggs. But eating these may not be a good idea for anyone concerned with negg points, because they are both worth nine negg points.

Scrambled Rainbow Negg: This is the most valuable negg I have found. Strangely enough, it is also the only negg I have found that looks nothing like a negg. It is supposed to be tasty, and my pets and I will have to just take their word for it, because if I bought this I would turn it in to the Neggery and get my twelve negg points. However, I am not really sure what it is that is so special about this negg. After all, twelve negg points is a lot. But I won't complain about the Negg Faerie's decision in this case.

Those are... are... *counts on fingers*... eleven neggs you can take to the Negg Faerie for points. I hope they prove useful, and if you want any more, you will just have to find them.

*note: I am not responsible for any ridiculous negg prices. In fact, I don't even have neggs in my store.

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